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Hey there! Glad you enjoyed it! I'm sorry about the too easy feeling. We weren't sure on the balancing so we took the safe route haha.

Your feedback will definitely be taken into account for the difficulty curve adjustment for the release version!

Hey, we are sorry to hear about that! I know the first few hours we had a build up that was crashing early on. The next build update seems to have fixed that though. If you're still getting crashes, we would love to know when it seems to occur and your specs if possible!

Hey there! We really appreciate that feedback! I do believe we forgot about the planes possibly obstructing the camera view. That's definitely something to fix in the release version.

We glad you enjoyed it nonetheless! Be sure to be on the look out for updates if you'd like to see the progress for the release!

We appreciate the complement!
Be sure to stick around for sure. We will be updating and striving for a full release version!

Hello everyone!

Honestly, we don't really expect many people to be reading this. But it's good practice to get started, right?
During development on this, we enjoyed making the game so much and had a vision for a complete version that would not make it in the jam entry. However, we are definitely going to pursue this support and go for a release version!
We'd like to thank everyone in advance who decides to hop aboard and follow the journey. We will be posting devlogs when possible and keep the community updated on progress.
However, due to misc. issues, we may or may not have a WebGL build to release. We will do our best for both a Windows and Mac download version!

Once again, thank you for the support in advance and we hope you enjoy the journey as much as or more than we will!

Glad you enjoyed it! Be sure to watch for updates if you'd like to see the release version!

Ya, unfortunately we are aware of the no click bug and have worked to find a fix. We are still unsure as to the cause, which is why we implemented the save feature to allow you to go back at any time!
The no movie issue is a balancing issue we've also had trouble with.We are glad you enjoyed yourself nonetheless however!

The game has a great concept to it! A few things to point out:

I think it was level 5 or 6? The room with the 3 falling platforms at the right side. When I die, the screen goes to black, but does not fade back in. I can hear my character moving via SFX but the screen simply stays black.

The player seems to get stuck on the ramps going up and it's hard to control things while making them rewind, I would suggest making a more curved response to the rewind objects so you can follow them with your mouse, or just click and need to hold without following.

I loved the layout of the levels though, very good engagement style tutorial!

Overall, you have a good game!

Great game! Smooth controls and awesome concept with the ghost player. The design seems to be pretty well balanced! Well done.

It's cool to see mechanics that change the environment/enemies on rewind in some way, but those bullets honestly were a little unfair as you can't even dodge them haha
Also, on the 3rd area, the moving platform got stuck when I first rewinded and I had to restart the game to get it going again.

Mine broke at the start every time i tried loading the game. It looked as though the character was dying immediately? But I love the way the game looks regardless! I want to rate, but I don't want to be unfair.

Loved the aesthetic direction!
Menu transitions were a bit long though. Would've been nice if they were quicker as to not slow the flow. The kite mechanic was pretty unique and makes for a great endless runner! Though, I couldn't jump at times and was confused as to why.

But overall, Awesome turn out!

Ah, I see! I'll keep that in mind for the future. I'm glad you still enjoyed it! and thanks for the feedback :D

Neat, I think this is the first time i've seen rewind be the enemies weapon instead of a players tool!
Unfortunately level 2 seems to have some poor design as it's nearly impossible to get through... If the devs were the play testers, just remember that the developers of the game always make the worst testers as they know everything about the game and how to play. When they feel it's too easy, they ramp the difficulty and play test some more, leading to a difficulty creep. 

It was a neat concept though! The blocks you stand on have great applications and balance pretty well with the rewind

I hope you were able to find the "How to Play" section! If so, Please let me know how I can improve this! I always try to make tutorials easy to understand!

Honestly, it was probably a bit more frustrating than fun. Don't get me wrong, it definitely is a decent game, but became more of a wait for the right moment type game than anything. If that was your goal, then it turned out great! Just probably a little too hard for me.

This was a very interesting game to play! The mechanics and choice of controls were definitely fun to try out! The tutorial was great as well! I always pride myself in a good simplistic tutorial.

It was a very unique aspect to a puzzle game. Gain as many points/lives as you can to keep going by killing your ghosts before they die by your past selves or by suicide.

