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Samuel Cardoso

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Great. The spawn time now feels right! It's way more difficult now, I think it's good.

Great, I think we're all looking to improve.

Goodluck with the next ones. ^^

Well, it was hard to play before knowing the rules.. didn't read them at first. haha

I think it's a cool game. I just missed the feedback for the player. I do not know when I hit or not, except for the amount of points. And the points... if I let something pass I lose a lot more points than I get when hitting.

I can imagine that game with a song playing on the beat, that would be so cool.

Nice game.

You get it! The challenge behind the controls! hahah

Thanks. I'm happy you liked it.

And yeah... When we thought about making the music and sound effects for the game the time was almost up and we still had much things to do before submit  :(

I did like your game too, it's simple and the music is really good!

I'll take that as a compliment. Thanks!

It's supposed to be hard, the hard makes it great.

I uploaded another version(post jam version, hope I can do that) with a more traditional set of controls, and some sounds. I think it's easier now  :(  haha

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Hey, I uploaded a new version(post jam). I hope I can do this even this soon after the jam.

It has more usual controls, maybe a little awkward yet... and music. yay!

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Hey, thanks for feedback and suggestion. 

I just uploaded a "post jam" version with more usual/traditional controls(but we've decided to keep mouse click for shooting), and also added some cool sounds.

I think boss 3 will still have some little improvements soon.

The player character is too slow  :(

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Thanks. And the controls thing(this was a limitation from another jam)... I'll upload a post jam version with sound and usual controls like WASD later.

Glad you like the visual cues. hahah

Hey. Nice game. Does it have a pathfinding or just Unity's NavMesh?

You could have made the spawn time smaller, or spawn more than one at a time (I realized this  do happens sometimes, nice). I think that making them a little faster too would improve the gameplay.

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Thanks Fred. We made this game to submit for two jams, one of them was "Mini Jam 6", the limitation was "Don't Use the Arrow keys, or WASD keys". Sorry if you don't like the choice of controls, it was just a limitation. Thanks again.

Edit: and I still have a lot of fun with the game myself!