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I only downloaded v1.05 a couple of days ago and started a new raft with it. I don't know if the same will hold true for my old rafts, but my new one has a... Sandbar? Of items stockpiling up quite a few build spaces in front of my raft. Some items float over the sandbar while a lot of them just float on it. I've built a walkway all the way up to the sandbar and about a quarter of the items visually within reach can be picked up, but most of them cannot be touched. Here's a link to what this sandbar looks like:

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Welcome to the new sandbar, where you can eat and play with all of our new toys selecting from pieces of wood to Barrels, our service may not be the best, but we are able to conclude that most of our service comes straight to you! Our wide inventory varies from Wood to barrels, as in only wood and barrels but that's not the point! We can deliver metal from the boat wrecks, barrels from the ships, wood stocks coming as broken hull, and thatch from the people of which we burned down their ships, yeah yeah yeah we might sound like pirates but our past doesn't affect your future! So come on in to our new Sandbar! The bar is open 24/7, shipping prices not included. It will not be our fault for: Murder, bad service, stuck items, stuck service, stuck dicks, stuck everything else and praticly bugs, glitches, more bugs, more glitches, even more bugs, even more glitches, even even even more bugs, even even even more glitches and physical laws being broken. VIEWERS DISCRESION BE ADVISED a little late :P

That's what the bug would sound like if you gave it dialogue, please make this a feature of the game (lol jk don't pls gaben)

Pffft..... HA! Now I'm going to have to design an add on to my next raft to resemble a bar as much as the limited decorations allow. :D