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Hey, does the file really have to be 1GB? It's hard to judge without seeing any screenshots, but it's also hard to see how a "simple" RPG made with RPG Maker needs to be 1GB big. Please delete any unnecessary files or update the page with screenshots that could possibly explain the file size. 

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Congratulations! This is the kind of game I can see doing well just for how ridiculous it seems. By the way, you'd be better off posting this in the release announcements subforum.

Dragon's Hope - Chapter 1

So glad you  enjoyed the game! It honestly makes our day to read comments like these. Thank you a lot for playing :)

A lot of things have been said already, so I'll add just one idea to the topic, but this one has really surprised me.

Our site got over 500 views from a mere comment that we wrote in the article of a national newspaper (Austria). Our game is free, but according to the analytics, one of those views even resulted in a fairly generous donation. The article was gaming related, but the newspaper overall is a mainstream one and aiming for high quality articles. Whenever doing something like that I recommend being an actual part of the community and not just abusing the site to promote the game. This principle applies to most sites. 

I think you guys could try to do a little bit more with your Discord. Maybe add a channel for content creators like youtubers and streamers? There could also be a channel for developers to request those to play their game. We watch every single video that is being made about our game because the footage is incredibly helpful for the developement process. They usually include the link to our page so it generates some traffic too. The same could be applied to the forums. I believe trying to get content creators more involved with would be overall beneficial!

Hey, we were extremely delighted to see that you like the game so far and made a video about it! Your guess in the video was correct: The engine we are using is RPG Maker MV. You already linked the game's page so that's all we could possibly ask for :) We also have a Steam page for the people that would like to wishlist the full game (4 chapters) there. Please remember that there's a guidebook for the game, you can find it inside the game's folder! The guidebook is helpful in case you struggle with a quest or puzzle. Really excited to see you play the rest of the game :)


Thank you! We do want to mention that the winter area (there's another winter-style-map that is a lot larger) belongs to Chapter 2 and 3 of the game which we are still working on. All of the chapters will be available on

First we'll take some time to improve Chapter 1 based on the feedback we've received. Then we'll continue our work on Chapter 2 which will connect the game with the already existing Chapter 3 (Chapter 3 still needs some work but it's 90% done). Then there'll be a huge update in which Chapter 1-3 can be played. Again we'll consider the feedback received. Then we'll work on Chapter 4 and finish off the game.

It's just that we can't test those builds ourselves. We believe that those versions work fine now. All we are aware of is a little lag issue inside the dragon's cave but that's all. Please report any issues!

Hello everyone!

My girlfriend and me have been working hard on a game called Dragon's Hope. It's a puzzle adventure game in which you play a young dragon who is trying to save the life of his mother. Expect about 2 hours of gameplay from Chapter 1. This is our first game :)

Game Page on


Dragon's Hope is a game about a young dragon who is trying to save the life of his mother. The game features all kinds of puzzles and challenges, a touching story, a relaxing atmosphere, humorous dialogues and a high quality guidebook for the player.

You play as the dragon Damian, whose mother gets badly injured by a human dragon slayer. There doesn't seem to be much hope for Damian's mother until his best friend, Theo the raccoon, comes up with an idea and sends Damian off on an epic puzzle-adventure in hopes of saving his mother.