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Really nice game! I love the story and the controls of the ship!
Only remarks I have are:

  • I didn't manage to die.. and at some point I didn't get hit by the bullets from enemy ships and I couldn't hit the enemy ships anymore. This happened when I stopped controlling the plane to see if I could die.
  • My OCD got triggered by the rotating background not clipping from green into red.. 

Rest everything is awesome! Also really love the sound implementation!

Thank you very much!!! this is a great feedback, I'll check  on those issues in the next version (after the jam). You're not the first trying to die and going on the Z-axis... I'm starting to think that might actually be a feature somehow hahaha. And about the background, I was a little triggered by that myself, but I've had to put the correction behind other issues, and in the end I've had no more time. It's a simple fix, I guarantee it won't be there next time. Thanks for playing Justin :)