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Thanks for feedback! After game jam I was thinking about it and created little box with next vehicle’s color (and shape) in bottom right corner. Looks like I haven’t uploaded postjam version yet.

Thanks mate. I appreciate it!


You’re welcome! :)

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Or you can do it in more elegant fashion by using setter function on health variable.

var health = 100 setget set_health


func set_health(value):
  health = value
  if value <= 0:

func on_area_entered(area): -= 5. # It's very important to write instead of health if you use setter function

func die():
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That’s easy. _process function is called every frame so If you reach health==0 your boss dies over and over. The easiest solution is making new variable alive, set it to true by default and then alter your _process function like:

var alive = true

func _process(delta):
  if health <= 0 and alive:
    # Here goes your die code

    alive = false

Now die code triggers only once. Let me know if it works.

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What’s your problem exactly? Is boss just disappearing when it reaches 0?

Very good entry! Rally Monster is awesome take on Brick Game’s Race game! Mashing monster in Alien Dungeon is cool too. Games play smoothly and are enjoyable. Graphics, sounds and all kinds of effects are amazing and in Gameboy fashion.

I have problems with game window being too small and embedded game itself is in scrolling panel mode.

Also what bothers me is controls inconsistency. To start game you have to use Left Mouse Button, to select game - arrow keys, Rally Monster controls with both A/D and arrows keys while Alien Dungeon can be played with WASD only. I think it should be much more enjoyable with unified controls for both games and game select menu.

Nice idea but buttons work randomly even on fullscreen mode. Sometimes it reacts on one click and sometimes even button mashing doesn’t help.

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Nice puzzle game! It takes some time to get used to it but once you learn how to play it it shows its brilliance. Some goals spawn on top of number blocks so it’s impossible to take them out. In my opinion you should release post jam version because it’s really cool game but it needs a lot of polish.

For me this game is #1! Astonishing aesthetics, interesting twist on snake classic, music, smooth controls and all these small details make it a perfect game. What a pity it took you longer than 3 hours to make it.

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Interesting take on “More is Less”. Simple and addictive. I love character’s cheeks getting bigger! My best score is just shy 790.

Cool concept but needs improvements. IMHO movement is too slippery (mountain climbing was frustrating but doable once memorized) and controls are not optimized. I wonder if changing Dash to Left Shift or Left Control would make game enjoyable. Restarting and going back to menu with key pressed would be cool too.

Pros for text-to-speech voicelines and adrenaline pumping track playing in background. It’s really cool for this type of game and I think in combination with more fitting tiles would make perfection.

Overall that’s a decent game made under 3 hours. Took me tens of tries but I didn’t give up and finished it with under 4 seconds remaining. I hope you find my opinion helpful and not offensive in any way.

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Simple and brilliant! Challenging but enjoyable! Solid entry.

Fantastic usage of magnet physics. I love it! My best time was 0:16 left on clock

Brilliant! This should be by default in Godot editor!

Can I adjust provided songs to my needs? Like cropping lengthy intros or speeding up some parts? Is it allowed?

Super cool game!

Can I develop game for Android and use cheap set like Google Cardboard to make it in VR? Does it count?

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Cool game. Controls are much more responsive than in Pick Up Prison. Once you are left with 2 cows game is much easier and you can grind highscore. Mine is 190 while I lost 2 cows at around 30 maybe ;)

Nice game, cool graphics, catchy tune but it’s too short! :)

Really nice idea and cool usage of so many themes and restrictions! I love your devlogs, that’s why I’m here! Level 2 and 3 are pretty tough but enjoyable once you finish them. I have found issue with gates - you can get pass gates when you drag’n’drop prisoners fast enough (to the left of gate). It it reproducible especially at the beginning of each level and it happens on both windowed and fullscreen mode. There are also issues with prisoners’ “dragboxes” - they are too small and you can feel it in stressful situations.

Overall it’s a pretty clever and innovative game. I really enjoyed playing it and watching devlog! :)

Are you pressing “x” key to select an option? Or are you pressing “z” one? I know pressing “z” or selecting “Exit” option closes your game. In case of web build - game freezes, so you have to refresh game’s page. Let me know if that works.

That’s very strange. Which browser are you using?

Interesting idea. Murderer waiting to act until night is a clever approach to ON/OFF theme. On the other side I have a feeling the game is not polished. On first try I got 2 actors killed and then got 3 points, every other try I moved all actors to the edge of game and nothing happened even after some time. Maybe is this issue Firefox-specific?

Thanks for playing and your feedback! Now I know levels I made are just too hard. Except timer trigger introduced in World 1-2 there shouldn’t be new mechanics to learn. But I still don’t know why World 1-2 is too hard. Maybe vital items are not visible enough? Timer switches are not so obvious? Who knows? I need to find out :) I had a lot of plans like making temple level with a lot of dangerous traps like moving walls, spikes and pattern based laser beams. I wanted to introduce basic enemies too. But, you know, it’s game jam and you have to cut things down in order to make playable game before deadline. Maybe in post jam version :)

Thanks for feedback. I feel I’ve spent not enough time on level design. But it’s heartwarming at least World 1-1 is well designed. I was thinking about brilliance of World 1-1 level design in Super Mario Bros while doing it and I tried to make good introduction level. And then I had to speed up making other levels to finish this game on time. :)

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Thanks! I appreciate that! I’m a little confused now because some people say level 2 is impossible to beat and others say levels are well designed. And now I don’t know what’s the truth haha :D

Soundtrack is awesome. Room exploring is cool too. I really like this game :)

Nice puzzle game! Plugging in battery with right side is satisfying. Animations are very smooth :)

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This game is simply AWESOME! Very cool touch on ON/OFF theme, random level generation, dungeon exploration and boss fight. And that extensive manual. To be honest I didn’t need this because gameplay is self-explainable. That’s mindblowing what can be done with such restrictions. My favourite entry! :)

Cool take on ON/OFF theme. I like that!

Short but enjoyable game. I like true screen imitation by drawing grid. And player’s walking animation is cool! :)

Nice entry! I like that you can’t directly control Mr Blob and you have to make path for him to escape :)

Cool idea, but it’s way too short. Gunslingers are moving too slow. I think speeding them up would make game more fun. :)

Interesting take on endless runner genre.

Cool concept with magnetic thing. Pushing, pulling and flying are brilliant and satisfying. But something is wrong with KinematicBodies - they move too smooth for Nokia requirements! :)

Very interesting take on ON/OFF theme. I like collecting ammo in dark mode and shooting it in light mode. Your pixel art is excellent and enjoyable. Good work! :)

Very fun and relaxing game. It blows my mind what can be achieved with such tough restrictions :)