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Really neat game, but for the amount of enemies on screen i would have liked to have more health than just 3 hits. 

Wow thanks, that really means a lot to me. 

did some testing on a few different pc's i have lying around at various resolutions, i can only conclude what you are experiencing is some sort of freak once in a blue moon issue. I can't seem to replicate it myself

interesting. Its odd tho, the enemies are designed to pretty much force the player to move to a new position amd start shooting, especially the purple charging laser enemy and the kamikaze swarm

Well the intention was to have the player aim precisely and focus fire, not to spam. however given the time limit proper testing wasn't something we were able to do. 

yes i did, everything is only a few pixels wide 

this game and its mechanics are pretty good. I just with it had slightly better levels to really make use of them. The issue is that the bouncing is inconsistent at best, especially the corners. Given that this could still be made into a full game. 

is there a bug with the screen wrapping i missed? you should pop out the other side when you travel all the way over. 

i'm sure the game would be really fun if i could see what i was doing........

Totally get it, the only thing separating a lot of the games in this jam are their execution of similar ideas. Going off the wall is not a bad strategy.  

sounds about right, i did most of my testing on an xbox controller i had lying around. if i had but an extra hour i might have been able to notice the glaring issues keyboard users faced. 

game is fine, you got a concept and pulled it off well, the only problem with it is a very loose interpretation of the theme. For example, being able to hold only one of the items at once could have really helped  

your idea and style are great but execution wise the game is fairly easy, once you realize that the main enemy type aims right for the player its as simple as circle strafing round and round pretty much cheesing the whole game. some randomness in their aim or some kind of movement compensation on their aim would fix this. 

i was worried about difficulty, with traditional controls im the kind of player that can take old atari games designed to eat quarters that inspired this one and play for a long while on just one credit. A controller is the way the game was meant to be played, however some bug i missed is forcing only 8 firing angles and not the intended full range of aiming.

controls are garbage, i think the game is also running too fast on my pc. 

Fantastic game, can't believe this was for the jam and a unity game on top of all of that. excellent work.

seems really easy, there doesn't seem to be any way to crash. i guess the point is to be accurate but that isn't made very clear off the bat.