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Fun fairy game with a heart for clean. I found getting the water bubble to be fun and bringing plants to life. the day cycle is a good idea.

First took a while to figure out to use right-mouse click to go back in the settings, having it be in Spanish and very tiny was interesting, so having some text to say what to use would be helpful.

Found it confusing to what the icons mean in-game, after a few tries kind of understood some of what I wanted to collect, don’t know what mental darkness is but thinking its bad, the moon icon was too cute not to collect.

The bench with people brings it to life wish I could see people walking around during clean up. It also breaks a little if you go inside, after sitting on the bench I wasn’t able to pick up 4 pieces of trash.

It was repetitive day to day to do the same thing, nothing changed after day 3, I would of like filling the water in bird baths, having be able to plant flowers would be nice.

The music and fairy art was fun overall and would like to see where it goes.

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Thank you for playing and unlocking the achievements, as for the flying saucer issue, it needs to fly above terrain or falls (had a fix that would bring you back onto the H pad, might be a check mark that was missed) due to time constraints, loosing half the project, salvaging it back.

The explore mode was going to have more, but ran into more issuse that had to fix or no game would be released, made some cuts.

In regular game, for the longest time the player would just go through the fence,that took a week to fix.

I do appreciate the insight on what I could include or not, the timer is stopped when you pause, had a few other issuse dealing with timing issuse to fix I just had it set active off and on.

If any item get out or fall they return to there starting position. So same with bones, key, socks (the socks can get stuck but do go back to there starting point, a matter of timing and grabbing).

A devlog on some of the process, issuse, fixes that were made, I added to show it was not smooth tailing (sailing).

A lot was under the collar of that underdog Sky.

I will take what I can improve on to make the next project or game and take it to new heights.

I wanted to add an intro with a tutorial on the controls (3d scripts can be a little fussy). Make way more item to interact with. Walks you would go on, etc.

Thank you for the feedback. I wish you the best in your game dev journey too.

Please put what you think the theme should be, we look at discord too so if you already put one no need to put the same here, make it unique.

Pick a creative theme to use for our next jam. If you have already put in on the discord page we will use it, we go through a combine similar theme so be unique.

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Fun mash up between one of my favorite board games, I think I found the perfect set up. Once I get everyone past the middle board I could go on forever, keep it up this may be the future of chess as we know it. A few things about chess which doesn’t matter but if you could castle in a new way that would be fun or to be able to queen the pawns.

Not first orb it was near the end, I believe it was red in color.

the mash up game is cool and fun. Adding cover for the player and tbh a little creative spice to make it not just a mash up but a unique game all together, like the Tetris pieces being the ships in Spaced invaders and building a walk in front of you. Has a lot of potential. Keep up the creative ideas and apply your skills to the next update or project.

Love the style of game and how you used the two different worlds as a way to finish the puzzle. All that is really missing are something to swing the sword or use a shield as well, I really like the art and the animations, a winning the game animation would be awesome, something like him lifting his sword up or something. Keep up the great work!!!

I enjoyed mixing the solutions, so many to choose from and not sure how I won tbh lol I had fun playing, seeing the patterns which changed during the next game which gave it more of a clue for the genuine cook book for elements. The art was fun the only thing that was missing would be some sounds effects to pouring or glass *tink when picking it up. Love the graphics too fun pixel art.

As much as I hate dealing with ants, this was really fun to play and had great sfx, music, and made me feel like you could make it into a series. A little unsure how I beat the queen I got the food and eggs smashed and then had the queen knock down the rocks in every corner then victory! great job keep up the good team work as well. Build on top of your strengths, that is how you get a classic.

Fun game but a few visual glitches and the zoom when attack was hard to focus my guy. I really like the pixel style and music was fun. It was hard to see where you pick up the sword and shield from, maybe a glow around where you hit e to pick up. the gps icon was super cute, it only worked for the first time, but it made me feel I needed to go into a building. Keep it up I can’t wait to swing a sword again.

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Really good execution on the game, made me wanting more of the story and I really liked the character and enemies art work. I found if I made it to the vertical part of the map if it was my first run and the darkness is coming at me from the left it will pause or wait letting me finish talking to the orb for the first time. second I could also let the darkness coming from the top to let it pass and I could just continue without any worry except the spikes. It was fun seeing such a deep story telling, on top of the game play. I saw the credits when I bet the game but wasn’t able to open it up from the menu.

I liked the music and wish it had more tracks. Keep up the great work!!!

I really like the game, also a nice educational one with a bit of fun. The graphics were super cute and fun to control, had a little hard time with the boats felt like I couldn’t get out of the way fast enough. But I like the whale wearing glasses. Keep it up I could see this being a mobile game even a nice educational one too. Nice job on the sfx and story.

