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Thanks! Its actually been in full time development for the last year on Steam Early Access:

Fixed in latest update, thanks for the heads up.

Hello everyone who has offered to test the game! Thank you very much for your help.

Overview: First, let me be clear up front. This is a very early alpha of Rogue Fable III which I am planning on bringing to Steam through early access in a month or so as a standalone desktop game. I'm planning on a price of something like $5 during early access and maybe $8-$10 at full release depending on how big the game grows.

I've never done any public testing this early before so just gotta warn everyone that this is in an extremely rough stage and so everything is subject to pretty drastic changes. There's a ton of features, skills, abilities, mechanics etc. that are just stubs right now waiting to be expanded in the future. Since this will be going to early access in a month or so and I intend to work on it for 4-5 months on steam, I'd say this is roughly at the 10-15% complete stage just to give an idea of how rough this is.

What I'm looking for in testing right now: At this early stage, a lot of this is just raw bug testing i.e. crashes and weird behavior. I've changed a lot of stuff behind the scenes in order to support future development, so there's tons of stuff that was working before that may no longer be working.

Since this is very early in development and most of the design is still in flux, I'm also looking for any suggestions, feedback, drastic ideas etc. since there is  room for things to move around a lot.

For now, most of the really detailed balancing and tweaking can be left for later, since there's still so much content to add and mechanics to change that there's no real point trying to fine tune anything yet.

Rough, rambling description of what I'm trying to do: As a rough overview, I want to extend the game length slightly to about 1-1.5 hours but significantly increase the amount of content and variation so that the game is even more diverse on a run by run basis than RFII. So I want the game to be much much bigger in terms of total content, but only slightly longer in terms of length. I want to keep this a fast, tactical and intense dungeon dive with enormous variation from run to run.

The structure of the dungeon has been changed into a Main Dungeon and a number of branches which are randomly selected each game. Eventually the idea is to have each of the themed branches heavily differentiated from each other with drastically different challenges. Because they are semi optional in this format, its going to allow me to make them more specifically challenging i.e. challenging to particular builds. This will be done with a heavier emphasis on resistances, counters and builds that are strong or weak against tanks, swarms, fast enemies, nukers etc.

With that in mind, one of the major goals of this version will be to really push the idea of multi classing, through skills, talents and also equipment. I'd like to get the branches uniquely challenging enough to basically require this by the end game. I'm fleshing out the equipment a lot to help give options for 'broadening' your build out w/ recharging charms, charged wands, and the staves that will be using mana. I'd like the player to have to assemble a diverse kit by the end of the game. Due to the randomness of what branches you get i.e. what challenges you face, and the randomness of drops available to you, the idea is that this diverse kit is different each game.

Thanks for the feedback. I think I've caught the table crashes in last few updates now, but please let me know all future issues.

UPDATE 04 - August-25-2018 =========================================================================================================

- Added large pits to the lower dungeons which you can jump down, or knock enemies into

- Trimming stray doors and doors enclosing 1 tile hallways

- Added centipedes w/ poison attack as rare enemy in MDI (placeholder graphics)

- Crystal chests now working in library on MDIII:1

- Added fire pots into the lower depths

- MDIV New NPC: Crystal Golem - reflects projectiles

-MDIV New NPC: Hell Hound - fast moving packs that blink when hit leaving behind clouds of fire

- TheCore New NPC: Fire Lizard - shoots a bolt of flaming clouds at you (uses a new system that allows character actions to animate over multiple frames)

- TheIceCaves New NPC: Penguin - throws snow balls and belly slides away from you when you get close

- AI Tweak: Kiting enemies that are awaiting cooldowns don't bounce back and forth into and out of their kite range

- AI Tweak: Enemies will wait for the player to complete his move before attacking (fixes that wierd visual thing stepping into tiles adjacent to berserking ogres who insta knock you back)

- BUG/CRASH: Merchants now correctly stock all itmes not just projectiles and food

- BUG/CRASH: Fixed selling projectiles to merchant

- BUG/CRASH: Merchant now saves and loads his inventory correctly

- BUG/CRASH: MDIV now correctly displays as Main Dungeon 13 - 16

- BUG/C RASH: removed the undefined damage on spiders, boa constrictors and someone else I can't recall

- BUG/CRASH: invisible magic eye graphic

- NOTE: Pretty much all graphics are placeholder right now, especially the new enemies and abilities. I tend to like to design/code for awhile w/ placeholder graphics and then work through them all at once.

