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wicked hungry?? thanks for playing!

glad you liked it! 

I'm not sure if there is a name used commonly yet, but maybe there is and nobody told me. There are certainly catchy ways you could describe it, like PS1-esque or PS1core or something like that.

Thanks for playing! Glad you had fun.

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thanks for playing and for creating your vid! 

thanks! no, no plans right now. a few people have suggested more levels with different food though lol

thanks for playing! fun to watch you get the hang of the game and hear your commentary on the dialogue.

though i'm mostly just glad i could make you hungry

Have to say I love the opening to this, a great moment! Otherwise I really dug the atmosphere, but felt like the story ended really quickly - alas, game jams :|

Thanks very much for your feedback, everyone!

@ncase: Completely hear you on the controls. It *was* left-click to cast and right-click to reel, but right-click in the web player makes the contextual menu pop up (even if I disable it in the player settings when I build in Unity). I played with using the scroll wheel as alternative but ran out of time before I could get it to feel right, so went with the keyboard as a scrappy solution.