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Thank you!

Glad you liked it

Thank you for your feedback, I really appreciate it!. I will be updating this game in the next few weeks.

Great, after the voting is over, I'll probably play this game again

Good and original idea!  :)

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I finished the game, the music is enjoyable. I like it

I like the concept, at some levels the player seems to get stuck. The color and graphics are great.

yes, totally agree.

Original, enjoyable and fun, the limitation was implemented in a smart way

I really like it! Nice game

It is the game that I have liked the most at the moment.

The graphics are so original, more puzzles

From my point of view I do not find the limitation implemented. The game is fun and the mechanic is simple but effective. I like the game, Nice job!

The game design is clever. Nice game

I like the graphics and the simplicity. Perhaps some power-ups could make the game more challenging.

I agree with you, thanks!

I will add more puzzles in an upcoming update. I think it will be even more interesting. Thank you all for your comments!

I enjoyed it, cool game and graphics

I cannot load this game in my browser...

For me it was quite challenging. I will need more time to complete all the levels. Cool game.

In my opinion, the controls do not respond well at times. The music section is great. I find it quite original and entertaining. Good job.

Interesting, I like the concept. It has a good presentation. I would only change the white light when you collide. The rest all very well.

The graphics are enjoyable and the concept is fun. Good game!

It seems so simple and at the same time it's fun and challenging. Cool!

The idea is so original, I really enjoyed it. 

Thank you for your comments!

It's really helpful to read that kind of advice, thanks!

Really nice! I'll try it