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Hi, i got good news, panic is going to fix this issue themselves, they will first put out a new SDK so we can test if it fixes everything and does not introduce new bugs then they will create a new firmware update and this should fix the problem in your game.

Hi your game crashes after firmware update 1.13 on playdate (released yesterday but not everyone receives it all together). I think It is related to this issue if i read the error screen

Hey thanks, there is always the random mode, if other game mode's are too difficult for you. But i admit the game can be brutally hard especially in the rotate mode (even the very easy levels are hard there)


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I tried out the game (quickly) on my Evercade on the indie heroes cartridge and i came by a bug related to the map screen where you are able to just end up in all kinds of different locations. when you are able to call the map screen (just anywhere in the game even at the start of the game) just hold that button (select i think it is) + the B button i think its (not sure hard to translate Evercade to Gameboy buttons) but if you hold those the map screen will flash erratically and when you let loose of those buttons and are on the map screen you press B you'll end up in random spots, out of all places in the game you come across by normally playing, outside the playing field. I don't know exactly which rom version the game on the Evercade cartridge is using but i was also able to reproduce it using the 1.2.5 "older" version of the game in BGB emu, but i have not really been able to reproduce it in the last regular edition 1.4 i think it is. Did this got fixed accidently by fixing another bug or was it a known bug all along that got fixed eventually as i could not find a mention of it in the patch notes ?
Edit i attached a video just in case it was not known and you like to investigate further but as said seems i can not reproduce it in latest version available for download here

nicely done game, good concept and i like the art style. Target times for gold etc are really nice also


I wonder if there is an easy way to see developpers doing crowfundings i can not seem to find a simple way to get a list of that. I can find a few of them using the page but i wonder if there is just a section somewhere where i can see all current crowdfundings happening so i can easier choose a developper / crowdfunding i want to support.


Please try to remember that there are people using azerty layouts in the world (like i do in my country). The current keyboard controls don't allow remapping so it's not possible to use Z (forward) Q (left) S (backward) D (right) (as i would with azerty). Having options to remap controls would be best option to fix this. Have fun further developping this game i know how hard it can sometimes be