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I absolutely love the idea of the same character being male or female depending on the player's choice and having different voices that match! Really well done.

Thanks for being an awesome hype man Ezra! I do indeed love to work on game jams so let me know if you want to work together in the future!

Hey Jammers! I am looking to support this game jam and its participants with my voice acting. I am a professional voice actor and you can listen to my demos at and get more information about my studio. I am doing this complimentary for the game jam because I really believe in the mission and want everyone to have access to the resources they need to make amazing games and demo videos!

You can contact me here, on Discord (Rishie#3580), or at if you want to talk more about how I can help your project!

- Katherine Tole

Congratulations on getting an honorable mention during the awards!

Yes I did! I did the voice acting for this:

I'm in the middle of playing through BaBa Is You right now and I love this fresh/simple take on the concept! Less is more for something like this and I think you executed it flawlessly. So fun! I would love to work with you in the future if you're looking for voiceover in a future game jam!

I loved your menu, caught me right off the bat as looking and feeling professional. Tutorial was great too! Smooth controls, fun out-of-control feel and I liked playing it even if it isn't my normal type of game I like! If you ever wanted to add voiceover to a game or game trailer let me know! I'd like to work with you.

This is my favorite kind of art style that is simple but elegant! Pretty simple idea but it was fun enough to keep playing!

Your concept was great and I really loved your art style! I kind of wanted the menus to blend in a little more but I'm sure there were some constraints there. I would love to work with you on a future game jam if you're interested!

When playing it on web I was only seeing maybe a corner of the game? After a few seconds of hitting Start the game I would hear a couple sounds and then die. I never saw the full map like I saw in the trailer. Nice idea though from what I could see in the trailer!

This seemed like a fantastic start to a game I would definitely play even though I typically don't like shooting games! Reminded me a bit of Out of Control Crimsonlands. Well done on the different guns! I just wasn't sure if there was an end to the level or if it was just run out the clock.

Even the first level seemed too hard for me. If you're interested in some feedback it would be great to have a pretty simple first level to give the user some motivation to keep going when they hit a hard level. I found walls on all sides right from the beginning.

"You're boss did not like it." - bahahah I LOVE it! The game was fun, just challenging enough to keep me hitting R and not stop playing, but I did try 5 times to not get stuck in the third level before I could get through it. I really liked the art and style of the game and the concept was really original and silly. A great combo! I would love to work with you on a future game jam if you're looking for a voice actor!

I thought the idea of this game was so original and fabulous! I had to restart once I realized I needed to bind the keys every time and not just the new ones and then got a couple levels in once I realized the strategy was to not bind every key every time! What a cool idea to have the player figure that out for themselves. I couldn't get to an ending though, even when I ran out of keys and couldn't finish a level? Not sure if that was a bug or if there is only a win-condition ending.

I would love to do some voice acting for you if you want to continue working on this game or any future game jams you work on! I think it could give the story a lot of spark!

I am so impressed that you created the music AND the art AND an awesome game in 48 hours! I would love to work with you on a future game jam if you ever want to add voice acting to a game or game trailer!

Acknowledging that you used pre-existing art and music, your combination of the two was fantastic! I thought it was just challenging enough to keep me playing and was fun to look at. Super cute robot and I thought you executed it really well!

I loved that everything seemed simple and the player got to push the button themselves at the beginning and then quickly the game gets out of control! I wasn't sure the difference between the bars and the smiley face. Would a long bar mean that was where the employee would best at but not always make them happy?

I really like the concept! I had a hard time understanding where I was trying to go though. Maybe some kind of indicator of which direction to go in might be helpful for players. Great job though, I liked the music a lot!

5-stars across the board! It was unique, charming, difficult, and yet beatable! I loved the concept and think the game is very impressive for a 48 hour game jam. I loved the music!

I had a hard time with the bug that everyone else mentioned and couldn't figure out how to delete the password once I had tried one but I liked the introduction of the game a lot and it seemed like a cool concept! I'll look out for an update later! If you want to add voice acting to the game let me know!

Fantastic game! The robot is so cute and I had a great time playing this. I was so frustrated by the second to last level but it was good enough to keep trying and eventually I got it!

The music was very cute and I tried the third level a bunch of times but couldn't figure out how to get more than one track safe. Oh well, great idea for a game though!