- Removed instant respawn as default option. As we're slowly crawling our way out of the land of perpetual crashes (I know theres still a bunch, but were getting there), I'd like to start getting some rough semblance of game balance worked out and I know for myself that the presence of instant respawn causes me to play the game completely differently.

- You can still access auto respawn if you need to test something by right clicking on the game screen itself (not outside it) and choosing inspect. Then in the console window type gs.debugProperties.allowRespawn = true;

- As a side note for testing:

gs.debugCreateNPC("NPCTypeName"); will spawn an any npc in the game to the right of you

gs.debugAddItem("ItemTypeName") will add any item to your inventory

gs.pc.learnTalent("TalentName") will learn a talent


- [X] Fixed archer god gift crash
- [X] Fix wait on space crash
- [X] Sewer crash (boa constrictor get target)
- [X] Fixed priest smite from instant casting
- [X] casters not casting orb of fire
- [X] Slimes arn't showing last frame
- [X] No regen on slimes, statues, spawners, turrets, undead, clockworks
- [X] Altar of wealth crash
- [X] Goblin bomber crash: bomb needs perfect aim, otherwise it hits chars
- [X] Fixed MDIII -> MDIV stairs
- [X] I don't know if this is intended, but you can press E while in the talent/skills screen and it'll start auto explore as soon as you close the C screen
- [X] Charms now scale damage w/ level
- [X] Make sure charms and wands scale damage w/ new talent system
- [X] Wands don't stack now
- [X] Powershot doesn't work with staves

UPDATE 0.2 August-23-2018 =========================================================================================

  • New Enemy Type: Corrosive slime that damages your modded weapons when you attack it
  • New Enemy Type: Clockword Rhino that charges towards you (like orbs of fire)
  • New Enemy Type: Jaguar, just simple fast moving enemy that will eventually conceal itself in long grass and have a leaping attack
  • Crash Fix: enemies trying to melee you
  • Bug Fix: elephants stun locking with trample
  • Balance Fix: made elephants slower and removed berserk since they appear in packs and its a bit much
  • Balance Fix: drop wall rooms no longer spawn on MDI:1
  • Better Poison Mechanic:
  • - Poison is no longer just a status effect but rather accumulates on the player and you can see its total damage on your health bar
  • - Healing will still cure it
  • - Enemies can now have different poison amounts (RFII just had 2 damage a tick for 10 turns or something)
  • - Balance Tweak: made shock longer range
  • New Ability: Necromancer, infectious disease
    • Infects an enemy with a damage over time which then spreads to adjacent enemies I'm torn on whether this should be able to infect the player as well lol 
  •  New Ability: Flaming Hands, allows the player to throw fire like the staff of flame for 10 turns. 
    •  I'm thinking this may work as long as player is stationary and make it more powerful to compensate I'm also thinking of having it ignite the tiles in front of you as well as throw a projectile 
  •  New Talent: Perfect Aim: Allows thrown projectiles to pass through enemies i.e. they hit exactly who you targeted


No more skills. Skills are rolled into talents which now have levels. This has been on my to do, or at least to try list for a long time. Right now its very rough, but the objective of this system is many fold.

1) As I continue to add new abilities and new classes, the number of skills would grow significantly. This allows abilities to be added without having to bloat the skills

1A) We were talking last night about classes like paladins with heal or smite undead. This allows such abilities to be added without having to add some sort of 'holy' skill

1B) Furthermore this just opens the door to all sorts of interesting abilities or talents that might suit a class or playstyle or might just be neat but don't fit neatly into a skill

2) This makes advancement 'chunkier', since the talents generally have at most 5 levels, the power gain can be much larger. No more putting a point into a skill to see no difference in your damage

3) This makes finding books much more meaningful, since for example, finding any of the melee books with their basic health talent is a huge boost to any character. This also makes finding books immediately useful since you don't have to skill up a skill in order to take advantage of the new talents

3A) I'm hoping this will make multiclassing much easier and also remove the thing that happens right now where you find books and basically never use them

4) Right now the advancement within a talent by levels is pretty basic i.e. generally just more damage or whatever. But this allows for other forms of advancement as you level up a talent. For example right now levels in charge increase its range. Level in some AoE spells might increase the radius rather than the raw damage. Some talents may reduce cooldown as you progress them

