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I do think that is was a bit difficult but in not a big platformer player so take that into account. 

This was a lot of fun

I Enjoyed it. You have a really good thumb nail.

I Enjoyed it. You have a really good thumb nail.

So cool

Same hat I also made pong. The single player is a nice touch. 

I really enjoyed the the post processing in this one.

Thanks for your feedback. I agree that pause menu/ press key when ready might have made a lot of difference. 

Even with this small project I fell victim to the classic problem of over scoping myself and I cut it down drastically to make the deadline for this and move on from things that had me stuck. I probably could have gotten a ferw more important things in if I had not focused on too much at once.

Very fun simple game

This was pretty fun. Could use some feed back on interactions and maybe some sounds but the core gameplay is pretty fun. I kept ending up with the unity editor on the back burner which made be chuckle.

I really enjoyed the game once I got the hang of it. If JRPGs played like this i would like them

would definitly be willing to play a longer game like this. it felt kind like a rythem game once i finally got good at it

Very cool Pretty though for me but i like it