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The options menu doesn't work for me.

This game is really good. Good graphics and sounds.

Good job!

Simple but funny game. The feeling of being a GB game is great!

Really good work!

Some help and sound would be nice.

Anyway the idea is cool, I would like to see it with some more work on it.

The background is great! I miss some music.

The customization of the player is cool.

Good work!

The animations are really cool.

Very good game concept.

Good job!

This game is really hard!

For me the time window is too small (the one that did the gifs is really good timming).

The graphics are pretty, but they break the illusion of a GB game (even using 4 colors).

I miss some music in the game too.

Anyway this is a good game, you did a fantastic work!

The mechanic of use the arrows to climb is very funny. You did a really good work with this game.

I miss the music and the movement of the camera sometimes is too fast.

The graphics are great!

Really good game!

Funny and challenging, good work!

Great art! This game is really hard.

The jump/movement feels a little weird to me.

I was not able to play it in the browser due to the mouse control. It also break the GB feeling.

It's not too late to upload a new version with keyboard controls.

Simple but funny game.

It needs some more progression. Good work anyway!

This game is great! I enjoyed play it.

I played the original Battle City in game boy a long time ago.

Good job!

This game is very nice.

The controls are a little weird for me (I would prefer to move using the arrows), but the game is great.

Good job!

Simple but addictive game. Good job!

Good job! This game is really cool and has a lot of content.

The only thing I would change is the difficulty, I think is too easy when you shoot that amount of bullets.

What a pitty! The graphics are really cool, the feeling of the game is really, really good, but the controls... they stopped me to play the game.

Good job anyway!

All level clear!

I enjoyed a lot play this game, thanks for do it!

You did a really good job.

The idea of the gameplay and the difficulty of the puzzles are really cool!

Keep working on the colliders and the graphics, you did a good job!