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Pffft..... HA! Now I'm going to have to design an add on to my next raft to resemble a bar as much as the limited decorations allow. :D

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The option to decide which material you use to make walls; wood, thatch, leather (for when/if skinning comes along).

A 'door' that can either be an opening/closing door or just a thatch or leather drape that can be walked through.

Thatch or leather rugs for floors. AKA something to drop on top of the 'ceiling' floor tiles to reinforce against any potential rain that may be implemented or just for decoration.

Saving or making new barrels to collect water from any potential rain.

Painting! Green stain could be made from the thatch and red from the beets, so just add a few more colorful things to extract painting/staining materials from and allow basic color mixing so the brown can be broken up with pretty colors. :)

I only downloaded v1.05 a couple of days ago and started a new raft with it. I don't know if the same will hold true for my old rafts, but my new one has a... Sandbar? Of items stockpiling up quite a few build spaces in front of my raft. Some items float over the sandbar while a lot of them just float on it. I've built a walkway all the way up to the sandbar and about a quarter of the items visually within reach can be picked up, but most of them cannot be touched. Here's a link to what this sandbar looks like: