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Inspector H

Space Landing Master

That makes sense! I released a major update yesterday and I was hoping to see it posted already, but I guess it will take some days or even weeks to show. 

I completely agree, that's an excellent suggestion. It should be clear what it's meant by sexism and racial intolerance. It's true that the phrase "content that promotes or participates" can be a bit vague or even subjective. So the solution would be being more specific in what is allowed and what is not tolerated. Clear and unambiguous, like you said.

When is this change / update going to be implemented?

Hi Veins! I'm glad to hear that you liked my game. Thank you for replying to my post as well. I'm happy that it could be part of this Jam, even without the ratings. Good luck with your submission, I think it will be among the top games!

You're right... or at least that's my impression too. My full time job is shipping agent, I work from home. It has indeed influenced my games, since it has provided me with a lot of free time that I can use to design / create. I also talked a bit about that in my latest visual novel. Regarding your last question... I don't know, perhaps I would be interested in developing games and actually getting paid, at least for a while.

Okay, thank you, it's submitted again. 

Thank you for making the game available to play on the browser. Great implementation. I loved reading about the author's artistic intent. I wish there were more games like this.

I got a 7 too!

I like the idea and how you're planning to structure the story offering his and her viewpoints. However, the choices are a bit limited. I wanted to choose the path to save the marriage, but I couldn't prevent the wife from flirting on the phone with Chris at night, or the husband from checking out the woman at the gym. 

My point is, thoughts matter. What you tell yourself (internal communication) is as important as your conversations with others (external). People can choose to dwell on certain thoughts (negative or positive) and that influences how they behave. I'd like the choices in the game to reflect that...

I've been married for a couple years (even though I'm still in my middle 20's), and I find that some aspects of the game are more or less realistics, but others are not completely credible.

Overall, great idea & plot, good images and sound effects... but the story needs some polishing. I look forward to the next part!

Great game! Fun to play, good animations and sound effects

Hi there! I submitted my game, Harem Inspection, to this jam. It is an adult game, but according to the rules that's okay as long as it does not contain porn or make it the main point of the game. I assure you my game does not contain porn. It is completely story-driven, focussing on narrative. That is why I would like to ask you to consider my game and not delete it from the submissions. At least not before you read the comments on the game page (see what people say about it) and play it yourself. Thank you for your consideration.

Great asset! I used it as a background for my visual novel. I credited you on the game description. Thanks so much. Great work.

I used one of the space backgrounds for my visual novel. Thanks a lot!

Thanks a lot! These are awesome landscapes, great quality and really beautiful. I used some of them as backgrounds for my visual novel. I gave you credit, linking to your profile.

Thank you for this free sprite! Hoshiko is one of the characters I chose for my visual novel. I gave you credit in the description.

Hi! I've included Rin as another character in my visual novel. Thanks a lot! I credited you on the game description, including a link to your profile.

Hi! Thank you for this asset. I chose Miki as a character for my visual novel.

Thanks! I used one of them for a character in my adult visual novel.

Thank you so much! I used the first track for the menu of my VN, Harem Inspection. I gave you credit on the description.

Hi! Thanks a lot! I've used some of your tracks for my VN game, Harem Inspection. I credited you on the game description.

Nice implementation of the game. It would only be better if you added the score for the player vs computer, so that you can keep track of who is winning. Just a suggestion!

Good simulation!

Cool game, fun to play. I like that you can adjust the difficulty in the settings. In the browser version there were no asteroids, however.

Nice game! I like the graphics and I love that the camera zooms in when the spaceship is aproaching the ground. I've managed to land successfully a couple times, but then the game just starts again (but with less fuel). It would be great to see a victory message, for example, or a score. Also, I'd like to know the speeds needed for the ship not to destroy when landing (how fast is too fast?).

My personal best record is 2564 :)

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Hi! This seems like a cool game! For some reason I can't get it to start... but I'd love to try it.

Good game! Simple but challenging and entertaining. I loved it. It inspired me to create my own space landing game.

Nice work, they look awesome.  I used many of them for my game. Thanks!

Awesome backgrounds! I used them for my game Space Landing Master. Thank you so much, they look great.

Thank you so much! I included a link to your page on the credits of my game

Awesome puzzle game! I love the idea and the design. Very entertaining and fun to play. 

Yes, I think I played the first 3 levels