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thanks for playing!!

glad to hear it!

Nice! PC will definitely work, since the Mac version has some extra steps to get it to run, there are some options posted further down in the older comments. The easiest option is probably to just use the Itch app.

Ah sorry to hear that - are you trying to play on Mac?

Thanks for playing! Glad it felt right to you.


thanks for playing!

glad you liked it!

oh yeah, of course go for it

same, i can't wait to have it again


thanks for playing!

i've had some similar ideas stored away if i ever decide to do a follow-up to this. there are a lot of fun potential scenarios...

i miss it too!

glad you liked it!

That’s great! Thanks for sharing - i’ll add this to the notes at the top of the page. 

thanks threedsboy

thanks for playing!

glad you enjoyed it!

had a little chuckle at "25 minutes later".

thanks for playing and making a video!

i am working on more stuff - follow me here or on twitter to keep up :)

thanks for checking out the game!

so, it should display in fullscreen with the game area in the middle and black bars on either side. that's by design, and how it should work. hopefully it's what you're seeing.

if not, could you take a screenshot (press SHIFT + COMMAND + 3) and post it here so i could see what you're getting? my ability to test on Mac right now is limited but i'll do my best to help troubleshoot. thanks!

i'm not ashamed to admit i'm usually the one doing the eating in this scenario! but i think i'm a pretty good eater + listener + talker, at least i've never gotten any complaints from my friends otherwise. thanks for playing!

thanks for playing :)

you're right, it's not meant to be that hard or anything, i mostly wanted it to be engaging enough but still very much a pleasant, playable experience. thanks for playing and leaving a comment.

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thanks for playing, and thanks for your feedback - some things to take on board if i ever do a similar game for sure.

hi, thanks for trying it out! i'm guessing you're trying to run the game on Catalina? if this is the case you can try some workarounds to get it running.

1) unzip the file

2) right-click the file and click "Show Package Contents"

3) open the "MacOS" folder. there should be a file in there called hot_pot_panic_osx_1. keep this Finder window open.

4) now, open up a Terminal window. you can do this by hitting command + space, searching for Terminal and running the Terminal app

5) in the Terminal window type the command "chmod +x" and then drag the hot_pot_panic_osx_1 file into the terminal window. that should fill in a filepath into the command line (the filepath shows where the game file is located). 

6) hit enter in Terminal to run that command. if you get an error, make sure there's a space between the filepath and the "chmod +x" part.

7) now when you go to open the game, it should launch. if it doesn't, right click (or two-finger click) on it and then open from there. there may be some permissions you need to grant, but it should hopefully run.

thanks for wanting to give the game a shot and sorry for the inconvenience here, i know this could be a headache. this issue is due to some changes apple made with app distribution in Catalina. please let me know if you have any issues and i hope you enjoy the game!

thanks for doing this!

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wicked hungry?? thanks for playing!

glad you liked it! 

I'm not sure if there is a name used commonly yet, but maybe there is and nobody told me. There are certainly catchy ways you could describe it, like PS1-esque or PS1core or something like that.

Thanks for playing! Glad you had fun.

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thanks for playing and for creating your vid! 

thanks! no, no plans right now. a few people have suggested more levels with different food though lol

thanks for playing! fun to watch you get the hang of the game and hear your commentary on the dialogue.

though i'm mostly just glad i could make you hungry

Have to say I love the opening to this, a great moment! Otherwise I really dug the atmosphere, but felt like the story ended really quickly - alas, game jams :|

Thanks very much for your feedback, everyone!

@ncase: Completely hear you on the controls. It *was* left-click to cast and right-click to reel, but right-click in the web player makes the contextual menu pop up (even if I disable it in the player settings when I build in Unity). I played with using the scroll wheel as alternative but ran out of time before I could get it to feel right, so went with the keyboard as a scrappy solution.