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Julian Palacios

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I want a windows build :(


Hey, thank you for the nice words :)

Wow, I'm happy you liked it so much! Honestly, I'm a bit ashamed of this game, I don't like what I did. But, you know, it was just an experiment!

I think I will participate to the jam too! Haven't decided which film yet

Well, I'm working for it! I took it seriously wahahaha

Hello everyone, my name is Julian, I found out about this jam just a couple of days ago but it interests me a lot, so I will try to make something!

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Hi everyone, just wanted to share this little thing I made!
The Strange Case Of The Serpent is a short narrative experiment.
It's a sort of collage: It's based on the game The Serpent by Stephen Lavelle, and features some Hitchcocks movies clips.

It has cops, crime scenes, and some explicit low-poly images!

I would really like to know what you think!