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It is impossible for a free user to download such a large file from Mega. You get stuck in an endless "bandwidth exceeded, wait 5 more hours" loop. Might I suggest 1fichier for the high res? Or literally any other hosting service? Or even a fan supported torrent?

Splitting it into smaller parts would also work to actually let people complete a download of it

Like when mousing over an item or an icon, I see its popup info, but its description is too long so it has a scrollbar. In several I can just see the top of yellow text at the bottom of that section, but cant scroll down to read it! When I try to move my mouse over the info popup, it of course leaves what I was mousing over to begin with so the popup closes.

Maybe have the divisive kink content in optional scenes apart from the storyline and set them optional by kink? As an example, Lust Doll Plus does this. It seems to be the only way to please everybody.

Removed the game/temp folder and game is working fine now.

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PC/Lin 0.1.7 crashes on startup. This was not present in 0.1.7b. Shows the JYP Games splash then pops a text file with:

ScriptError: Name (u'game/code01.rpy', 1602379496, 0) is defined twice, at code01.rpyc:2 and game/temp/code01.rpyc:2.

Game crashes out when trying to visit the potion vendor, error messages suggest it cant load her image.

I keep seeing the game updated in my feed but the version number hasnt changed.

Ah, you've flown under my radar then. From the update 4 days ago on the mac and linux versions I thought this was a new release. FWIW I'm on linux and it works perfectly outside of the above. Downloading Milky Ways as I type this, but would love to see more of the Abandoned trio in the future.

I totally get being sick of the space station especially after 6 years but your level design is seriously top tier. The idea of them finding that ship, probably needing to fix it up, and then running around stations, roid fields and needing to keep the girls true natures a secret while chasing down their list of lost empire tech would be a gold mine.

Overall excellent game, you are raising the bar for what can be done with this kind of engine. Its coming close to Illusions AI Shoujo in terms of interaction, though it is in dire need of a proof reader.

Surprisingly few glitches given all this game does, but I did run into some. When I manually activated the binders, talking to the kneeling girl simply went into the normal "do you have time?" conversation without the option to use her mouth.

The girls REALLY love those machines. So much so they ignore armbinders, chastity belts, or their owner forbidding self bondage to use them. Viv didnt even care that a W41T device was already occupied by Aemi when putting herself into it!

Zooming in a 3d event shares the mousewheel control with scrolling text. This conflict means you cant scroll text in a 3d event, and should have an alternate control.

The communications device is untapped potential for a status display, things an android owner would probably have anyway. This would include location, state, arousal level and objective like "Pathfinding to <device> to self bind", as well as time remaining in a binder.

Clothes and attachments should have a bit more permanency, especially things they supposedly cant remove like binders gags or especially the collars, since they dont interfere with any other action. They often finished cutscenes in entirely different outfits than I had on them going in.

Huh, so there are. dont know why I didnt see them the first time, they are in the same place as pretty much every other itch game. Must have been drunk, my bad.

After completing the tree quest and getting my temple repaired, I went to travel, and tried to go directly to the Lamia cave. This left me on the first map just outside the town and unable to move.

You also seriously need a proofreader, you have a lot of spacing errors in the text. In any game that tells a story the importance of this should never be taken lightly. I did enjoy what I saw though, and am now following this and will be looking out for future versions. Do consider making a downloadable version though.

Would it be possible to get the PC version packed as a zip instead of exe?

If enabling VI blocks disables those, how hard would throwing in another boolean called storymode be? the rest of it seems to already be in place.

Got this in the justice bundle, and have to say I love the premise and the early game but the timed puzzles are way too short for slower players, especially those slowed by physical handicaps, and the hacking minigame is simply frustration. You have a mode for the blind. I would suggest adding a story mode that removes the time limit on things like the attacking robots and other threats as well as the security patrols on the hacking game, so such impaired players actually have a chance at finishing the story.

I mean, if it were me, and I gave someone $200 and didnt get what was promised, I'd be tracking them down to have a little "chat"...

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2.5.1 has a crash when capturing Issa. game/captives.rpy is trying to jump to event c3_sleep, which doesnt exist. Changing this to c3_dream seems to have fixed it.

Edit: Theres another one in hordes.rpy line 954, a - where a = needs to be.