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fun game, cool idea, ui is a little bit small, collisions were strange, i recommend using tilemaps for this type of game (check the left bottom corner of the first level while being away from the big guy)

thanks for the feedback! i will play your game soon.

Thanks for the feedback!

cool idea! got some awesome art. levels are a bit hard.

Thanks for the feedback. I added sound effects but they were rushed because i suck at music.

Thanks for the feedback! My teamm8 had to go for some personal stuff so he had only 1 hour to make the sprites. I had to make some myself and... yeah... I didn't wanna make any music or actually good sound effects because i suck at that (and i didn't wanna use premade audio too).

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yeah i tried to explain to player that you can combine 2 buffs together (break boxes and pistol). i should've added some sorf of an current effect ui (like in mmo rpgs) so the player knows that you get heals, ammo, etc. Thanks for feedback!

this game is not really original (i played 2 other games with the same idea) but its the best one so far! you should change controls to arrow keys instead of IJKL.


thanks for the feedback!

thanks for the feedback!

thanks for the feedback tho :D

actually the main game is a tutorial for randomizer. i didn't wanna add any text  because i wanted the player to learn the mechanics themselfs.

thanks for the feedback!

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my teamm8 isn't the best artist and because he had only 4 hours (due to some personal problems), he was rushing it. levels were something of a tutorial lol. they are more of a puzzle like side of this game. randomizer was the real deal, if only i knew it was that fun, i would've worked more on balacing of the weapons and stuff. thanks for the feedback :D

yeah i was working on this game non stop, randomizer was rushed in 3 hours btw.


lol, it could've been worse.

the boat is too fast!

have you heard on a thing called Time.deltaTime? lol

i got stuck on the first dark level (forgot the count), the music is nice.

cool idea. while you have a lot of puzzle pieces, it doesn't really effect the gameplay that much. it would've been cool if you will start walking slower or something else. fingers are also pretty creppy .

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amazing game. its really chaotic to play but thats what makes the game fun! can't wait to see this featured in the video!

cool idea but boxes are sometimes buggy. Also you should've added a flag pole or some indicationwhere the level ends! level design can be also improved.

cool idea, the game is really hard and it would be great as a "getting over it" game! you should try making one big level where you climb up and falling with this mechanic!

the game is fun (thanks for the music) but the leaderboard is fake and the way you fit the theme isn't really that original. Oh also you can't die lol

the punishment for losing a live is not really good, it sucks that you have to replay the previous level just because you didn't know the player could wall jump.

i can't even play this game :(

its really hard to aim the lasso, and also you need to click when the lasso is over the sheep. it would've been better if it would automatically capture the sheep if the player is far enough.

nice concept, its a little bit buggy at times.

Yeah the randomizer mode was rushed without proper testing... The levels very something like a tutorial/puzzle game but randomizer sounded really fun so i added it too.

Thanks! <3

thanks for the feedback!

the controls are WEIRD and NOT FUN to use. heres some feedback. the game freaks out when you lose in the endless game mode. some stages are unbeatable in the endless mode. the climbing walls should not be scaled (you can use TextureRect with some settings to make it repeatable). otherwise a great game!


awesome :D

weird game, i didn't get the point. It also was too hard.

ok i heard this was your first game jam. this was a pretty good game for the first game jam! but you should still improve with the feedback i gave you!