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The clean version of this gamejam-game.
Submitted by JWVeenman
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Technical Implementation#2232.7272.727

Ranked from 11 ratings. Score is adjusted from raw score by the median number of ratings per game in the jam.

How does your game utilize the limitation and theme?
Must away go back te recharge your battery. And you must collact items to build things.

What was your team size?


You worked alone

Which of the following content in your game is NOT 100% newly made for the jam?


Affirm you have followed ALL jam rules. (Select all below or your entry will be disqualified.)

We have credited all assets used in the game including our own name(s) or team name(s)

All original game code and original assets were made during the jam period

The game does not include NSFW or hateful content

The game works on the web or as a Windows 10 download

We have answered all submission questions honestly and completely

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Great basis for moving forward. Got the basics in, which is a good start for building further. What's there now is very pleasant, and you should be proud. 


Thank you very much for those kind words.


I think you have the start of something really cool here. I wasn't able to get anything working except for the drilling and the tree cutting which worked really well. I would love to see where this goes in the future!


I really like the peaceful world you created! I wish there was more of a backstory like "who is the person" and "why does he need a diamond to repair his rocket." It's shame the smelting broke, but other than that it's still a fun and functional game.


Thank you for your commands and for playing my game. There is still a lot of work to be done, especially in the explanation and giving directions. but I really run out of time. your commands are very helpful. you commands are very helpful and I will definitely play your games too.


Consider checking out our game too.


I really like these types of game. Some direction on the controls would have been super helpful. I felt like some sort of super genius when I realized I could dig through stuff. There's a lot of potential for this game I can see that in the design. After playing for a while I beat the game and I'm not even sure how. I'm a fan of digging games, and this one is very enjoyable. :) 


The gameplay is really repetitive and not exactly entertaining. I constantly have to dig and go back to recharge. This would have been okay, if I had some incentive to actually dig somewhere other than just getting the diamond.

The game would have been lovely if it explained something about how to dig. I was just riding around for the first 10 minutes before figuring out that the robot can dig through things.

The game would have been a lot more better if I had a clear understanding of what I was actually collecting. All minerals too similar which makes it difficult to understand what exactly am I collecting. The game would have been much fun if I could use those materials I collected for something better.

I have no idea for how long I need to dig to reach the diamond, I gave up half way due to how boring the gameplay got at that point.

I hope you learned something from this jam

good luck.