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Julien Lussiez

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J'ai bien aimé. Ce genre de jeu a des côtés méditatifs.
J'ai tenu 57 secondes avec beaucoup de chance ! 

Bon petit jeu bien inspiré. C'est fou d'être capable de faire ça en si peu de temps. Bravo !

Thanks for the feedback. I will definitely add this word as an easter eggs if I make an updated version. 

Thanks, I'm currently making a better version and thinking about adding some narration about greediness around it.

You're very good at storytelling! I really liked how I spent time playing and listening to the story. I thought a lot about adding or not adding narration to some of my arcade prototypes and it makes me feel that it's very special when it's done right. Very unique work, well done!

Maybe boats will come in the next version. Dammit, I should have tracked all the player propositions. Just an hint, what flies in the sky ? (an other hint : it's not a boat).

PS : big fan of your game by the way.

Thanks a lot! I think I will try to improve it this month. Thanks again for playing!

Thanks. I have some ideas to improve the game, I will certainly try to make a better version this summer. 

Thanks, it's nice because I was debating over making 3d games or 2d games because 3d games are cool but more complex to make but the fact that I apparently managed to make something enjoyable in 2d will maybe give me the strength to continue in this direction and focus more on game mechanics. 


Thanks! I tried your game and the concept was cool too.

Very nice game. The concept is interesting and there is a lot to play, great work! 

Thanks for playing. I'm glad you had a good time as I have with your game :)

Thanks a lot! I wanted to make a simpler game for the Minijam 85 because making Pump-It for the Ludum Dare was a lot of work for a solo game developer. I keep wondering about the reception of the voxels aesthetics so I'm glad you like it. It's really a struggle for me to choose between making 2D or 3D games. :)

I like the abstraction of the pixel art like this painting made of few pixels. I think this is the power of pixel art, to suggest things like that and make the player plays with his imagination!


Thanks a lot! I used to make 3d games, it was interesting to go back to 2D because I was able to work more on the game mechanic. 
I tried your game, it was enjoyable with a great pixel art look!

Is it a reference to the game "Turnip Boy Commits Tax Evasion" ? The graphics are nice and it's really well done. I got 24 coins !

Thanks! I'm working on a more polished version for the visuals. I like the silhouette/minimalist style but here, it needs to be improved. It's impressive the graphics you managed to make during this game jam. 

Thanks a lot ! I tried yours and it was nice too, it reminded the game Thomas was alone.

Nice game. I like the visuals, it's interesting to play with the lights and shadows, the light of the golden coins gives a clue to the direction the player should follow, I like it. 

Really nice art and funny idea. It's a very polished little game for a game jam, well done ! 

The art is really great and the idea is funny. Good job. 

I really like the visuals, great art. I miss some sounds and music but overall it's a nice game. 

Thanks a lot, I'm glad you liked it. I have a lot of ideas to improve the game, now it depends on my motivation to go on with this project. :)

Nice little game. I like the arcade style. The minimalist aesthetics works well. The concept is promising but I think it could be improved to feel it more.  

Thanks for playing! I tried your game, it was quite nice too, especially the art style and the mood!

I really like the art style, the mood of the game and the writing. The font size could be increased to be more readable. Also, I didn't understand how to play. I tried to find gold but I found nothing. I crushed myself against the pedestrians, it was quite fun but I must miss something. But overall, I'd like to see more because it's pretty well done considering the time we had! 

Oh, okay ! I had the wrong strategy. I tried to go to the periphery to push them towards the portal. Do you think you will keep working on it ? 

The visuals are extremely cool. I like the mood of the game. I struggled a bit with the control but maybe because I'm not so good at this kind of game. I like the concept of pushing the ennemies toward a portal, it's a cool interpretation of the theme. A nice game overall, well done! 

Thanks ! Yes, I did everything during this game jam. I started my creative journey with music a long time ago, I always like polishing the music even if I was a bit in a hurry here.
Nice strategy ! 
I took into account your feedback. I think I will take some time to improve the game during this month.
Thanks a lot for this great feedback !

Nice game. I'm impressed by the visuals ! The gameplay is smooth and it's funny. The game could bring more challenge but I think it's something you could work on to improve the game. You have a good fondation. 

Nice little game. I live the aesthetics. The game needs to be more challenging with an increasing difficulty for example but overall it's a good entry for this jam, well done.

Thanks a lot. Yes, I wanted to make an arcade game very accessible but a bit hard to finish. Thanks for playing it ! 

Yes, many us were inspired by Midas myth ! I tried your game and it was fun. 

Thanks for playing ! I tried yours, it was nice too.

I escaped with 29 golds. It was fun. I like the fact that you need to not be greedy to escape with maximum gold. :)
The game could be smoother but the concept is nice. Well done. 

Nice graphics. With a pixel perfect resolution, it would be better. There's also the hitboxes to improve but overall it's nice for a game jam.

Nice game. I had this idea at first but I didn't find a way to make it. It's well done. 

Yes it's true but it took me 3 days to have an idea that matched the theme. In your game there's something almost philosophical about life and death :)