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The font is amatic SC and it is free at

Thank you! I'm humbled that you liked it

Thank you!

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I'm glad and thankful for your effort into making a gameplay of my work! Really, Thanks!

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Thank youu for giving me another reason to finish this! I am genuinely happy. Gameplays with suggestions on how to improve my creations really helps. Cheers!

In regards to grammatical errors, I am aware about that. I really need to find someone to proofread this. Sorry about that 

Thank you for playing it!

Thank you for giving it a try! It's nice to watch people play may works! Thanks!!

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I'm glad you liked it! Nothing much more feel great than hearing people's opinion on my works.   I like your playthrough! Best wishes for the both of us! Thank you very much!

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wow, I enjoyed the playthrough! I can't believe that it lasted for almost an hour! 

Thanks for your playthrough, I have spotted so many typos on my script !

I think you experienced the demo quite nice, but there are still some contents left for you to uncover.  Cheers man!

Thank you!

What Happens when shadows ate the light ?

Explore SOL1999,  a ship sent in to the great nothingness. 

WSATL is a visual novel revolving around the sole survivor of the ship SOL. You were forced to wake up from your cryohibernation due to an emergency. 

Everything seems peaceful and normal at first but then, you slowly realized that the scenario you are in is grim. Low power, missing passengers, an AI glitching and of course, You, lost,  ALONE in the great nothingness.

WSATL is a demo with 3k words for something much more bigger.

The game includes player freedom ranging from options to change names up to the ability to roam freely in the lost ship.  

Enjoy 1080p visuals which is consistently executed with it's uncolored style

Majority of the assets came from the public domain and rerendered to fit with the game's theme.

The demo is created for #Nanoreno2019 and created within just 30 days. Even the demo is in it's early phase which means that it may come with grammatical errors and typos. 

Get it Here

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Hi! I am currently working on an interactive novel for #NaNoReNo2019 ! It is a cosmic horror experience and currently, I am satisfied on my work.

When Shadows ate the light

main menu screen

Currently, the game features around 35- 40 % of the main story.

Just like my first creations, this will feature some point and click elements giving you the ability to explore the ship.

The story revolves on a ship named SOL1999 along  with its missing passengers. 

If you want to, you can follow me on twitter for a much more behind the scene details.


Thanks for pointing it out. It seems that there are errors upon building the distribution copies, and for some reasons, the Mac build was built separately. I uploaded the Mac port so you can now download it separately. I'm deeply sorry for the troubles.

awwe Thanks!Goodluck on your Playthrough! Cheers!

awwe, Thank you very much! I appreciate everybit of your review! cheers

Awwe thanks ! And yes it is influenced by AkuNohana . I loved the playthrough as always ! Thanks for the feedback !

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After the canceled release yesterday, "Withered" is re- released again . Sorry for the troubles . The eye bloomed again .

The eye saw it . I saw it . 
I saw something I shouldn't have . 
I have done something.
I have done something bad .

The eye bloomed like a flower ;
 watered by an unending rain  
Whilst she slowly whiter away ; 
slowly rotting in vain .

What to expect :

*multiple ending variation
*Jumpscares ?
*Minimalist design focused on black and white aesthetics
*Unlockable Gallery

*Animated sprites

You can get it here

Game completion got delayed . sorry. This will be finished hopefully by the third quarter of 2018 . 

Nice artwork :D ~ Looking forward on playing this 

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Development progress goes slower than expected , but here is a screenshot of Whitney(player) conversing with her tiny little plant .   

Whitney's Mom :

Thank you very much ! Im working on different endings right now :D .  I am looking forward on completing this . :D

The kinetic mode : almost 90% complete , Includes two chapter and serves as an 'INTRODUCTION' for the whole game .

Ha! Thank you very much ^^

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An interactive visual novel focusing on depression . 

I'm introducing some point and click elements on my games and it really complemented my theme .

Here are my animated 'Menus'

The game will include choices and actions which gives different endings .

Features Point and click elements :


I'm hoping to expand the story a lot and maybe add more endings . 

I'm also working on extra contents such as an unlockable book which contains different poems and such .

I also made a twitter account dedicated on this game's development .

check  IT for more details .

I would like to hear your opinions regarding on this .

Thank you! 

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            An immersive visual novel with point and  click elements . revolves around the protagonist's dark past. You can  get it here