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Love your workand this is no exception. What a lovely and lush world!! Keep up the good work you magnificent beast!

Well i didn't get nearly as mutch time to work on this as i wanted. Just started modelling the surroundings but dang i'm slow.

I decided to tear down the disputed rebuild of the "Berliner Schloss" and instead put this Museum there. so i have a very good plan to build the sourroundings.

I have to adjust some proportions a little but i think i will not focu to mutch on super ritch graphics for now, for three reasons:

-no time

-no budget

-and i kind of want to see, if i can make it run on ipads, since i see kind of an potential there to introduce digital and game art to a broader audience.

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Finished the design for the exterior of the main hall. The idea was to make a strukture that resembles a triangle 3D Mesh but has also bearing elements to suggest it being a real physical building. I wanted to play with the idea of a place that shows art, that is only possible in a digital world but is still acting as close as possible like a real world museum as we know it.

Next steps will be a blocking out of the interior and after that placing some surrounding buildings and vegetation.

I plan to start actively looking for artist in about two weeks.

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Hello Itchies!

I Just started The work on my newest Project. I am building a Museums hall forvirtual and playfull arts. My plan is to build a platform for Digital, Virtual and Game Art where it can be shown in a museal context.  I am currently building a 3D model of a typical museum structure (entrance counter, cafe, banner, giftshop etc. )  this main hall will lead to diffrent rooms where art projects and some information on the artists will be shown. Just like a real life museum... but on you computer.

The plan is to do an open call for Artists every 3 months, where they can submit their work or ideas for virtual artworks (be it little interactions or just nice models but prefarably art that engages with its digital nature) and a short bio. The participating artists will then get acces to a git repocitory and get one room to form after their likings. If they have an already existing Projects or need help implementing their work i will support them as good as possible witht that but at least in the beginning  i can not accept whole games that are already done since the artworks need to be implemented directly in the museum.

Iwill start a jam for the first open call when i'm finished, but feel welcome to already apply here in the comments or share your suggestions or ideas.

Cheers and until soon,


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Hey Backslap,

I made ashort art game. Would love to get some critique on it !


Sounds nice.  Are you goingt to release the articles here om itch too? Community » Game Development » Devlogs · Created a new topic Erl

Hey lovelys,

I just released my new game "Erl". I made this Devlog for upcomming patches. 

The next thing i'm planing to do is to rework the spawner for creatures in the first level since it has quite some issues.
If i can find the time i will also update some of the animations.

Please tell me about any bugs you run into here as well .

I will ceep you guys updated.

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Finaly with a little delay my new game "Erl" is now released. Hope you guys like it !

You will find yourself in the swamps of arrival, walk through the spheres of philosophy and party with the gods.

finaly it's live

With a little delay, the game is now ready for release.... just have to wait for itch to extend my upload limit by a bit.

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Hello my lovely community. In a few days i will release my short game "Erl", i was working on the last two months.
You will find yourself in the swamps of arrival, walk through the spheres of philosophy and party with the gods. 

It would mean a lot to me if you would check it out. I will make the game page public once the game gets released (probably the 5th of October).


Thank you :)

We will keep your feedback in mind for our next project!

Thank you for the feedback !

player feedback is definitely something we will consider much earlyer in the next Project.