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No, it was created only for C3.

Great, I saw your initial work, nice trick to add your GB filter on top of it, looks nice!

Great colors and style, it does feel very Neon! I was little confused about the first boss battle, but I think I figured out what to do in the end, it was very forgiving. Interesting controls to get used to, left and right have so much momentum to them and up and down are like being shot out of a cannon! However, I think that's good, a new skill to learn.

Sometimes I was wondering if something would hurt or was part of the environment, not sure if that's intentional or not? The glowing boss was epic! Also of course, appreciate the use of godrays :)  Foreground objects add good ambience. I hope you continue work on it. Congrats on the initial release!

Fun game, really cute art and good use of the different bird skills. Just so you know, I got stuck in a bird animation with the mouth open. Nice vibe, very pleasant.

You can use it for multiple games. Thanks for asking! Also, I would be very interested to see a link to projects using FQZ.

Fun to play, nice work!

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Thank you!

I think this will be limited by CPU memory, I have not tested it to the breaking point yet. If you see something that breaks it, please let me know!

Nice work! I also put drag to move into my game you pointed to above, it does feel like a good UI for this type of view.

Check out the latest devlog and the updated example: FQZSkybox-1-1-0.c3p

Sure! I will rework the 360 view project to use separate textures (so there is no seam in trilinear) and an example of placing an object, it will probably take a couple days. Thanks for the question.

Thanks so much for trying it, also nice to see a fellow Construct dev here.! The little scrap of paper was for some hints, but I do know that it's not straight forward. The first column represents the pattern how to set the related symbols and the other two columns are how to set the remaining switches.

I like the idea about animating the action icons and adding the scanline to make it match the rest of the 'projected' HUD. Thanks for the comments on exploration vs dialogue, I do want both, sense of wonder and story.

I am thinking doing another version or chapter for the Adventure Game Jam, so that will continue / update it.

I am still playing, but wanted to say that I am really enjoying it, the writing is really pulling me through the story and the dead letter exchange is a nice way to do an interesting back and forth between the characters. Thanks also for the devlog showing how the letters were created, their design and style adds a lot of atmosphere. The good voice acting also adds a lot to my image of the characters.

Great writing and story. It felt like one of the more chilling episodes of Black Mirror. The art style was a good 'contrast' to the story.

Thanks for the comment. You are completely spot on about the audio, we needed some more time (and resources) to do better there. Going forward we'll definitely add more (BG music, some sound effects, etc.)

Thanks for the comment, if you use it, please feel free to post an example in comments, I would be happy to see it!

Fun to play, smart idea for NanoReno to limit it to mostly one location the elevator, great idea to work within constraints. The kid is so creepy, it's great. Also witty and catty dialogue between the characters. The portraits had a lot of style. Well done!

Fixed some bugs that made the web version not work on PC, please try again!

Thanks for the great feedback. I very much agree on the right click, that was a programmer convience, I need to do some dev and math work to map mouse to the 360 view location of the icon. Will work some on for future releases.

Yes, also need some VN conviences like log, good point.

Close up images could be added in a new center area, which makes sense. They may just be a few objects.

Thanks for reporting the problem! It helped me figure out the issue. It’s a short little experience for now, I hope to build on it.

Ah! I think I fixed it (I had to remove a shader effect that was not rendering properly on non-Mac Chrome.) I hope it works for you now.

I understand, it's working on my side, but I have had other reports of errors, so I am looking into it. Thanks for the help and feedback!

See Devlog if you want solution for breaker puzzle.

Oh, wait you are stuck on the very first screen. Do you see the intro dialogue (left click to page through it) and then click on 'New Game' to start the game.

I also recommend using Chrome, which is the browser I tested on.

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Thanks for trying it and I am sorry that it's not working for you.

So when you center your position over the computer screen on the left does an 'eye' icon appear as in the gif on the page?

If it does appear right click and it should start a dialogue.

If that's not happening and if you are on a PC, press F12 and if you see any errors, I can try to help debug.

This is  a WIP DEMO. Short game play, web based demo.

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Sorry, no. That was done by another developer (@rilem) who was testing some ideas with FQZ. 

Thanks for the update, looking forward to using for Menu/Options UI.

Streamer sighting! (In Italian)

Thank you, hope you have fun with it, if you use it, share a pic or two.

Thanks, very much appreciated. Don't forget to see some of the notes on the usage and make feature and bug requests on the FQZ github link.

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I use c3IDE with Parallels on Mac and it works great. I use nodemon on mac to create a dev addon server which I can point at the Parallels (Windows) c3IDE compile directory to serve the add on in developer mode, very smooth for dev. Let me know if you need help.

Added a bunch of new sprite animations from the dev community, thank you! More little creatures stirring during the night. Thanks to all who contributed (listed on the credits page.) Still looking for more creatures to add (so we can have nice, diverse bunch of creatures to visit as we cozy up to the fire.)

A free little Pixel Art - ish continually burning Yule Log, with some little creatures stirring. Will be updating daily until Christmas Night. Enjoy!

Itch Page Feedback welcome. Also simple sprite character animations welcome too (will add you to credits page.)

Direct  Web Link to the Log. (Middle mouse button lets you tend the fire, be careful don't get singed.)

ALL360vr - I found something that  worked for me, at least for now. Click the checkbox 'Adpative Quality' first, then do a Pano Capture. That solved my problem with the flipped topped and bottom cubemap faces messing up equirectangular pano output. Try it out and let us know if it works for you too.

Thanks for checking it out. I also tried it on an older laptop with an NV 960M. Same result for the in Flowscape app Panoramic Capture button (similar image to the above.) On this system, I could also try Ansel Pano (Alt-F2) and that created a good equirectangular image. So some kind of difference between the capture button and Ansel Pano for me.

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System: Bootcamp, Win 10, Radeon RX580. I am expecting the pano output to be an equirectangular image, so Kuula, etc. can render it in 360. However it looks like something is flipped around the X axis (the top 1/3 seems somehow transformed and switched with the bottom 1/3.)

On loading the image to Kuula, there is an issue with the render (seems like a square area of the top and bottom of the image are flipped. Which matches the above somewhat flipped image.) Are there additional settings to be done for Pano Capture? I am using he Pano Capture button.

Attached is an example output.

Great program, looking forward to viewing 360 images!

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Played through, very sweet and right amount of challenge and puzzle and I cared for the cat! I hope you finish it (and add saves if it gets longer.)

Nice work, I like the different configs and retro style.