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Thank you so much! Used this for a VTuber character and the Male pack for a few others for my Twitch stream as viewer redeems.

Your work is really solid and polished, and the assets were easy to work with.

Thank you so much! I used this to create some male VTuber characters for redeems on my stream (also used the Female sprites): 

Also included a callout to you and links to the packs in the video description.

Have a great week!

Hey, thanks for playing and posting a vid! :D Hope you enjoyed it!

Adorable, fun, fantastic concept. 👏

Thank you so much for the feedback, it means a lot to me. And you're welcome!

The concept is hilarious, but this is also implemented really well. The painting controls feel really good. Nice work, I plan to keep this one on my Quest to show others! :D

Thank you so much, happy to hear! 😄

Thank you so much, I'm really glad you enjoyed it! You've made my day. 😄

Thank you so much! :D

Thanks you so much, I'm glad you enjoyed it. 😄

You're welcome, and may your pilgrimage to Awakened Spinning be blessed.

Hmm, what browser are you using? I believe I've tested in Chrome and Firefox. If your browser has an ad-blocker built in (like Brave) or added, you have to disable it on Itch (not sure why, as the game doesn't use any ads).

Thanks for checking it out anyway!

Sorry that was your first one, I tried to clarify that it was pretty much a prototype. :'D

Thanks for your thoughtful feedback, it's cool to hear that you see potential in it! Maybe someday I'll pursue it further, but I didn't put the time I rather would've here since I was so short on time anyway.

Have a great day! No hard feelings on the low rating, other entries definitely deserve far greater praise. :)

I was skeptical when I first joined how much time I would be able to put in, or if it was a good idea for me to join at all. I got a working prototype, but I've got another game jam tomorrow and don't think I can put in more time at this point without being in really poor shape for the team.

I did learn some interesting new things with Three.js for Web 3D, and got a bit more comfortable with Blender. I think in the future, I'll avoid doing Game Jams alone though, as that seems to be where I fall behind the most.

I still submitted the prototype, and you can find it here if you're curious. I don't think the issue was scope, since most of the work you see I did in the course of 1 day (I've worked on this about 13 hours today); I think I need to be careful of taking on more projects right now and collaborate more in teams, though.

Thanks for the opportunity, and I wish everyone else here the best with their submissions!

Log #04: Movement

Nothing exciting today, an extremely light day. The player (an invisible cylinder) gets created and moves, carrying the camera with it. Movement isn't even set up yet to adjust to the camera's angle, but that will come.

Thanks! Yes, the maze will spiral around the mountain so you're moving all around it. I'm trying to figure out the best way to do that, as I feel like it could be really complicated, but technically speaking all I think I need to do is create a circular maze with the end in the middle and then wrap that around the mountain.

I definitely want to have some backtracking paths; you'll need to mark off areas that are dead-ends/backtracking as you go along.

There are a few different Maze Runner games (and movies), could you link me to the one you're thinking of? I'm not sure if it would match the mood I'm looking for, but I'd like to check it out. Thanks!

Log #03: Taking It Further

I brainstormed a bit more about practical needs and metaphor. Like, practically, making sand look good sounds hard, actually. I'd be pitting myself mentally against Journey's sand, and maybe that'll happen, but I'm not so sure.

I began sketching out perspective and how the maze could look, and stumbled up on an idea:

What if the maze wrapped around a mountain?

I briefly experimented with different types of shades (the walls and mountain ground need to be distinctly different). I figure if I start you at different random locations around the mountain, you'll have to find your way up, and it'll be a good challenge.

So you don't memorize a path, I think I'll mirror the maze every now and then too. Maybe. That might mess with your notes too much if you get detailed.

I'm not quite sure when this moves past "prep" to "actually making it" looks like. It all becomes a blur to me. But I have a script draft.

After the end of every journey (not sure if I'll call it a "death" or go with a more metaphorical term), a scripture will come up on the screen- up to 13 (after which point they'll no longer display). At the end of the game, when you reach the mountain, the seemingly random scriptures all have different elements that are pointed out and mentioned in a longer text segment.

This is all accessible in the doc I'm building in. w00t! It's a draft and has some weird wordings IMO, but it's late and I should probably edit when I'm more awake.

G'night! 😪

I look forward to seeing what you create, it sounds like you're looking at some really interesting programming challenges and ideas!