Really liked the story and build up to the game, felt like a classic arcade game and would like to see more, maybe different levels of music and sfx with the lighting and other enemies. I really like the pass of the over all game and how you could continue even if you dies. If you added a score to be able to skip or something to push players to achieve a highscore would be added fun. Keep up the hard work!!!

This was a fun dynamic to play a wizard and robot dinosaurs which is a genre I would enjoy seeing more of. I like the elements but would be fun to have them change the elements around you i.e fire melts ice or ice freezes robots but not destroy them. A lot of potential for adding to this fun game. Keep it up!

The web version didn’t work so I downloaded it. I like the simple game play, but Space bar didn’t do anything, I had no enemies and I could collect the stars forever, I could tunnel to another part of the ship. But I could see this being really fun with music and effects. The icons seemed to jump around when moving making the turns and having a goal with some difficulty. Keep it up and apply what you learn to the next project or game.

Cute Among us clone that felt like a board game or classic turn base. If players have to read a lot its hard to make it exciting. I would suggest a demo play through video or icons highlighted as helpful hints, I see the ? are for (they didn’t work for me) but it was a lot to read which takes away from playing it. Nice job on putting it together and next game you make you can put your own created icons to give it more character. Keep it up!!

I really like the puzzle jumping, the ability to effect your jump with the rock is very nice, along with the gravity difference was fun. A few things that would get frustrating is the collisions are a little exact, giving the spikes a little room when walking up to them would be helpful or having a spawn point where you don’t start all over on the harder maps (pass the tricky jump) I learned as soon as you hit the top of the screen to turn and throw a rock, maybe a hint on the jump. I know it was said but having an indicator saying if you have a rock or not would go well, I thought I needed to be in that spot but learned I can pick up another rock if used. Great Job!!!

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I liked the feel of the game, I really like the graphics and story of saving the world. Some things to help aid the player to where they need to go maybe a highlighted arrow and to be able to skip dialog or having the timer extended, I might have time to report it to authorities lol I liked the laser. Keep it up, it put me in the seat of saving the world. =D

Theme: **Foreign Entity ** (Something that doesn’t normally belong)

Hardcore Jam constraint: **In the style of a board game **

Foreign Entity (Something that doesn’t normally belong)

Please provide a theme for the jam, it should be something that isn’t too specific but understandable, creative and fun.

Theme will be picked and revealed at the start of the jam.

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Please provide a theme for the jam, it should be something that isn’t too specific but understandable, creative and fun.

Theme will be picked and revealed at the start of the jam.

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I played both and seeing the improvements of your idea and how you got the pieces to play together. I had a lot of fun as a turtle probably my favorite animal. I loved the used of theme and puzzles to get to the star! Great work!

The music was fitting for each season too, nice touch for the V2

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Thank you for your eagerness to participate in our jam. One of our rules is that the game must be made within the time frame of the jam. This is perfect for our practice jam

Also the states made it so looking up was kind of hard to tell what was ahead of you. Just a little UI tweaking, I wanna know more about the little guys life and home hehe Great Job!

Super cute little main character, I like how you have the elements play the role on your “snowball” “fireball” or “rock” when I got to the oil, I was like oh ok, I really had a lot of fun and can see this being a full game just make the transitions between levels a little easier, maybe a puzzle to light a candle / melt and free something from ice. All in all very nice work. You made the music/art/sfx! very nice! keep it up this would be a fun world to put other people in and interact with them, help them light a cave or put fire on to keep them warm. :D keep it up!

my oil fun:

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Do you have a discord so we can fix the upload? I can remove it from the jam and then you can upload the patched web build. let me know what you wanna do.

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It seems that the game looked to be made outside the timeline of the jam, Noticed it was uploaded to GBA Jam 2021 - 58 days before the deadline.

This seems like a good game for our practice jam. Keep it up, look forward to the future skills you can bring to the table.

stay Jolly

This is very much how AAA games look at the start, very crude because you don’t want to waste money on re-work. A boss once told me all work is 80% re work. So I try to avoid re work, if it is just a place holder, it will be fine lol Keep it up! I can’t wait to see where your new skills will bring you!

That looks so cool, you are feel to put the game into the practice and have a patched version for after the jam, to show off the improvements!

Keep it up!

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Even with a non finished game, I still finished ( I missed a few fires ) It just need a few polishing but the core game is there! Great work and for future critical thinking, I think it would be cool to have a gauge to tell how much water you have and maybe collectable bottles. I really like the art. Keep it Up!

even walking around with the game telling me I wont die, that was sweet of the game ;)

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Got to play the updated version, I love the fish and the ice trays, I would totally play this as a real game. All it needs is some effects and music. You are well on your way. The way you applied the art with the new character is on point. Love it all! great work!

Also thank you for the special thanks :D I am glad I was able to help in any little way I did :D

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Just needs to be public for people to see the page :D

I believe the game is still under private cannot open the page error 404.