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Thank you for your kind words :)

Thank you for your words!

Hey, I loved this review, thanks for sharing your impressions :)

It's always nice to hear when the game makes people's memories resonate

Thank you for your words!

Thanks for playing, glad you enjoyed it :)

Muchas gracias por tus palabras!

Promesa community · Posted in Neat

thank you for playing!


This is very nice to hear. You've come a long way by finding it again! It's been many years now, this was actually the first thing I ever did in Unity. I'm still very fond of Increpare's narrative games, I've always found them incredibly expressive and I've learned so much from them.

This comes from a time where I was just starting to develop videogames and used to think a lot (much more than now) about what they meant for me and what I found so powerful in them.

Around that time I was also very impressed by Godard's "Histoire du Cinema", specifically by the idea of using cinema to talk about cinema, so I tried to do something similar to talk about a game through another game.

One of the things I've always been a little guilty of is to not have shared myself the source project of this game to be able to keep the loop (this game has been possible thanks to The Serpent's source project being available) but now it's too late because the project is lost in a broken hard disk.

Anyway, thanks again!


Thanks Joey!!

Thanks for playing! Glad you enjoyed it :)


thank you flan!

Thank you! Hope to be able to work on something new soon :)

The elements in that scene go up and down based on the distance with the player.

Thanks for playing!

thank you for playing :)

Thank you! It was fun using techniques I had never used before and trying to achieve something different with each level.

Hello Spencer,

I would like to submit my game Promesa, here you can take a look at it:

Thanks for your attention!


Hey there, are you on Mac or Pc?

I believe what you're experiencing is a graphics bug caused by some of the post-processing effects. When this happens, you can try to change the resolution from the pause menu, it could fix the issue.

Also, I just uploaded a new game build, so maybe if you update it it could be better.

Let me know, thanks!

Ok haha, good to know you fixed it.

I see... I hope you'll be able to play it in the future. And thank you!


There's been a number of users on older mac versions who have run in many different problems. Unfortunately, since I don't have a Mac, I have not been able to help :(

Promesa can be heavy for graphics card... I can only recommend you to try to update your drivers.

Let me know how that goes and please ask for a refund if you're not able to play the game!

Thank you! I'm glad the wait was worth it :)

Thank you Shane! I'm happy with what we did with sound, and thankful to Domiziano for what he pulled off with the music.

Controls are explained before pressing the start button :)

During the dialogues the cursos doesn't show up: you're supposed to press X, Enter or Space.

Do you have a keyboard connected?

You could also try with a gamepad if you have one!

Let me know if a keyboard solves it :)

Nothing special, just Unity and modelling and video-editing softwares.

Gracias por jugar y compartir!

Hey, I just fixed the build size issue with butler.

Now I only need to update my tax interview.  Is it possible to reset the form somehow?

Thank you


I need to redo my Tax Interview before I release my game on October 15th, but I can't seem to find a button to do so.

I also need to upload a 1.4gb build (with the limit being 1gb)!

Is there another way to contact support a part from e-mails?

I wrote two e-mails last week and haven't got an answer, I would normally wait more but since the problem is sort of urgent I'm writing here.

Am I missing something for the tax interview?


I want a windows build :(


Hey, thank you for the nice words :)

Wow, I'm happy you liked it so much! Honestly, I'm a bit ashamed of this game, I don't like what I did. But, you know, it was just an experiment!

I think I will participate to the jam too! Haven't decided which film yet

Well, I'm working for it! I took it seriously wahahaha

Hello everyone, my name is Julian, I found out about this jam just a couple of days ago but it interests me a lot, so I will try to make something!