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Cheap jumpscare...

Plays more like a match game than arithmetic. 

You can't see where the dice is going to be rolled.

Clicking repeatitively creates carpal tunnel.

Having to drag the mouse to aim each shot decreases fire rate.

Apart from that, it's really fun.

Drop shadow would be nice.

The number shows up which you need to remember. Then there's the timer which shows more numbers. This confuses my memory. I think it would be nice if the timer had no numbers.

Couldn't agree more :v

Totes my goats!

I agree. There is a hit SFX but it's very quiet.

Thanks! <o/

I think if damage was balanced (which it's not atm) then gameplay won't feel repetitive.

Also, the eyeballs are the only ranged enemy. And if there's more of them, it could create more variety.

The rule changes could also be tweaked to increase impact.

We didn't create any of the pixel art :(

Adam created all of the music though :p

Sorry, I have no tutorial. But there are plenty of tutorials online for Unity. Check out Sebastian Lague.

Hello Reece!

Thanks for noticing my game. I have lots more ideas for this game. Things like flywheel blasters, airtank blasters, HAMP etc...

The AI still needs lots of work. I'm thinking of running for cover behaviour.

The ultimate goal is to make these blasters modifiable during play. Things like spring upgrades, rewiring, barrel adapters etc..

But all these exciting plans are on hold at the moment. And I would need to gut out the ECS system because its just too inconvenient to develop a FPS with.

I don't want to think about game modes or maps. Because

1) I enjoy designing core mechanics and game feel more than map making

2) I think the core mechanics are more important than gamemodes/maps in a game's early phrase (hint hint Dart Warzone)

Thanks for reading. I wish you the best of luck.

-kablouser, (Mongoose Entertainment)

imo gameplay before aesthetics. it looks super unique and eye-catching. but it's not really a "game". more like a visual novel. which is fine. but not what i expected.

Good level design, movement, and sound FX.

Sometimes the characters get stuck near a wall between the gaps of the tiles. To fix this you either use a circle collider or use edge radius

Great use of half life style tutorial-level design. Also, I found the difficulty curve to be really good. 

The only complaint I've got is that the perspective view makes movement slightly harder. A fix could be to either decrease the slant or use raised 2D sprites.

Anyways, great game.

The amount of polish is crazy good. This game is just so presentable.

One issue that is not talked about here is the AI's behaviour. It's hard to know when they start and stop. And how they will turn around.

And I like that atoms only start moving when you're around them. Like as if they get excited to see you. Or maybe your observation gives them excess energy. Anyways, great thematics. 

Easily the best soundtrack. Very fun aesthetic. And good undertone message.

Thanks so much. We ran out of time when making levels. So, I just wrote a short guide on the game page instead. And yes - it's not just you but level 2 is very difficult. A difficulty-masochist designed that lol.

Thank you for playing. Regrettably, there's no tutorial to show you the controls. But the traps shouldn't be the primary source of damage. Just like in Orcs Must Die.

If you have water on floods inside your home, please seek help. Lol. But very good and enjoyable game.

Super intuitive. I liked exploring the different floors understand the problem.

Absolutely amazing. On top of the solid movement system, the level design is also superb. The only complaint is I wish I could see the cooldown on the grapple.

I really like how the mechanics compliment each other. I played through the whole game, very good.

I love this game!

Finds a mental block, 2 real 4 me irl...

What a great laugh! I thought I had to clap along with the music. Then at the end it says I ruined the concert. This is very weird.

I love this! The story telling is non-intrusive.

1 improvement I can think of, is making the camera smoother. When you move 1 square, make the camera pan across. It's a bit jarring at times.

I'm pretty sure the credits song is ding fries are done. Am i right?

Interesting new mechanics on the cookie clicker formula. I like it!

Yeah fix the bugs, I tried upgrading 2nd blue elf on the bottom. It crashed.

(1 edit)

I need to add more sensitivity for vertical axis input.

I played little big planet 2 a lot. For me this floating jumping feels more natural.

Very coherent aesthetic. Good difficulty curve, I see how you had only whites on the first wave.

Using ^ and v to rotate Santa to aim is very awkward to use. Maybe you intentionally avoided mouse aiming because that's too easy.

Switching colours controls could be improved. I suggest using a different key for each colour.

I wasn't trying to copy Braid. I was using the ultimate ability of Ekko from League of Legends. But I can see that Braid has done this mechanic already.

The physics feels buggy because I used a circle collider instead of the traditional rectangle collider. That was a bad idea.

I don't want to work on this anymore, because I don't like the mechanic.

Haha, I also entered for the extra credits jam. And my game is also called back to the present. My game is a platformer though, and it's a lot worse than yours.

I like the animation of the houses when they get hit. I liked how the presents fly out, it looks cool.

The sleigh's handling is awkward, you should try increasing the width of the sleigh so it doesn't pull a "Reliant Robin". I didn't understand the cannon's cool-down timing, sometimes it shoots, sometimes it doesn't.

Overall cool game!

Get well soon!

agree with everything here. 

the hardest part was getting the timings right (mob spawn rates, the rage cooldown and build up, movement) which requires lots of play testing which i didnt have time for. ;(

Have you tried to edit the input settings in the unity popup window before the actual game runs? 

I am a idiot. I have to download the Linux and Mac Build supports. Let me know if they work.

When you build a project in Unity, there is are a few options. One of them is "PC, Mac & Linux Standalone". That is what I have chosen. I've had a friend on Linux having problems on one of my previous games, I don't know why. It's just Unity.