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Thanks for the reply. I guess it is some sort of Windows 10/software/driver issue because I tested it on the less powerful Windows 7 desktop at work (ssssh...) and it was fine. Any chance of a "Best Lap Times" scoreboard in future versions?  Or even multi-player? :)

Yeah, it's a recent Alienware gaming laptop with an Nvidia chipset. Plays all most of the current Unity and Unreal based games fine. As well as Velocidrone. The only thing it doesn't like is the Car Park in the latest release of Recharge.

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Hi, first off, excellent work. I have been flying the 2017-03-06 release of Recharge happily for months now, and have thoroughly enjoyed it. A few days ago, I decided to update it to the 2017-12-10 release to see what had changed. Loved the custom levels!

However, all is not well with this latest build. I have a reasonably fast i7 laptop that can play the usual games okay, and on the Recharge 2017-12-10 release, Car Park is unflyable due to the stuttering screen. I thought it was my laptop at first and did all the usual stuff, killing background programs and defrag my Windows 10, but to no avail. Then I switch back to the 2017-03-06 release and it went back to being smooth as silk. Any ideas? Something changed in Unity perhaps? Any chance I get can download the different builds in between 2017-03-06 and 2017-12-10 to see when it broke? Regards, Jeff.