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I fail to see what purpose this serves. You say both itch and steam will have the updated download, so what benefit is there to disabling access to the present version, especially for users that paid for it?

I am stuck in this loop as well, and encountered many errors during earlier scenes. I'm thinking a flag didnt get set somewhere but cant figure out which one.

It was really a childhood fiend.

For scenes, most laundromats I have been to have a large sink with a sprayer hose, for prewashing particularly nasty articles. For machine upgrades, maybe padding, scented detergents, or "custom agitators" for a more enjoyable experience?

Hah, the madgirl actually did it.

Honey Laundering would have been better though :)

Nah, double down and include the tidy pod challenge. Or titty pod maybe.

Honey Laundering?

Who ate the download button?

Quite possibly, but influence is not choice, nor action. They made the move, let them take the consequences. My wallet doesnt reward bullies.

I know of no reason the tentacle treason should ever be forgot.

Seriously, HPs attitude and actions have no place in a dev community, let alone an indie dev community.

May the eroge scenes memory of their actions be longer than a horny tentacle.

So, you offered your experience, and to team up, and then wanted to speak to the investor, but got told no... and you immediately backtracked on all goodwill, reported them, and removed your supportive post. Now you come here, arguing their post and saying you dont like them making any public statement? Textbook narcisist / protection racket move. That kind of garbage closes wallets, and eroge, let alone tentacle focussed eroge, is a small enough scene that word will travel.

I am not a fan of the "locked" mechanic eating into already precious skill points. Before it was a choice between quick manual lockers or slowly build up the special ones, but now its a losing fight when you cant even keep up enough points to unlock the ones that get taken from you, let alone spread to more. This is especially annoying when it hits an expensive brainwasher you saved up to put on the end of the hall. The tentacle is strong enough to open a locker, reach across a hall and pull in a teacher, but some police tape is going to stop it? Please give us an option, cheat code, or something to turn this off. I also think if you pull out of a locker, it should refund points, not cost them.

I am aware, but there are only 3 preset options, where Veronica lets you enter a custom title. We should be able to do the same for the rest of the students.

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We can give Veronica a custom title to address MC as. This should also be an option for the school at the highest authority level. I mean, if we can make their birthday suit their uniform, we should be able to set a custom word, no?

Also, not sure if intentional but the girls in the gym and pool are ignoring the uniform rules.

Just discovering this game, Pixies reaction to the internet is absolute GOLD. Now for the noob questions...

Once moved into the manor, we lose the ability to change Pixies outfit?

The game says there are ways of setting up passive income in crystals and potions, but I havent found them yet. If they exist, any hints?

Will we be able to milk more women on the farm?

Is Roxy going to meet Lil Roxy and no longer be lonely?

Since pregnancy is a thing, will we be able to teach Luna the proper way to repopulate an empire?

Why do we need the org or morgana to invade that church? "Hi, Asteria? Could you come lift up a building for a second? I need something from under it. Bring some friends, these people think they know how to fight. Oh, and Lyx? How big a bomb can you make? No, collateral is fine, this is going through a portal to a place that hates science..."

mag_9_q4 throws the same undefined error on a different branch in that conversation. Theres also a few typos in it.

You arrogantly speak as if educated on matters you are clearly ignorant of. 

Whatever you are using to zip these up with, its making the zips impossible to open on linux. Please consider using a different archiver that respects the standard.

I purchased the bundle and this game shows nothing available for download

Find an old build. They had quite a bit of content before the restart. Or wait and eventually the author will get back to them.

What software did you use to create those rooms? They look great!

I havent noticed any, but then, I havent played that far in and dont really know what the game is supposed to sound like normally. I dont know twine that well yet so this is just guesswork, but since most of your players are probably playing with local file as opposed to loading from a web server, precaching doesnt seem to offer any advantage over say setting up one player for bgm, one for event sound, and changing them to new sound files as needed? That seems like it would be a bit gentler on the number of files and objects loaded at once, so conserve ram and speed things up overall. And would nicely sidestep this bug.

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As of 0.7.6b you've fixed many of the battler pics but the sounds folder is still borked. Renaming Sounds and all folders beneath it to lowercase sorted all problems but one.  sounds/outside/audio2.mp3 throws an error that it cant be found, because its actually under the "audio not used" folder beneath that.

Also as of 0.7.6b, chromium is throwing an error: 23[Intervention] Blocked attempt to create a WebMediaPlayer as there are too many WebMediaPlayers already in existence. See

Since it also threw the case sensitive error for basically everything in the sounds folder, on the initial screen, my guess is you are trying to load every sound clip at once instead of loading them as needed?

Doublecheck the capitalization on your asset filenames, including the extensions. HTML may be universal but case matters on linux. I've had to rename a few PNG to png to get them to load. I've seen the title change to Slavemasters of Haalu a few times while events are loading. Old title? The yard screen sometimes glitches the bottom divider line over the perimeter check button, making it impossible to click.

There is no such interactable spot anywhere in the tower for me. Floor 3 has the specimen tubes, 4 has the tube that looks like the first lab, 7 has the big unfinished tank. There is a ! in the back of the basement that is unreachable now that the elevator is out of commission.

I've beaten the meat infestation at the science tower, cant rescue Linda (not finished yet) and cant fight Mistyra again. Do I have any option left for removing meat parasites besides starting a new game?

It seems to be working fine after a reload. Really oddball place for a glitch though.

Feed the hungry hobo until he tells you about it. Which food might be random, it took a big fish for me. Then go get a happy ending from Lin Lin and tip generously.

I have a similar closet bug as reported below. After moving in with Fawn into the doubles condo, the closet wont let me move the cursor to the left column to add clothes to it. I can take clothes out, but not move to put them back in.

If thats the case then everyone who bought it here better get a free steam key, otherwise its a bait and switch.

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It is impossible for a free user to download such a large file from Mega. You get stuck in an endless "bandwidth exceeded, wait 5 more hours" loop. Might I suggest 1fichier for the high res? Or literally any other hosting service? Or even a fan supported torrent?

Splitting it into smaller parts would also work to actually let people complete a download of it

Like when mousing over an item or an icon, I see its popup info, but its description is too long so it has a scrollbar. In several I can just see the top of yellow text at the bottom of that section, but cant scroll down to read it! When I try to move my mouse over the info popup, it of course leaves what I was mousing over to begin with so the popup closes.

Maybe have the divisive kink content in optional scenes apart from the storyline and set them optional by kink? As an example, Lust Doll Plus does this. It seems to be the only way to please everybody.

Removed the game/temp folder and game is working fine now.

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PC/Lin 0.1.7 crashes on startup. This was not present in 0.1.7b. Shows the JYP Games splash then pops a text file with:

ScriptError: Name (u'game/code01.rpy', 1602379496, 0) is defined twice, at code01.rpyc:2 and game/temp/code01.rpyc:2.

Game crashes out when trying to visit the potion vendor, error messages suggest it cant load her image.

I keep seeing the game updated in my feed but the version number hasnt changed.

Ah, you've flown under my radar then. From the update 4 days ago on the mac and linux versions I thought this was a new release. FWIW I'm on linux and it works perfectly outside of the above. Downloading Milky Ways as I type this, but would love to see more of the Abandoned trio in the future.

I totally get being sick of the space station especially after 6 years but your level design is seriously top tier. The idea of them finding that ship, probably needing to fix it up, and then running around stations, roid fields and needing to keep the girls true natures a secret while chasing down their list of lost empire tech would be a gold mine.