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Thanks for the reminder! Just finished exporting and I'm uploading the files now. :)

Thank you! I'm glad you liked it! Mia will be back in a new game. :)

Hi Tigress!

Yup! I'll continue developing this game in 2018; currently doing research for the story. :)

Haha! What a fun coincidence! :D I love Zozo's character and I had plans for making her own featured story or game. That project is in the early draft phase at the this point, but Zozo will definitely be back. :)

thank you, LunarKnight! I'm glad you liked the game! Natalie and friends will be back! I'm working on new stories that I hope to publish in 2018. :)

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Hi Sight21!

Thank you for the offer but I have to decline for now. An MV version (and a Mac version) for this game is planned, but I would need to change the code from Ruby to Javascript. I'm working on a new game at the moment so I can't focus on updating this one now. If you're looking to collaborate on a new game, look me up on the RPG Maker forum. I'll be free for collabs as soon as I finish my current project.

Thanks and good luck with your game projects! :)

RPG Maker VX Ace. The sprites and tilesets are from the "Time Fantasy" DLC.

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Hi! How's it going?

I'd like to share the release of my first visual novel, " Natalie".

This is a short visual novel where over a few days, you help Natalie prioritize what to do while she is working on an important project. There are multiple endings and your choices will affect the outcome of the story.

I'd appreciate any feedback you can give so I can further improve the quality of future games that I will make. Thank you and have fun!

Awesome! The character designs look both cute and deadly! The detailed effects (gun smoke, particles) are excellent.