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Well what would have worked for me is if you could hold down the throw button without having it throw when the throw-power is maxed out. This way I have a moment to aim before it goes off. (Like most grenades in first person shooters.)

Oh and don't be afraid to make your game jam game to easy. (because If other people play it it will often turn out to be too hard for them.)

This is really fun. The controls are a little difficult. But releasing a beast into the world is really cool and works out great.

This was a lot of fun. I really likes the art style and how happy the "good side" is. The boat was sometimes a little hard to control but the fun factor made up for it.

Well, I am not very good at this game, apparently.
It looks like fun and I like the bumping mechanic but the AI was a little to fast for me.

My computer fail just wen I wanted to submit. Is there anything you guys can do?

A late reaction. But I think this is a very promising game. It has a very good game feel. the colors and everything feel really good and makes it a joy to play. I hope you will make sequel. But I would understand if you didn't.

I do have one suggestion You could look at adding a score for picking up the dots. This won't change the game that much because the time you life is directly related to the amount of dots you picked up. But I would create a little dopamine boost by the player. so it might be worth a try.

I really like you youtube channel. You have a very nice voice to listen too. I' m kind of surprised aren't more popular but well those things take time.

Good luck and I hope i see more of you.


Thank you very much for those kind words.

This is very well put together. Maybe a little big for a Jam game. I player for 10 minutes and got stuck. but if I look at your screenshots I must have been at just the beginning. I would recommend making it smaller. I like the green splashes when you die. those are really nice.

Wow this is very well made.

This game is really funny. I had a blast. I didn't really know If where was an endgoal or not.. so I dug bones of more then 20 people. (I'm really wondering what happened there.)

you are very welcome.

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The theme and artstyle is very well done but the rest of the game feels a little simple. You could maybe at a gameplay difference in some levels or something like that. Just to make it feel a little exiting. The backgrounds a really nice btw.

I really like the art style.  But the game itself is a slow. If the bullets went 4x as fast and you and the slimes went twice as fast that would have felt much better for me. but keep up the good work.

Wow that is very cool! I really like it. sadly there were a lot of bugs in the HTML5 version. (like not being able to build anything)
thank you for playing and You can definitely use my game in your video.

Thank you for your commands and for playing my game. There is still a lot of work to be done, especially in the explanation and giving directions. but I really run out of time. your commands are very helpful. you commands are very helpful and I will definitely play your games too.

Thank you. I have send a massage

I went outside and when I can back it was like I never submitted my game in the first place. I feel really bad about it. mostly because I don't know what went wrong

Well... I don't have that any more. I had that a couple of hours ago. but for some reason not any more.

Thank you for your reaction but were on my profile can I find this information?
I don't remember taking it down.

Is submitted my game to the game but it is not it's not submitted anymore.
And I don't know why?

Does anyone know what happened?

Thank you for you feedback.
I'm sad you feel that way about the polishing. I tried to make it as polished as possible in the time I had. What kind of polish did you miss?

I will add little bit more direction after the starting area when the jam is over.

Some of the problems you name are part of the game design. I wanted to give the player the feeling that where were many ways to play the game and that your way wasn't necessary the best or the worse way but was the way that you found. I hope that gives a little bit of more perspective.

Well there are little bonfires that work as checkpoints.

But you are not the first that missed it.

I should have made the way more obvious (in hindsight).

It's a really fun game but a little to hard for me to play to the end.
It took me to long to get to the spear guys.
I curious what more changes you had build in.
(maybe a little change of scenery? That would have been awesome.)

No error message or anything. I run window 10 pro (If that helps...)

Well there are little bonfires that work as checkpoints.
But you are not the first to miss.
(It one of those problems you can only find out if you have more then play-testers.)

Thank you btw for playing my game and for giving honest advise.

There are bonfires that work as checkpoints. If you lit one you will respawn there instead of starting from the beginning.

This is a very cute little game. I love how you made the dog, with his moving tail and little heath.
The opening of the game is really really beautiful. the combination of the music and the rain effects. very nice.

(I was wondering how you made the waving line at the beginning of the game? is the an construct 3 specific thing? or some smart piece of math?)

I'm happy I could help.

Wow this is really funny. and also very well executed. Well done!

Thank you very much

I hope that helps.

I played your game to the end btw and it was very satisfying.

O yes no problem. (although I will probably will look very stupid.)
The states that are shown in the top make your units in the field stronger.
(But I didn't know that. I wasn't sure if it was a resource I needed to build an army or something?)
I didn't know what upgrading my town-hall did. Or that I could get extra units.
And I didn't know that you could change class.

This is a fun game. Especial the sound design is awesome.

I cann't play your game :(
It doesn't run at all and I don't know why...

It's sad because I love games where you can play as a Octopus!

I didn't get very far. I think this game need a little bit of play testing. because it had a very steep learning curve. If you have a friend or something that can play it for you while you watch will show you things like how that little bush can be.
It's a shame because the music is nice the artwork on this page is very beautiful.
It looks like a very cute game.

This is a very unique game. Maybe some darker music and some little screaming people, or something like that, would have fit the theme.
But very fun!

Very well made and looks stunning. But maybe a little to complected.
I was lucky to see this being screened because you or someone else explained a few things that were really helpful.
overall very polished and well done.

This is a fun game. riding around in a tank is fun and all the weird enemies are easy to understand because of the chess mechanic. It did crash a few times. luckily your progress is save so it wasn't a big deal.