That sounds really neat! It sounds like it'd be great at keeping you on your toes as you're looking all around, keeping an eye out for enemies jumping on you from any direction.

That sounds really cool! I look forward to seeing how it develops. :)

Thanks! All right, sounds good.

Yeah, if I do this wrong it'll be extremely boring, although I think I can steer it into relaxing and maybe even cathartic. :) I'll need to figure out the balance between familiarity and change, but I think it can work.

I was thinking a full playthrough could be 20 minutes, and a character's life 5 minutes (maybe even less). With that length I can spend more time polishing. I think it's best if I encourage players to explore and jot notes reasonably quickly, but this game will definitely require experimenting with the pacing to find what's fun.

I have thought about puzzles and traps and think that could be fun, but players would need time to write codes/warnings before they die. I think I'll have to experiment with that once I start prototyping.

Log #02: Nite!

I need to go to bed, but here's my (WIP) Design Doc. It has the basic concepts and a section with brainstorming.

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Log #01: Hai!

So, I know #4 for Speedgame Join Instructions was: "Go to the “Community” section to post a DevBlog about developing your game." I'm not sure if that means we're supposed to all start our own forum topics on our progress? But that's what I'll do, I guess!

What up! I'm Josh Powlison. I've been a part of several game jams with teams (at least half of which were successful) and this will be my first solo one.


So after praying about it and looking I've picked:

Romans 15:4
"For everything that was written in the past was written to teach us, so that through the endurance taught in the Scriptures and the encouragement they provide we might have hope." (NIV)

The concept I have right now is a maze that you can traverse for a limited time. But then, your character fades away and you start the maze again with a new character- from a random point, and perhaps with the view rotated, so you can't just memorize a set path.

However, along the way, you have the ability to leave signs behind- so that when you restart, you can find the signs and re-orient yourself, eventually reaching the end.

I'm playing around with some other concepts- treasure chests that get buried beneath sand over time, walls crumbling and being built, other things that shift that you can put out signs for- but I think I could add all those aspects later. Those are bonuses if I have the time.

I'm thinking of doing first-person 3D for the game for a few reasons:

  1. Your view is blocked by more things, making it more interesting and confusing IMO to traverse, requiring you to depend on the signs.
  2. Making (very) simple 3D models look reasonably good seems easier to me than making 2D sprites or vector art.
  3. I don't have to design or animate a player character

Once I have some updates (maybe some concept art), I'll post it here. But this may be all I'm able to do tonight.


Hey all! Excited to be a part!

I definitely won't be hammering away for the whole two weeks, but hope to put aside enough time to make something worthwhile still. :)

Thank you for the feedback! :D

It speeds up if you get far enough, but you have to get past a few other difficulty spikes first. I don't know if anybody's made it that far yet.

Thank you! :D

The other cheerleaders are just putting you through your paces. XD

Thanks for the feedback!

Thank you! :D

I don't think that's pedantic, and I think you're right. The difficulty curve could be improved and maybe we could add more training segments too (if you didn't notice the training segments at the beginning, that's because we're doing our job right, mwahaha).

Thank you for your feedback!

Thanks! :D

WOW, we did not expect to win! Thank you so much to everyone who rated our game, and we look forward to creating more games for you in the future! :D

Thank you for your feedback! :D

We're hearing these comments loud and clear, and are starting to discuss making the concept into a full game.

Thank you for your feedback! :D

Also need to mention, you said the game was buggy, but spiders are technically arachnids, not bugs. Common mistake.

I think we could fix a lot of glitches though.


I know you said it was buggy, but spiders are technically arachnids. /denial

We're looking at these comments in our team and will definitely talk about developing this game further!

Thank you!

We had a few sound effects lined up, but unfortunately ran out of time. If we return to it, there's definitely a lot of spit-and-polish like that I'd love to add.

Thank you! :D

Dungeon level design is probably a good way to put it, we wanted it to be littered with traps.

The idea of developing it further was talked about a bit in the team. I'll definitely bring up that someone asked about it!

Unreplicable bugs are the best!

Thanks for the heads-up, hopefully this glitch doesn't rear its head for too many other people. That glitch could be tied into the fact that space continues and restarts a level, and also controls your flashlight, but I'd have to take a closer look at it.