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I really liked the music. and the mechanics.

I liked the theme, I feel that gravity is very light.

Yes, I missed adding a parallax in the background to have more control over the rocket. thanks for playing :D

Good job, art is high level. It seems to me that it is in a difficult level to overcome the game, I died many times,

Good job, it has the graphics of a AAA game.

I liked the beginning of the game but I couldn't get over this obstacle, I can't jump enough.

Good job, I really liked the presentation of the game with animations. In one case I put the stick in the wrong place and came back then I couldn't continue, I think there should be a place for me to kill myself to start again.

Good job, I like it a lot. I played until the game closed, I think it was a good ending.

I really liked the variety of attacks and also the Italian music at the end of the game! Good work!

Thank you very much! Soon more levels :D

Thank you!

Good mechanics, and I'm very surprised that it was done in just 2 hours.

Good work! I would have liked more control when stopping my character.

A classic mechanic, but still a lot of fun. I wish the characters were bigger.

I remember the episode on which this game is based. Good work. Congratulations!

I have played a lot and made bad decisions: 'v, Good job

A very addictive game, congratulations for the graphics and mechanics. Good work. I would like if there was a full screen version.

Sorry I can't play the game uwu. The game does not load completely. Could you help me?

Interesting character mechanics. I feel that space is infinite and I'm afraid of losing myself: v. Good work!

It really scared me to find that face screaming. Playing with headphones is a real challenge!

Original game! Congratulations.

! :D

Good game, congratulations!

I liked the music and the mechanic!

Well done, good mechanics, I wish it had more mechanics and designs.

Good game, I liked the mechanics. :D

Good game, I don't understand how to play, maybe you could add a little description. I liked the graphics of death. :D

Good game, you could add powerups for a better experience. And also a list of the best scores.

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I can't start the game. I am sorry. I hope I can play it later!

Good game mechanics and the movements were smooth. I would like to play it on full screen since I couldn't do it. I wish it had risky shortcuts. Congratulations!

Here is the video :D

Si tienes mucha razón, los niveles les falto ajustar, esperamos contar con tu feedback para la siguientes actualizaciones. Muchas gracias por jugarlo =D y que haya encantado el juego.

Si falto ajustar un poco los niveles. Se tendrá mejor ajuste de los niveles y tomare en consideración tu propuesta que es muy buena. Muchas Gracias por jugarlo y el feedback =D

Si no hubo mucho tiempo para ajustar los niveles. Y si tienes mucha razón en que debería tener más mecánicas. Estare haciendo mejoras, y espero contar con tu apoyo \ ._. / para los proximos feedbacks. Muchas Gracias por jugarlo =)

Me encantó el feedback,. Tendré en cuenta las indicaciones tuyas que me parecen muy nutritivas para este juego. Muchas gracias por jugarlo. ;)

Me gusto la narrativa, muy interesante, buenos diseños

Buena sincronizacion de las piezas con el ritmo de la musica. Estuvo muy bueno el juego.

Una atmosfera muy buena! Muy relajante!

El juego me hizo recordar a Wall-E, me gusta la aventura y el entorno. Creo que le faltaria aumentar la sombra o bajarle un poco, que parece que flota. Buen trabajo =)