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Thanks for the reply. I guess it is some sort of Windows 10/software/driver issue because I tested it on the less powerful Windows 7 desktop at work (ssssh...) and it was fine. Any chance of a "Best Lap Times" scoreboard in future versions?  Or even multi-player? :)

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I also had this performance issue on my desktop with a GTX1060 6gb no matter the resolution or graphics quality, yet it runs ok on my old laptop with a GT750m. 

The framerate only drops when im flying close to the ground for example: -Desert: under the two arches -Park: when flying trough the gates -Parking lot: well.. basically it is unplayable for me except for the open area.  Never had these issues with earlier versions. I'll check if a driver update solves the problem.

I see, it would be interesting to hear if a driver update makes any difference. Graphics wise your rig shouldn't have any problems running it at full framerate. What CPU do you have?

I see, I will try an think of what might be causing that, but it sound mysterious that it runs better on a  less powerful machine.

Best lap times might be possible, multi player is put on hold since there are so many things that need to be solved to make it work well in a fast paced simulator and I'm only a single independent developer.