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The game is really cool its very fun to play and would be amazing as a mobile game! btw someone was streaming games from many game jams and he streamed yours!

I reached 4000 and then gave up and realized there is no new message :(
btw the name is amazing XD the meme that very few ppl no about

Thanks for the feedback

Thanks! it is a bit annoying because I am not really used to work with 2D and it was only made in 2 days but glad u liked it :D

Thanks! It was made in only 2 days so ofcourse it isn't perfect but glad u liked the idea :D

Level 10 felt like a completely different difficulty frpm level 9 but after 10 minute or more I won it and level 11 felt impossible

The puzzles are way too hard honestly but cool concept!

Keep up the good work!

Nice game really liked it! Would recommend to improve the UI because it is really blurry and it honestly doesn't look well and it doesn't match the quality of the levels but other than that amazing game and also the graphics are simple but gorgeous, Good Job!


Oh ok, thanks for letting me know! If I ever finish this game I'll make sure to do that 👍

Glad you liked the game! What do you mean by color contrast, can you please explain more?

Well Done!

Thank you so much, Glad you enjoyed it :)

Thank you so much, really appreciate it. I really enjoyed your stream, Thank you!

Thank you so much for playing the game!

I'm sorry for the confusion you can click enter to click on buttons the mouse isn't supposed to even showup but you can click enter to click on buttons and to switch between buttons in the main menu u can click up and down. Hope you enjoy the game!

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Click enter to click on buttons and when you reach the main menu you will be able to to switch between buttons using up and down or w and d
Sorry for the confusion. Hope you enjoy the game

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You can click 'R' To restart it's written in the tutorial. Thanks for playing the game!

Thank you


Thank you!

Amazing game!

Thank you!

Thank you!


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Amazing Game! Good Job!

The game is stuck on "I'll need alot ducktape for that" par

The game doesn't work


no I didn't explain well its my fault, its a jam game anyway, but thanks for playing I really appreciate it!

Thanks for playing, glad you like it! btw you can click r to retry


Thank you so much! glad you like it!

Thank you so much for playing the game and giving feedback!

Thank you!