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The graphics were cool, and seemed like it would be a great game. However, I think it may be bugged? I wasn't able to use the lever to open the first door and I was able to walk through everything except the rock walls and door. The brick walls were just textures without colliders and the statues had no colliders as well. Right clicking seemed to do nothing but zoom in with a circle and left click while holding right click did nothing. No audio and the pause didn't actually pause the game...

Also, the root motion was cool, but a bit jarring for the camera. A suggestion for that, put the player inside an empty game object and make that the camera follow object. Still follow the player but doesn't inherit the models jittering transform

Unfortunately, you are told nothing in the game. Just dropped in without an objective or direction to follow. You are given a clock that find by chance with controls you must figure out. 
A few tips for future designs:
1. Always have a clear objective OR direction in some way, shape or form. 
2. A tutorial for controls is always a good thing, even if it's just a screen with a description.
3. The environment should give you some clue as to what is going on in the game. It took me 10 minutes to figure out I could even get out of the house because doors could open/close and that there was even a front door.

Definitely a good first attempt and I hope you don't get discouraged by any negative feedback! Use that feedback to help design your next game and make it that much better! You'll soon learn for yourself what the game should and shouldn't have to properly engage the player.

Decent game. I'm not that great with memorizing a room, so this definitely was not a game for me haha, but it might be good for someone else! The detective was pretty funny though!

I thought the game seemed pretty cool! Although I had a difficult time controlling the character. It didn't feel very smooth to play or shoot the weapon as it never shot where I was clicking.

Great design work! My only gripe about it would probably putting level 3 before level 2. It showcases the fact that the box can be taken with the rewind much better! I was a little stuck on level 2 but somehow stumbled upon that fact lol

This was definitely a great minigame style game! The whole aesthetic was phenomenal. That boss fight at end was top notch, ahaha!

Hey, glad you enjoyed the game nonetheless!

I hope you were able to find the settings menu from pause or the main menu!

Also, Please let me know what the "How to Play" screen didn't portray well! I always aim to improve my tutorials!

Great game! The puzzles are decently challenging and I was able to figure out that I could jump while picking my blocks back up, so the rewind wasn't always necessary and I could make it through some levels faster! Speed run playability!

Honestly, the game felt a bit empty. The narrative seemed like it would amount to something bigger/longer. It set a good premise, but the game play seemed to fall short with just a timer and zombie shooting. For that level, I stood in the same place for most of the timer without zombie interaction. The end scene had amazing visuals and I thought it would go somewhere after the call, but I was a bit disappointed when it simply ended there. The connect to the theme was also weak as it wasn't included in the game play, just at the end of the narrative.

The sound fx were funny, some store music might've been nice to listen to though. It was a bit hard to figure out at first, but was definitely an interesting store simulation!

Thanks for the feed back, I had thought about colored tapes at one point, but unfortunately could not, in good conscious, make the design decision with my color deficiency haha
I'm glad you enjoyed the game though!

The game played well with the puzzles. I wasn't able to finish all the way, but it was good nevertheless!
Would've enjoyed some BG music though!

Glad you got the right information from the How to Play screen! Let me know if something didn't make sense. I'm always looking to improve my tutorials!

I was thinking colored tapes at one point, but me being color deficient couldn't make a design choice like that knowing there may be others like me haha. Glad you enjoyed it though!

Glad to hear it! We enjoyed making the titles as much as people love reading them!

Block buster was amazing! Glad you were able to figure out an efficient method of tape organization! You've met one of our goals we wanted during development!

I agree with you, that was unfortunately something I forgot to change. I was either going to increase to lower limit view, or make the tape drop into the drop box if it fell.

We're glad you enjoyed the game nevertheless!

Apologies, I forgot to add animations to the exceptions list! I've updated that. We got our animations from

We are glad you like the game though!

I know, but when I got to that level, I just thought the players character looked like it fit like a puzzle piece lol

Thanks, I was actually surprised when our 3D artist (Hipster) said they would rig up some camera work. They apparently have background in cinema! It was really awesome to experience!

Thanks! I try to make tutorials and designs as intuitive as possible. Unfortunately we had issues balancing the customer needs with the returns. I'm glad you were able to finish and enjoyed it though!

You must have a knack for it haha!