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Hmm, I see. Well you could use load material, but it would depend on your UV setup for your textured cube, you would need to match that with the material you are loading.

I am trying to understand the question, in what case are you doing this? Are you using the load material ACE? In general the best initial load of textures should be done in blender and exported with embedded textures in the gltf, glb. Are you doing another procedure after that? Any screenshot or demo project, so I can understand the issue better?

Love It! Nice work. Got me on a good jump scare too! A lot of nice systems and work here. Congrats on winning the competition, now I can say 3DObject played a part in an Award Winning Game! It's a great showcase, I'll make a dev log about it.

Feels very complete for a first game. Are you using high quality or low quality scaling? Low quality could help with perf if you are using high, with some image degradation, but might be ok for this image style. Good luck on future games! Also any feedback from using the addon is welcome.

On perf, one thing I do for perf is play with culling distant objects, or objects in non visible rooms (but within the viewport).

You are welcome, enjoy! Check out the examples and all the dev logs for info, a lot has been added from feedback and commissions from the wonderful user community.

cool! Yes I am still working on enabling lighting in worker mode. It will get there, likely this coming week.

Got it, thanks. There is definitely room for improvement, so I'll be looking that over time.

Fun! Good luck with your exam results and dev!

Can you comment on the lag, what situation do you see that in? If it is on loading the first time (e.g. loading from the file), you can think about preloading the models in a loading screen, etc. Once loaded, new instances should load more quickly.

Cool, cute character!

woooo! can you share a vid?

Fun! Morph can definitely do some nice things, facial expressions being a great one for cartoony characters.

What I recommend now is to not use C3 Image Editor texture. Instead put the texture into the gltf (embedded mode) or glb with textures included and there will not be similar limitations.

No there is not. If the rotation is predictable or easily traceable, you might try using a sprite with a mesh and translate the mesh points to match what is needed.

Cool idea! I also tried spreading out objects to update light on alternate ticks, that helps too. For example some on even tick, some on odd tick. Could go further like you did above, split between more than two ticks.

Heh, thanks, especially when it’s something I should have added in the first place. Will watch your devlogs to see if you are able to use it in the remake.

Try this update:

Just for future folks looking at this question - yes, there is an experimental one available.

I’ll look at adding an ambient light color, that should help. Also I love your project.

Good point about keeping the stylized per face option, I will keep that in mind. I also don’t see per pixel or vertex coming any time soon.

I haven’t run into the spritesheet size vs glb with embedded texture limitation. Do you have an example?

You are welcome, we'll watch for you in the Summer.

You are welcome, I hope other folks share their results too, I think the lights can be useful, but we need to be pretty tricky to make it perform well and look good :)

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I am going to say wait, this is the very first experimental iteration, lots of optimization and experiments to go. It is also per face lighting, not per fragment or even per vertex. CPU is pretty heavy for dynamic lighting.

You can mix and match point lights and spot lights.

I think a possible end game is good, fast baked lighting for static 3DObjects, a minimum number of dynamic objects and lights and something cool will be possible, when we get there. No shadows / occlusion.

If you are interested in helping experiment go ahead and jump in, but again still in experimental mode and not all experiments work out!

webGPU also helps with baked lighting performance, due a C3 renderer change, but webGPU is not available for C3 export yet.

You can try some of the addon effect on the C3 site for outlines, check them out.

Here's instructions on installing addons, what issue do you have, can you please give more details?

Thanks, I appreciate it! Lights are very experimental at this point, also better with webGPU which is also experimental. Good things can come from experiments though!

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Nice! Looks pretty good, I think one of the challenges is doing spotlights on big planes, if they are not sub-divided (which takes perf)

We'll keep playing with it, thanks for the feedback.

I don't think webGPU works on export, preview only for right now.

I am glad the baking helps! In webGPU, with baked lights, the perf cost is pretty low, but in webGL it is higher, hopefully webGPU becomes more widely available soon.

Can you show any screenshots? It would be great to see it in action.


Download the latest addon and use the addon manager to add it, the same way you installed the first version you used. Restart C3 and you should be ready to go.

See below for more details:

It’s not possible to do that. You would need to different exports. The one thing you could do is change the color of the entire 3DObject (use set color or property), or apply an effect like replaceColor or Two Color Tint.

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Looking forward to what you are doing! I am keeping it on itch for now.

I think if I put in the Construct Store, there would be too much support required. It is not as simple to use as most C3 addons and just learning how to deal with 3D models can be pretty difficult. Perhaps one day will put it on the C3 store.

It requires at least one fix, which I am working on, will release soon.

So far, performance is the same or worse with webGPU.

Glad you are having fun with it.

I added a new ACE Is playing <animationName>, perhaps you can use that in addition to the On finished trigger.

I will look at adding an On finished <animationName> trigger.

I also added the Is playing ACE in the latest version.

I would do it differently:

Try it out. I'll also add another ACE for is Animation <name> playing, so it will be even simpler.

can you please provide more details, what are you doing and what is the result on the screen, a video can help too.

can you share your project, so I can see in detail?

Yup, just 3DShape by itself causes a problem. It has been reported to Scirra.

Love the retro graphics style and the 'lighting'.

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The issue in this case was there were 1000+ instance models on a layout. During the same tick all the file requests went out and the number of file requests exceeded the number allowed by the browser.

The fix was to change from instance model to non instance model (since all the instance models used the same model data.) In this was, only one model requests the file and the other instances wait for that file to be loaded and then use the data locally, without additional external requests.

We will find out soon!

I've played a few times and had a lot of fun creating the story. I did have to shake loose and stop trying to guide the story to a preconceived ending, that was always better when I didn't do that. The prompts are wonderfully diverse and chilling.

Inspired by the game and enabled by the generous CC By 4.0 license, a group of us did a visual novel / journaling game based on WitW for the NanoReno Game Jam. There is preface and epilogue that place the PI into a particular time/space/culture, but the rest of the prompts are procedurally generated similar to the WitW rules, the whispers and ending changed slightly to represent first person and a questioner.

We also added a method to upload the results/journal anonymously to a server, so we can collect/curate and display some of the stories, once we get enough entries.

Thanks again for this thoughtful and horrific game.

Added to 2.38.0 (see devlog for cautions)