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Tom Elliott

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This tool is great! But undo/redo would be cuh-razy useful!

It triiiiies to replace the weapon with the least ammo, but it's a little bugged. Because the Rail Gun has a Max ammo of 20 or so and others have a max of 100, the Rail gun will often be immediately replaced! Boo indeed!

If I go back to it, it needs to replace weapons based on relative remaining ammo rather than absolute.

This game is brilliant, a really elegant mechanic and well scoped.

The aesthetic's a bit tame but it's everything it needed to be and is super readable.

I really hope this gets featured for how clever it is, I love well paced and well rounded games :)

Really dig this c: The art style is minimal but in an elegant way, stylish as heck.

Difficulty needs more pacing, takes a looong time to make progress. I found it super hard but I may just be bad at Video games.

The mechanic is very clever, it entices you to be daring so you can get the most out of your shot gun, luv it.

The one way corridor was an ingenious bit of level design

Yeah, if I had time to add anything it'd be an extra weapon and more enemies, or at least more enemy patterns.

A lot of people agree, including me! The railgun is awesome and the game is too easy. I ran out of time for play testing so I figured I'd play it safe, backfired (pun intended) a little!

I checked your page to play your game, but couldn't find it! I think it's beyond the Jam Time Limit now but if you upload your game, I'd still love to play it!

<3 Railgun, thankyou!