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Love it, great art also liked the difficulty progress. It was fun to play.

It should be difficult for most people. Thank you for playing and I appreciate your comment.

Great voice acting!

Thank you for playing! I had several smooth tries, you need confidence to move holding the keys as Dena is a straightforward character and the fruits are tracks to Rascal, theres nothing collectible. It lacks balancing feedback, I might put more work on that on the future so stay tunned and thanks for your comment.

Love that his treasure is a donut haha, my score was 9545. Great pixel art and sounds.

Thank you!! Of course, i'm playing as much games as i can.

Wow! that was genuinely fun to play. I beat it and was so caotic hahaha, love it.

I had a great time playing it, loved bob and his trip is really challenging haha.

Love it, great concept sensing the preys felt like being a spider.

Great game, I loved that pixel art, the characters are interesting and I had fun playing it.

Thank you for playing! If the width were bigger it would be too eazy. The balance triggers when you are on the verge of falling, you got this felling 'cause you don't see it falling when you misses timing, something I might improve on the future so stay tunned.

I had to search of it haha and really liked their content.

Thanks!! the idea came thinking like "how would I interprete that?" and was funny to make Rascal.

Thank you for playing, glad to know you liked. I did a rough code and my team made happens as planned.

Thank you, i wished i had done at least a balancing animation, but couldn't make it in time :P

Haha, Thanks!!!

I had fun playing and didn't know Kurzgesagt, awesome game.

I had really fun with it!

Good job!! I had fun playing it, but it'd be nice to have a progressive difficulty with the level design, it was too easy in the beginning and really tricky at the end.

If you add more mechanics, consider changing the player's wall slide by itself instead of holding directional.

Hey usami33, thanks for playing and the feedback.
We struggled to deliver something, but we should return to dev soon, remenber to add to your collection so you don't lose any update.

I had fun playing it!

The art aesthetics is dope and music really nice. I would like to play a more complex version that engages better the player, its a nice game.

The pixel art and music are amazing, gameplay is a bit tricky getting teleported sometimes and having to input E to shoot while trying to go forward with D.

Good job guys, its a pretty cool game.

It looks promising...