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Nice game, cool graphics, catchy tune but it’s too short! :)

Really nice idea and cool usage of so many themes and restrictions! I love your devlogs, that’s why I’m here! Level 2 and 3 are pretty tough but enjoyable once you finish them. I have found issue with gates - you can get pass gates when you drag’n’drop prisoners fast enough (to the left of gate). It it reproducible especially at the beginning of each level and it happens on both windowed and fullscreen mode. There are also issues with prisoners’ “dragboxes” - they are too small and you can feel it in stressful situations.

Overall it’s a pretty clever and innovative game. I really enjoyed playing it and watching devlog! :)

Are you pressing “x” key to select an option? Or are you pressing “z” one? I know pressing “z” or selecting “Exit” option closes your game. In case of web build - game freezes, so you have to refresh game’s page. Let me know if that works.

That’s very strange. Which browser are you using?

Interesting idea. Murderer waiting to act until night is a clever approach to ON/OFF theme. On the other side I have a feeling the game is not polished. On first try I got 2 actors killed and then got 3 points, every other try I moved all actors to the edge of game and nothing happened even after some time. Maybe is this issue Firefox-specific?

Thanks for playing and your feedback! Now I know levels I made are just too hard. Except timer trigger introduced in World 1-2 there shouldn’t be new mechanics to learn. But I still don’t know why World 1-2 is too hard. Maybe vital items are not visible enough? Timer switches are not so obvious? Who knows? I need to find out :) I had a lot of plans like making temple level with a lot of dangerous traps like moving walls, spikes and pattern based laser beams. I wanted to introduce basic enemies too. But, you know, it’s game jam and you have to cut things down in order to make playable game before deadline. Maybe in post jam version :)

Thanks for feedback. I feel I’ve spent not enough time on level design. But it’s heartwarming at least World 1-1 is well designed. I was thinking about brilliance of World 1-1 level design in Super Mario Bros while doing it and I tried to make good introduction level. And then I had to speed up making other levels to finish this game on time. :)

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Thanks! I appreciate that! I’m a little confused now because some people say level 2 is impossible to beat and others say levels are well designed. And now I don’t know what’s the truth haha :D

Soundtrack is awesome. Room exploring is cool too. I really like this game :)

Nice puzzle game! Plugging in battery with right side is satisfying. Animations are very smooth :)

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This game is simply AWESOME! Very cool touch on ON/OFF theme, random level generation, dungeon exploration and boss fight. And that extensive manual. To be honest I didn’t need this because gameplay is self-explainable. That’s mindblowing what can be done with such restrictions. My favourite entry! :)

Cool take on ON/OFF theme. I like that!

Short but enjoyable game. I like true screen imitation by drawing grid. And player’s walking animation is cool! :)

Nice entry! I like that you can’t directly control Mr Blob and you have to make path for him to escape :)

Cool idea, but it’s way too short. Gunslingers are moving too slow. I think speeding them up would make game more fun. :)

Interesting take on endless runner genre.

Cool concept with magnetic thing. Pushing, pulling and flying are brilliant and satisfying. But something is wrong with KinematicBodies - they move too smooth for Nokia requirements! :)

Very interesting take on ON/OFF theme. I like collecting ammo in dark mode and shooting it in light mode. Your pixel art is excellent and enjoyable. Good work! :)

Very fun and relaxing game. It blows my mind what can be achieved with such tough restrictions :)

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Super cool idea and perfectly executed. Playing with J for jump doesn’t feel that strange. Level sections are awesome (thanks for checkpoint system!) and fun to explore. It took me 7 minutes and 35 seconds to beat. I died 31 times (mostly on 2nd phrase). I enjoyed playing this game! :)

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It’s a hard game! Controlling ship and player at the same time is tough enough and enemies make it a lot harder! They spawn in large number and they don’t stop chasing you. An idea is cool, but this game is too hard when played alone. I had no way to test it but I think this would make more sense when played with another player. :)

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I can’t play it on Firefox. There are some kinds is stretched lines of font on splash screen. I launched it on Edge and it works fine. I couldn’t find any reference to ON/OFF theme but in my opinion it’s pretty neat racing game nonetheless. :)

Hey! Thanks for playing! I’m glad you enjoyed it! I’m also happy how tileset looks like keeping in mind I spent just 10-15 minutes to make it (just rounded each tile and pixel tall “height”). Before I was just flat and square, but adding 1-2 pixels of different shade of gray definitely made it look better. :)

Hey! Thanks for playing! I’m glad you enjoyed it! While making this game I was surprised how hard is to make all kind of texts with 8px font (smaller are unreadable) and how much space it takes on 84x48 screen! I also think a small redesign would make HUD better :)

Super cool game! I like moving between 2D and 3D parts! Voice acting is also nice too! :)

Interesting take on pirate theme. I like this kind of puzzle game!

Super cool game! It feels very well. There’s even boss fight! Nice! If I were you I would change LMB to another key like Ctrl or Z key as there is no aiming with mouse. I would also decrease camera’s delay - in my opinion it’s too slow. :)

Indeed! This game is a double entry for Untitled Game Jam #42 and Nokia 3310 Jam 3 jams. UGJ’s theme inspired me so much I had to make game with pirate theme! And I’m glad it feels like playing on Nokia. That’s what I wanted to achieve! It was very tough to make that game but I’m content with the outcome! :)

Hey! Thanks for playing! I’m glad you enjoyed it! This game was also an entry for Nokia 3310 Jam 3, so I had to follow tight restrictions there. Making game with 84x48 resolution is very tough challenge but I did my best to make all visuals distinguishable. Also, I used template that had Nokia-like shader ready to use and I had a lot of trouble with it (all extra pixels around fonts are caused by it). If I had another chance to make this game, I would just make 2-color sprite and wouldn’t pass them through that shader. I feel I spent not enough time on level design and had to make something quickly so levels may be a bit too hard for fresh players. Overall, I’m content with the results. :)

Super cool idea and execution. Everything feels alright.

It doesn’t work on Linux. On Windows it’s fine. Played on Firefox on both systems.

Nice story and graphics. They fit very well. What a pity it’s too short.

Cool concept! I enjoyed playing this puzzle game! :)

You start with 0 shovels on purpose. I did that to teach players to explore level a bit before blindly digging treasures or throwing shovels. Those 5 shovels you mentioned is just one spot on the map. There are more spots to discover! :)

Hey! Thanks for playing and feedback! I’m sorry to hear that it’s too difficult. On which level you got stuck? IMO I spent too little time on level design but I did my best to publish game beatable (did it twice on latest published version). I tried to make something new, but 84x48 monochromatic display limitation is a bit hard to me. Your further feedback can help me improve this game and my level design skills. :)

Hey! Thanks for playing! I’m sorry to hear that. I’ve just finished world 1-2 with 3 shovels remaining so it is beatable. I would like to ask you kindly what was the route you took? I spent IMHO too little time on making levels not so difficult, especially after 1-1 so your feedback can improve game in future!

Any news on update? I’m not able to test your game without Windows/Linux binaries.

This game is very challenging and requires A LOT OF patience. That’s good game but I wish I had better UX including display last set of commands, remove each command separately and maybe some hints like length of flame when changing values. I’ve completed only 1st level so I basically scratched the surface, gameplay is ok but needs a lot of improvements. Not a bad game made for 2h35m. :)