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Whitney and the talking plant

A topic by JP created Nov 23, 2017 Views: 298 Replies: 8
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An interactive visual novel focusing on depression . 

I'm introducing some point and click elements on my games and it really complemented my theme .

Here are my animated 'Menus'

The game will include choices and actions which gives different endings .

Features Point and click elements :


I'm hoping to expand the story a lot and maybe add more endings . 

I'm also working on extra contents such as an unlockable book which contains different poems and such .

I also made a twitter account dedicated on this game's development .

check  IT for more details .

I would like to hear your opinions regarding on this .

Thank you! 


Looks promising !

Ha! Thank you very much ^^

The kinetic mode : almost 90% complete , Includes two chapter and serves as an 'INTRODUCTION' for the whole game .


I just recently followed you on here and on Twitter since this looks really interesting! Love the style of it all.

Thank you very much ! Im working on different endings right now :D .  I am looking forward on completing this . :D

Whitney's Mom :

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Development progress goes slower than expected , but here is a screenshot of Whitney(player) conversing with her tiny little plant .   

Game completion got delayed . sorry. This will be finished hopefully by the third quarter of 2018 .