Thats most of the major stuff. As always I just sort of guesstimated values for all of the talents, trying to keep it as close to the balance of the skill system as possible but this will need an enourmous amount of testing

August 22: Update 0.1 [Continued]:

  • Equipping rings on left finger now adds stats
  • Fixed crash when mousing over wands on the ground
  • Fixed a bunch of crashes when generating new levels. Dungeon should now work until the bottom, though there's just a bunch of place holder enemies from other zones there right now.
  • Fixed potions that give status effects (they weren't working)
  • Added: Wand of Domination - allows you to permanently charm a single enemy. Note: charm and confusion may eventually end up on a separate 'enchanter' class along with some other non-direct damage stuff.
  • Athletics Skill: increases your chance to dodge attacks
  • Athletics skill: increases your chance to strafe dodge an attack i.e. the enemy will attack your previous location (only works with range right now, eventually with melee as well).
  • Athletics Talent: strafe attack, allows you to automatically make a melee or ranged attack at the nearest enemy when moving, as long as you are not moving away.
  • Got the foundation of spawning vaults (pre-made rooms) in place of rooms. Right now there's just a few generic ones. Eventually the goal is to use this:
    • A) to differentiate the zones by giving each zone special shaped rooms
    • B) More importantly to start putting in monster fortresses, special puzzle rooms, boss rooms, boss arenas, that sort of thing.

August 22: Update 0.1
- Fixed crashing picking up items that looked like default staff. For future reference the staff is the graphic items default to if they are somehow broken.

- Fixed crashing in iron fortress and the arcane tower due to corrupted vault files.

- Fixed crashing in The Under Grove due to spiders throwing webs.

For reference for anyone interested. This is my short term TODO list i.e. not including major new systems or content. Stuff that's on my plate right now. Order doesn't really mean anything, this is where I just sort of throw stuff as it occurs to me. I'll start cleaning this up and updating it over the course of dev.

- Enchanting a wand raises its max charges and fully recharges it

- Burst of Flame
- Shock
- Confusion
- Domination

- Resistance as a number (acts just like defense)
- Physical Defense: Armor Class
- Soft cap on armor class past 25
- Multiplier on NPC damage so that elemental branches can be extra deadly w/o resistance

- Dodge should scale so as to be 50% as effective of equivalent armor class
- This is because dodge is intrinsic i.e. does not require armor
- Characters should also use their dodge skill to determine if they can strafe dodge an attack
- Athletics includes the sprint talent
- Athletics includes the leap talent (jump over enemies or obsticles, tile simply must be visible)
- Athletics includes the strafe attack talent (applies to both ranged and melee attacks)

- Charm of Freezing Wind
- Allow charms to be enchanted to increase max charges
- Allow charms to be acquired
- Add charms to equipment drop chests such as zoo's
- Enchanting a charm will recharge it fully

- Barbarian uses rage as mana (cannot use magic spells)
- Rangers have unlimited basic dart
- Necros: skeletons, blood for mana
- Rogues: no exp from kills
- Assassins: all exp from kills + some bonus killing skills

- Disease
- Icy Emanation: summons clouds around player
- Freezing wind: knocks back enemies in a cone (higher damage closer)
- Freeze: freezes a single enemy in a block of ice
- All cold abilities will create ice over waterS
- Give lightning bolt a 3 wide starting AoE to make it just as effective as fireball at close range CC

- Make sure healers, hasters etc cast on their allies (should work on player as well)
- Merge ballista and slow projectile chooseAction

- Dark elf mages summon imps along w/ their elemental attacks
- Mana viper: summon mana vortex
- Fire Statue: Fire Cage ability (summon wall of fire around player)
- Ice Statue: Summon wall of cold
- Fire Elemental: Flame Cloud Bolt
- Ice Elemental: Freezing Cloud Bolt

- Disease
- Freeze

- MDII: Flags on walls
- MDII: standing flags
- Don't allow spawners, statues etc to regenerate health
- Undead don't regenerate health

- Pit room dressing type
- Remove islands and turn them into pits

- Finish toData/fromData for inventories
- SCALE_FACTOR set by default
- Don't popup rest text if enemies in view
- Hunger isn't dealing any damage
- Merge isRay[x]
- Scroll of blinking needs to show targeting box

- Set minDL on rooms i.e. dropWall rooms

- Floating drop wall rooms (more critical moments + more chests)
- Temple at end of branch I (w/ at least 3 alters)

