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That was fantastic XD

From the outlandish dialogue... to the uselessly weak special abilities... to items that I don't even think any character could use... to foreshadowing that goes nowhere... to plot twists that come out of nowhere...

...this is high art.

I cracked up quite a bit while playing it. XD

Great, thanks! I feel silly for missing that. :`D

Is there a place where I can review the controls?

This is great. XD

Hey, I can't get past the first line in the first cutscene. I've tried using all my keyboard keys, in each of the versions (16-bit, 32-bit, 32-bit w/Vsync); what do I do to get past the first line?

I want to play it! I can tell this was made with a lot of love.

Also, is one of the three versions recommended by the devs?

Love the concept, it's fun!

You might just see a fidget spinner. You'd be like everybody else. But you don't see the truth BEHIND the fidget spinner, the metaphor between light and darkness, yin and yang, spin and still.

First: you care for your fidget spinner. Much like your soul and mind need rejuvanation constantly in order to perform at their peaks, so does your spinner. It is a reminder that when the lights go off, inside we sleep, and we must balance between keeping the lights on and letting ourselves be free from this world. The sponge obviously represents rejuvenation of the spirit, and the food represents the spiritual food we must consume in order to be truly whole and able to fulfill our purpose while pleasing the higher powers, much as this fidget spinner will go unused by most as it is dirty- yet here, the brilliance is a great being may still love and hold the fidget spinner and use it for its purpose despite its filth, fulfilling a  myriad of deep, relationship messaging.

And then we come to Flappy Spinner: in Flappy Bird the pipes would stop you, but it doesn't stop the Fidget. All that stops the fidget are moving outside of the screen- much like we stop and fail when we move outside the bonds of life- and the attacks of other people. But the pipes in life do not stop us. The coins are only a measurement, but they do not mark how far we progress. In fact, our greatest measure of progress, may just be how many pipes we are pushing through at any given time. Truly a deep and passionate retelling of the struggles of all humankind.

And then Spinner Hunt, which immediately blows expectations out of the water. You start by seeing a lone duck in the water- and, if you're like any other ordinary person, you try to shoot the duck. You cannot hit the duck. You cannot hit the target you were not made to hit. You were predetermined to hit the SPINNER, and so as it flies across the screen you shoot at it, and it vanishes, giving you more points over time. This reflects the futility of competition, in that while we will care for and tend to some spinners (your Spinnergotchi), we treat others as nothing- just as we treat our own children with more care and respect than the children of others, even rewarding ourselves more and more for when our own projects (and children) overtake more and more of the children/projects of teh world.

All in all, a beautiful representation of the fullness of life and the complexity of the world. This is high art- indeed, in the highest sense of the word.

Its inclusion in the "So bad it's good" jam is clearly a statement of irony.

Really fun!

Completed in 1:21! :D

I think the concept's really clever and fun! Interesting way to increase challenge over time.

I enjoyed it, thank you for the story! :D

I really liked it! I jumped into it without reading much description, and my name's Josh, so I was confused at first, like "How did they pull my name from my itch account?..."

Beautiful visuals, and I was looking for a short read with punch just like this! Thank you! :D

This was pretty hillarious, awesome work!