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Going fast doesn't consume more fuel for sure. After taking a peek into the code it seems to be depeding on your speed minus the boost powerup, and of course it only depletes when you hold accel button. The code was a mess just like I remembered it, I'd probably take a different approach if I were making something like that again :'D

Thanks for the praise, man! I think there's still a lot of room for improvement though :) As for Rally Bike, I played the NES port of that as a kid (and really loved it, but looking back now it wasn't that great), and the game was partially inspired by it. I was wondering if anyone will notice the similarities, turns out someone did :D

Feels kinda empty as it is right now, but like guy in comment below, I encourage you to keep working on it.

I love samurai and I love this. Pretty simple but fun to play. And really good looking.

Simply amazing

Really cool aesthetic, nice music and nice dash mechanic.

I really like this one. I'd love to see a full version of it, but with a bigger resolution (since the GB JAM limitation makes it harder to see the screen and plan out strategy for the stage).

The enemies have too much life in my opinion (they're not hard, but annoying to fight instead) and are thrown back too much after getting hit. So yeah, fighting needs some polish, but I really love that zelda-ish scrolling effect when moving between rooms.

The game got very laggy when I stood on an arrow, but besides that it was pretty cool. Mechanic reminded me of Darkwing Duck plunger weapon thingy.

Well it can't really be rated as a game, but looks a nice tool for people using Contruct

In my opinion a little bit too slow, but it's a really cool variation of traditional snake.

Ow the edge

For some reason works bit slow on my laptop, but I love the idea and cutesy design. I'd love to see a full version of it.

This was made in Game Maker, right? You can uncheck "Interpolate colors between pixels" in Resources>Global Game Settings>Windows>Graphics to make the fullscreen/resized windows not look blurry.

Would work nicely as a set of some kind of puzzles.