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Looking good. The auto bombs will be interesting to see how it effects veteran bomberman players - it's like you have what we used to 'the sh*ts' disease in Saturn Bomberman.

Nice work, I like the different configs and retro style.

Getting a crash on launching the Mac version (I can share details on Discord if you need.) Looking forward to trying it it!

Great fun, fun for speed running and a little puzzle solving. Ouch, got spikes in my head a couple times!

This is a great tool for Construct plugin and effect development, I've developed multiple plugins and effects using the tool and it's really streamlined what used to be a tedious and error-prone process. Don't forget to use Construct developer mode and the built in c3IDE webserver to allow for fast iterations of your new plugin with construct.

Fun, nice animations. Gruesome pixel death :) I liked how slow you moved, an underwater feel.

Nice little uplifting experience! I felt like I accomplished something without Marie Kondo nagging me either. Enjoyed the dialogue, UI and art.

Fun, nice clean style, looking forward to more levels.

Fun! The old film effect adds some nice atmosphere. Really nice that it was all done in C2.

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Caching fixed on the server, please leave comments if you still see caching behavior for the highscore pictures and we'll pull out more of the EISA cache cards too if needed!

Looks like there is some caching issue on requesting the highscore paintings (paintings are being uploaded, but sometimes old versions are shown.) Reviewing now, pulling out ISA memory cards on the server.