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The 2 FTR Game Studio submissions should be removed, submitted after a few hours in a 90 day jam. Not even trying to hide the fact they're just using the jam to promote finished games.

Thanks for playing! I've just uploaded a new version here, hopy you enjoy!

Sorry for the late comment, I got stuck at a part but recently saw a playthru that got me past it lol. Very creepy to see PCM hiding in lockers waiting for me! Really enjoyed it, great abandoned mall atmosphere!

Really nice solid gameplay! Your PCM model is really incredible, captured the vibe perfectly!

Hyperion, excellent game! Contact me on twitter to claim your 3rd place prize!

You already have points for your title, can't wait to play lol!

I hope it's been going good for everyone! I'm going to extend the deadline by a day to give people a chance to finish up who might be feeling rushed. Like me :)  Cheers

My pleasure, let me know how it goes!

Great atmosphere and love the character!

Hey all, hope everyone's looking forward to the jam!

I've created a simple character model in case anyone needs one, it's free to everyone to use, modify, whatever you need. Let me know if there's any problems

This jam seems like a real fit for you, thought you might like to join!

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Reading the last lines I'm picturing pcm dancing like Rick Astley! That'd be a great animation lol

Thanks for playing! I didn't have time to finish by the deadline, but will be posting an update soon if you're interested!

Really enjoyed it, great atmosphere and interesting controls

Great, fun experience, very polished

Appreciated, thank you!

Thank you! Wish I could've got those cut scenes done in time, but updates soon!

Thanks for playing and recording! 

Such a beautiful game, I'd love some "survival horror" ambience vids / VR sleep rooms like this!

Pretty difficult, couldn't finish it, but I thought you may do checkpoints in the future and I'd wait for that lol.  Besides a few camera issues, just a fantastic experience. A very ambitious project with so many environments, can't wait to see more! I have a feeling we won't have to wait TOO long... #SilentHill

Great experience, engaging, good story, puzzles, it has it all!  Unique controls, would be perfect for mobile

Great experience, engaging, good story, puzzles, it has it all!  Unique controls, would be perfect for mobile

That's awesome! The effort there shows,  it's a great,  strong little bunker! The whole farm is just a classic "set", the little areas and details.  And the story, the setup and reveal... Just a brilliant,  tight little experience!

Love the 2D/3D models and lighting, looks great.  Choeographed levels like Galaga might work better tho, I found there was a bit too much going on. Fun gameplay tho

I almost didn't make it past the opening, but I'm glad I did.  Beautifully drawn, but text/reading games aren't my favourite, and there wasn't any skipping.  Also the page screenshots didn't give any clue about the platforming aspects.

I think just speeding up the opening would make a huge difference. I love the idea of her 2 worlds, one real, one better. A lot to build on here, looks great!

Wow, made me nostalgic! Great story, perfect theme too!

Very nice little game, would play well on mobile! The map was a bit big maybe. Love the MrK graphics, nicely done!

Really nice little FPS, reminded me of modding old school DOOM! Great to see someone doing it for the love of the game!

Wow, just all around solid! I assumed that was you two in VO?  Really excellent, great polish! Great shrine too! 

Stefano, I hope you don't mind, I've uploaded a ZIP copy of your game to my gdrive for people that don't do RAR.  Feel free to upload it to your site, or if you want me to take it down, just let me know.

Download SCREAM now

Perfect example of a great, short indie horror game, nailed all of the elements. A bit difficult, but that encourages at least one replay imo, and the ammo and health counter that. Just excellent!

Glad to hear it!

Sure, no problem, I know what it's like!  Click here and let me know if you have any problems: Submit Late Entry

Very well written story, well done!

Charming little game, a solid core to expand on! Great controls and mechanics!

To give everyone the "day" (depending on where you are) to finish up any polish, etc, I'm extending the deadline from noon to 11:59p June 15th.  Good luck to everyone and thanks for your hard work!

I don't know how everyone else is doing, but we could do a 12hr extension from 12 noon EST to 12 midnight EST? I'll post on discord too and see what comes up

No worries. If it's not fun, what are we doing right?

It's a fairly long jam as it is, plus voting goes on for 2 weeks. Why don't you submit the core of what you want to showcase on the 15th, then continue to work and submit another version before voting ends?