- Circle rooms used here for first time
- Start using pits here

- Fountain of Attribute: str, dex, int (raises groupings of base stats)
- Drop wall rooms placed in open 
- Tome of weapon mastary: contains talents that provide bonus w/ particular weapons
- Tome of Fortitude: provides talents for all resists (provides alternative way to get resists)
- Tome of Spell Mastary: provides the old attunement talents
- Range skill: accuracy - allows player to target through enemies
- Keep track of numKeys and numTreasure rooms and spawn keys if its getting out of hand (reduce drop chance of keys)

- Use submerged instead of hidden
- An enemy can resubmerge itself when low on health or if it cannot reach the player
- An enemy will resubmerge itself when it loses agro
- The player can see submerged enemies if he is in the same water as it

- Standardized poison mechanic pulled from old code

- Damages modded weapons when meleeing
- Damages modded armor when attacking
- Will not reduce mods below 0

- Corrosive Slime: to provide a corroding enemy

- leap ability

- The Ice Caves Unique: Pack Leader - throws nets and summons wolves
- Main Dungeon II: Warlord - Casts AoE berserk on all allies, can summon orc warriors

- Static level: The Sewers: All water w/ islands and bridges

- Enemy type that raises shield to counterattack
- Enemy type with heavy damage shield
- Enemy type that reflects projectiles

- Corroding slimes

- Giant Boar: slow charger

- Extended rest used
- Spotted merchant
- Player moving w/ enemies in view while out of energy
- Log using consumable and fountains
- Log deaths

- stop exploring upon spotting friendly NPC
- things that can't run cant be feared
- Fire mages need LoS with player to cast wall of fire

- The Under Grove: Druid - can summon vines under player, heals allies and hastes
- The Core: Efreeti Lord - high HP caster that leaves a trail of flaming clouds when moving

- Ice Caves / Core Rift generator:
- A zig-zagging rift w/ surrounding cave of random width is generated across the map
- Additional rooms are then placed to the sides and connected
- The Core: fire drake cave
- The Core: Orc fortress spawned in cave
- The Ice Caves: Orc fortess spawned in cave
- The Under Grove: rare chance to spawn trees on level

- New Tileset
- Circle and Diamond room generators
- Place pits by removing islands
- Remove islands to create extra open space
- Locked stairs w/ switch (stops people from just skipping these levels)
- New Generator: open design
- Zig zag outter wall with rooms placed randomly within open spaces
- Static Level: temple w/ alter

- Once sound is implemented, sentinals should have a powerful shout

- Charm of blinking will allow player to bypass all gates
- Make the tiles unblinkable?
- This removes a neat emergent property though
- Slow closing gates could be made non transparent so player can't blink in
- Normal gates could remove switches so player would have to spend 250 turns inside waiting for recharge

- Let cycles generator pick from random set of room sizes

- Confusion: confuses all enemies on screen causing them to attack one another (or the player)
- Howling Wind: knocks all visible enemies in the direction of effect (useful for making space / knocking into traps)
- Iron Shot: provides a reusable physical attack

- Tunneling: tunnels through several tiles, useful for escaping or creating a good fighting position
- Entrancement: causes enemies to mirror your movements in reverse (useful for making space, activating traps, infighting)

- Clean NPC abilities

- Never grab an item (and end turn) when the tile could be moved to
- This could fuck people up in combat
- Fire should always destroy shrooms

- Walls of fire should destroy darts (neat mechanic)

- Move poison spiders, corrosive slimes and centaurs into MDII
- Remember that main dungeon branch can contain enemies from the related side branch or lower as they are similar level

- Elemental demons

- Extend safe zone around level entrances to 5x5 box

- Use custom stairs for branches
- +2 cloth gloves give +2EP ?
- Make sure spider nests spawn on spider webs (so can burn them)

- Create a list of zone order and run it to determine player level over time

- Moving tornado that sucks characters in if 1 tile away and flings them into a wall

- Can shatter the ground creating rubble
- Think about shape so he doesn't just screw himself

- Wall of fire can ignite oil (generalize startFire code)
- Fire on water creates steam
- Vines and grass create flaming walls
- Oil and Poison gas create explosion

- Haste and slow should just negate each other

- Deal extra damage based on how many tiles are remaining when hitting a wall
- Can knock enemies into enemies (split the damage and move them)

- Orc Ice Mage
- Orc Storm Mage (whirlwind attack)

