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I am the best elf, as suspected

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It has imperfections and flaws, and is hot but in a "neighbour next door" kind of way, but not as a exaggerated cliché. It's just a natural person. Attractive but not "I could never get that kind of person..." attractive. And it gives the player/viewer lots of attention and accepts them for who they are. It even encourages the player/viewer's weirdest traits in an unexpectedly wholesome and genuine way. It matches the player/viewer's image of a perfect partner (real people never really reach up to this image), but with a few exceptions that makes it feel real.

Almost all of these are made by AI in some degree, but also edited to not be generic. Couldn't AI art be used as that, a tool to help, especially if you're not that good at drawing but knows what style you're looking for?

(please ignore the first half of the images, you know the characters that look more obviously AI generated, they're not done yet)

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I don't have pre-production because I start with the real production directly. But, figuring out story, characters and atmosphere has taken about a year (that's how long my whole game to make from first idea to finish). Lots of things fell into place the last day, kind of. Brainstorming ideas is easy: Do it regularly, think like a kid, choose a theme (it's easier to come up with 5 ideas based on "football" than just 5 general ideas), write down everything that feels wrong, ask your friends, don't be a perfectionist, then choose the best of all these dumb ideas... If you want to know any specifics, you can ask me on DM, if that exists on I have so many thoughts and ideas on this that I don't know where to start in this reply...

Even if you write a draft you'll change a lot of things when you see how the things look in real production. So get started with production as soon as possible? Maybe? I don't know, you do it in your own pace.

still a genius game

Thanks for a great tool!

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I make a game engine in Javascript for web browser games (mainly my own game). I use the library three.js for 3D rendering, but the rest I've written myself with some borrowed code from I've written about it here (now this may look like self-promotion, maybe it is, but the text describes my engine very clearly)

Thank you!

This is great! Is it possible to not get an "old school" color palette, but instead keep all exact colors shadesfrom the original image?

Are you planning on releasing this game for Linux? :)

Hi! Yes, I've sent you a Twitter DM. :)

I downloaded the Linux version but I can't play it! Do you know what could be wrong? Have anyone else had the same problem?

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Amazing. I died by the bear even when I was on the other side of the room. I got no words

Thanks, I will!

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Yay! I bought the companion artbook! The "pc" download has a Windows and a Mac symbol here on itch, and the "mac" download has a Linux symbol! Which one is actually for Linux?

Do that!

I have now played the game also! It's really fun and immersive, it really feels like I'm there and experiencing something dangerous! Is it supposed to be quiet to increase this feeling, or are you planning on adding any music to the game?

This concept is really interesting! If it hasn't been done before, I think you're something on the way here.

Such a sad story.

Why can't you let the two persons play football with each other?

This was an emotional rollercoaster. Would be cool if you did something bigger with this!

Pretty fun. I made a straight line made of ground.

Cool! Please comment again and show me when it's done!

Hi YuukiPudding! I used this sprite and the "Blue" sprite in my game. They look very good! :)

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Hi! I really liked this sprite and used it in my game! :)

Score: 10! A new world record.

No problems! I guess it's just our different taste.

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Yes exactly, I just thought the negatives were more fun. I'm written more clearly in the description and the title now that this isn't a fair depiction of you and your stream.

"This is a joke edit, most things the streamer said was positive and constructive, I just thought it was hilarious how much he hated the music (mostly because I consider music to be my strong part). The streamer is ScalphaMission ( and he takes the time to review a lot of game jam games, so please appreciate that effort! The whole clip where he plays my game is from 50:30 in this stream VOD:"

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I hope you're okay with me turning it into a meme! Just tell me if you want to take it down, because I edited it to make it look funny and out of context

This was a creative concept! The graphics and sound effect made me feel good (because it exploded and sounded all the time). I didn't really understand if I was competing or collaborating with myself though.

Is it okay if I clip your review of my game and upload it to my YouTube channel? :)

Thank you and thanks for taking the time reviewing my game! It was super fun to hear and looks like you had some fun playing it! And I'm glad you totally hated the music! :D

When in which video did you review it?

This game looks good! it was hard but finally I became winner.

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Thank you happx for playing! 500K? That's insane! It should be worth MUCH MORE!

Disappointing the art dealers can also be considered a win! I come up with these ideas just by refusing to develop solid ideas and going with whatever pops up in my head.

Nice graphics and fun to look around! Plus you can moonwalk when you enter houses.