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If getting his own Bingo variant doesn't do it nothing will

Fun game, was even better when I realized I could move forward and backwards :)

love the artwork and sounds.  great job!

This was really cool.  Took a bit of time to get the hang of doing two things at once.  Nice work!

Gongrats on making it to the end.

Yeah, there is a common theme amongst commenters that the puzzle was too difficult.


It was really fun to make. 

If the room colors changed, then you were on the right track.  Once the walls turn black, you are looking for sign on the walls to change.

Great background images.  Loved the idea and once I got my left and right sorted it was much easier :)

Super fun, made it to the top :)

Glad you enjoyed it.  Each room has a hint on how to solve the puzzle.  It's all about colors

Thanks. and yeah making the colors stand out was a challenge.  Like the yellow orange was bleeding together a lot.

Glad you enjoyed it!

fun game! got a high score of 180.  For some reason on the tut level the game pad didn't work as well, so I switched to keyboard. The dash wasn't very consistent with it

Super fun game. Really well done and extremly simple. This is one of those games that i wanna just keep playing because its simple and fun.

well done game

I should do that. Also feel free to check it out as I am now releasing an early development build of the game

Thanks for the feedback good sir! 

Not sure what's going on with the esc key though good to know though 

This was fun to play for a bit.  One thing I noticed was that sometimes the soldiers were firing at targets outside of their scope.

Will come back round to it once I have more free time to play properly.

Amazing work on this. Haven't gotten very far as I am not that good at platformers. But I do really enjoy it. 

Really cool game. Love trying to avoid the enemies. good thing there is a bunch of life.

I couldn't get onto the platforms in that area.

I had trouble with some of them :)

interesting set up and fun to play around in. Definitely needs a better tutorial setup as the game is fairly complex. Amazing that you got this done in time. Great job on that.

Fun, simple and well done. Great job!

Very fun. well executed and complete for a short time frame.  I found the story/mechanic to be interesting.

Nice work, as other have said the aiming is off, but can be adapted. Given more time to flesh out the game and fix the issues noted this could be super fun game to play.

This is as far as I could get

Very cool, the reverse hero :)

I died so many times....had fun playing this though, good work

Echoing what other s said about the camera. Other than that it was interesting.  Nice work!

Super challenging to drive around, I kept getting stuck in the buildings.  Looking forward to the updates on this one.

I like the concept, will be interesting to see once it's finished (assumption based on other comments) 

so much fun yelling nice things. good job. 

Found the green character, but couldn't figure out how to get past that point. Kept getting "stuck" on walls.

didn't catch the recharge bit at first. Other than that I really liked it. plenty of opportunity for expansion on this as well.

Well done. I learned a new word today. 

Text based games always have a soft spot in my heart and I hope to become a good enough writer to publish one one day.

Really impressive for a weeks time. I would second what Carlos Rodriguez stated. lots of potential here. 

Great art. loved the animation of the player.

fun game. good work on the animations and rigging.

Loved the retro gameboy aspect of it. 

interesting concept. didn't always get the card I selected and sometimes multiples were laying on top of each other it seemed. Not sure if bug or intended, but was really cool idea.