- Allow armor to partially block elemental damage (not internal poison)
- Gives tanks an advantage in all areas
- Find a way to make the armor penalty stick across all levels
- Needs to simply cut players total casting skill by % (multiply not add)

- Projectile: acid vs acid arrow?
- Slime onHit
- Poison damage needs to scale with NPC level
- Tanks should hit harder than medium
- Nukers have 5 coolDown giving them lower damage than archers
- Get nearest attack index: should flood for efficiency and simply test clear LoS
- Kiters should not move forward into bad range if they still have LoS with player
- Error on trying to enchant staff of fire w/ +1 mod already
- Introduce noise in order to increase chance of player becoming surrounded (only when enemies should for help)

- Post process create loops

- Flash white on hit

- Staves use energy
- Running enemies should eventually stop running
- Make sure cave enemies are spawning as deep into their caves as possible
- Goblin bomber needs a simple grenade attack
- Constricted doesn't wear off when attacker is dead

- Make sure goblet spawns on the correct layout
- Use metric.js to make sure that exp gain puts the player close to 20 by level 20

- ARCANE_TOWER: Fire turrent pit
- ARCANE_TOWER: Summoning ritual
- THE_CRYPT: Graveyard
- gravestones spawn skeletons when player gets close
- Dark alter
- THE_SEWERS: Poison pipe + switch
- Arcane tower rare dressing:
- Pit room w/ platform in middle that player teleports to and narrow bridges leading to edges

- THE_SEWERS: all water level w/ islands and bridges
- ARCANE_TOWER: first level as cave w/ tower top raising above
- THE_CORE: volcano w/ islands connected by bridges
- THE_UNDER_GROVE: big rift

- shatter walls
- heal golems

- A auto level function would be very nice in order to test difficulty
- Sets players levels and grants all skill points
- Grants all talent points
- Adds items as if the player had played up until that point

- Add back some of the oddly shaped room vaults (common vaults for now)
- Circle rooms in MDIII and beyond
- Circle rooms pillars and water
- Need to use better area code that sets the bounds dynamically
- Only includes floor tiles and wall tiles
- Side rooms (renamed feature rooms) are essentially an entirely different system
- Feature rooms could take the place of a standard room by forcing its way down a generator
- or using generic generator type like cycles
- Restrict random room selection based on zoneType
- Restrict dressing type based on zoneType

- Can remove a lot of stuff from baseGenerator

- Many generators can use the cycles generator pattern by simply placing something interesting first and then generating additional rooms
- Long hallways
- Big rifts
- Crosses
- Hall patterns
- Circular pattern
- 4 Corners

- Spawn features in the open
- Set a preference and fallback for feature types (some random percent)
- Place rooms in purely solid areas and connect to nearest
- Use this to rewrite the cave functions
- Generate some additional side rooms for mobs, chests, fountains etc to spawn in
- These should be of a special type that can place doors on all their overlaps
- Can be trimmed later if its a dead end and empty (or just leave them)

- Its actually possible to use featureGenerator code for a levelGenerator i.e. it just keeps overlapping rooms
- Roguelike levels are going to look shitty, but they were shitty anyways
- Side rooms are not an excuse for a shitty levelGenerator
- At the very least it needs a lot more variety in its room sizes and shapes

- Should be able to create much more variably sized and shaped rooms
- The placement is more of a suggestion as to size and location
- Must use the cycles-generator code to actually determine if something can fit
- Allow rooms to be almost double the size of a 'grid' location
- Therefore it will create much more varied rooms but keep them in the rough grid
- A few passes of standard cycles could create some floating rooms if needed
- Or else a few passed of featureGenerator to place some side rooms and connecting rooms

- Decay room: rots tables, broken columns, broken floors, adds grass
- Cave in room: same idea as above but crates stalagmites, broken walls etc.
- Need a replace tile function that correctly places walls, floors, cave walls, cave walls, based on previous tile

- Dark Elf Wizard: Fire and Storm Magic
- Thunder Storm: caster walks forward a wall of lightning each turn (uses smite targeting)
- Moving wall of fire: caster walks forward flaming clouds each turn

Hey Thelbin, I've sent you an email to contact me by, let me know if it didn't go through.

Thank you. I'll be working on updates over the next few weeks. I've got another project I want to work on, but I'll eventually return to this and work on a Rogue Fable III.

Thanks for the feedback! That's a great idea, I'll work it into the next update.