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Totally agree! Congrats to everyone!
Keep the motivation up and do what you love, on to the next adventure! 

GamesPlusJam 2 community · Created a new topic My journey

Hello everyone!

I added a post on my blog showing my progression working on this game jam!
Feel free to take a look.

Do you have any page where I can read you progression(s)? Please let me know in the comments, I'd love to read it!

Really nice game! I love the story and the controls of the ship!
Only remarks I have are:

  • I didn't manage to die.. and at some point I didn't get hit by the bullets from enemy ships and I couldn't hit the enemy ships anymore. This happened when I stopped controlling the plane to see if I could die.
  • My OCD got triggered by the rotating background not clipping from green into red.. 

Rest everything is awesome! Also really love the sound implementation!

GamesPlusJam 2 community · Created a new topic I made it!
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My participation of GamesPlusJam2!

As I posted on Wednesday I wasn't quite sure if I would make it.. I made some mis calculations and ended up in having almost no time at all to participate..

But then I got this new idea! I thought why not.. 

First it took me about 1.5 hour to find the assets fitting my idea in my head. After I have put about 3 hours of coding this game.

Hope you will enjoy it!

Well! I will make it :D
Have in the end put about 3 hours in actual creating the game, but I at least got something :D Was quite challenging.

Sadly I think I will not make it.. I had quite a cool idea but because of work deadlines I am not able to finish this idea...
I calculated by this time I have been able to put about 8 hours of work in this game jam and have about 5 hours left in total calculating my upcoming working days to finish my deadlines :(

Although I do not want to give up! I will try to get to a new idea which I could hopefully build within 5 hours.

- JScotty

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I just wanted to say I am willing to join this jam! It has been a while for me since I joined a game jam and can not wait to participate in one again!

I will not have much time because I already do have a lot of plans in the weekend 😅 and have a full time job as a game developer.. But that can not be my argument the rest of my life to not participate in any jams. 😝

Because I will mostly work on this jam after work I will aim on a small and quick game. So I would say a perfect opportunity to train my mind set again to make something small and quick! Also I do love to write shaders so I hope I can find the right idea to write some cool funky effects. 

Can not wait to see the results!

- JScotty

Looking good! Really liked the game feel!