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The game doesn't work

Cool game but the UI is very small i can't see anything clearly.

I don't know how to play the game

Thank you for your feedback. Yes, spawning enemies is in little area if you leave it, you will not find anything to eat. Also, that's a his health bar, it can't increase and the other is a hunger bar increase by eating enemies

cool game!it just need a score system to make it more fun

like the art and limatation!


cool art and oncept but there is no goal for the game like score or level ending.

cool idea! but is there an ending?

good job! i enjoy the game but it need more art work 

very nice presentation, i like the art

i enjoy the came it has a good concept

Like the game. It's the best endless runner so far

I really like the art and music , very good presentation

Thank you 😊 and i like the pointer idea maybe I will add it

cool game, i like the music and concept but if youm dash to many time to the wall you can pass throat.

it was a problem but i reupload the game, it's working now

it was a problem. and i fix it you can play now

sorry about that! i just fix the problem.

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That a great idea ! But i accidentally I delete my game file when i was updating the game

I am 16 and I have a little experience with gdscript and python but I am a bad level designer

hi! is the chaos need to be made by the player