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The dialogue selection menu in the trailer looks VERY similar
to the one in  Mass Effect 1


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Welcome to the new sandbar, where you can eat and play with all of our new toys selecting from pieces of wood to Barrels, our service may not be the best, but we are able to conclude that most of our service comes straight to you! Our wide inventory varies from Wood to barrels, as in only wood and barrels but that's not the point! We can deliver metal from the boat wrecks, barrels from the ships, wood stocks coming as broken hull, and thatch from the people of which we burned down their ships, yeah yeah yeah we might sound like pirates but our past doesn't affect your future! So come on in to our new Sandbar! The bar is open 24/7, shipping prices not included. It will not be our fault for: Murder, bad service, stuck items, stuck service, stuck dicks, stuck everything else and praticly bugs, glitches, more bugs, more glitches, even more bugs, even more glitches, even even even more bugs, even even even more glitches and physical laws being broken. VIEWERS DISCRESION BE ADVISED a little late :P

That's what the bug would sound like if you gave it dialogue, please make this a feature of the game (lol jk don't pls gaben)

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:Warning: This contains some vulgar language


- Placing walls and other Hammer buildable in "not place-able spots" / "Red spots"

You can reproduce this glitch by quickly flicking you mouse up and down from the floor/foundation and the water in the spot you want to place it and spamming left click at the same time, there is a small time where its green and you can place pillars in stairs.

- Lighting glitch with the trees,

You can probably reproduce this glitch by placing a lantern near a tree, and waiting for the night, the tree will be completely black.

- Sometimes Foundations take up one extra wood

I wasn't able to reproduce the problem but I remember it clearly, try it with 100 wood and 50 rope. (so a full inv)

After you place a foundations, quickly look at empty water and it'll do the animation again and sometimes take one more wood, test during night also.

- The resources gets stuck (not visual, exited the game to check)

Wtf is happening help meh

- Fps counter sometimes breaks

The Fps counter will say only the first digit or "2" when you tab in and out of the game, if it doesn't happen to you, write a few words first.

- Animation of things in net disappear

Animations/texture/whatever its called that lets you see it of Thatch, wood, scrap metal and barrels disappear when not looking at it.

- Sun is too big .-.

The picture is not zoomed in

The world would evaporate if the sun was that close

- Chest gets locked glitch

The chest gets locked and you cant open it if you press [E] and [Tab] in quick succession at the chest, then the chest will not open after that and will just play the sound only. (Fix) you exit and re-enter the game or spam [E] really fast (around 5-6 times a sec)

- You can stop a shark attack by dipping in the water before they attack

Just go in the water and get their attention then go back on your raft

- You can pick resources when they're under your foundation......... wut

this doesn't make sense lol

- You can jump in water to stop your fatigue from lowering.

this also doesn't make sense

- No fall damage

this also doesn't doesnt make sense

Things to add/Unrealistic stuff

- I lose fatigue when I'm in water, but I don't lose fatigue when I'm Jumping and running for 10 hours straight... .-.

- It costs more to repair than to replace the foundation

- Barrels that come from the ocean stick through the foundations when going "under" it.

- Moon moves to fast (ex. make day and night 10 min long)

- Your Hook ghosts through the floor when you throw it at your foundation. (ghost = goes right through)

- Sharks also don't give a shit about your foundations and fades right through it. (their fins)

- Metal is actually reallllyyyy useless lategame, except for more tree farms .-.

- The metal scrap icon has a metal tincan in it, so why does an empty tincan take 2 scrap metal?

- You can make a raft but you can't make a boat wtf.

- Not enough weapons, add a bow. (ex. 6 wood, 3 rope = 1 bow / 2 wood, 1 metal = 4 arrows)

- Add guns, I've got it covered. So you add stone, that spawn in barrels and a furnace (5 stone, 3 metal, 2 tincans = 1 furnace) Furnace smelts scrap metal into metal bars, (3 metal scrap = 1 metal bar) you can make an anvil with metal bars (6 metal bars = Anvil) and you forge a gun with metal bars, metal scrap and tin cans. (4 metal bars, 2 metal scrap, 2 tincans = 1 pistol), you also find gunpowder in a different, smaller barrel in the ocean, rarer, you get 1-3 pieces. You make pistol bullets with the gunpowder and metal scrap, (2 gunpowder, 3 scrap metal = 2 pistol bullets) at the Anvil. you can make the Furnace take fuel/wood, you can add a metal forging hammer for the anvil, (2 metal bars, 2 wood = 1 metal forging hammer), you can add recoil to the guns, animations blah blah blah don't make it leggier though.

- Add raiders that come in other rafts and try to steal stuff from your chests and kill you, also they can loot the nets and set stuff on fire, if you add guns then later game they come with pistols further down the line for harder difficulty. Or there's a multiplayer options like that.

- If you add multiplayer then make as much stuff as possible server sided to fuck over cheaters, you cheating pricks.

Fps problems:

- Looking straight up in the sky increases my fps by 8 .-.

- Looking at water decreases Fps by 4, if at lowest setting

- cooking food decreases fps by 1.5 per cooking stations running, but stops dropping fps when you don't look at it. Also happens with water distillation stations.

My regards Walkes Fishens, also known as Walkastray007, Rockastray007, Walkastray12, Walkastray, Walkasgay69, Walkasafag911, and.... You're Welcome!