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Cool game i wasn't knowing if you did the gamejam exited to see the vid.

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Thank you for the long comment.

I'm the programmer. The artist is only doing drawings so its my job of animating, slicing ... And its the same for the sound desinger he just gave me the mp4 of the music and soundFX but i didn't have the time to implement the soundFX. 

lso you propably knew this(cause of my username) but i'm only eleven so the rest of my team are just my parents(and my sister helped me with the thumbnail) so i'm the only intersted in gamedev and Unity. 

Finally the W button is not a bug i just forgot it. And if i changed the goal the theme should be more is less. 

But thank you a lot for the comment.

Consider checking my game out

Consider taking a look at my game. What i want to say is that you need to think of where is the most strategic point to place the golems

The art is great and mixes good to the music although taking an enemy is quite boring maybe you should add conveyer belts which leeds the golems to take more time to get there (so you need to think more) 

But overall good job

The art is truely great the only problem is that the controls are pretty slow so its complicated to avoid the satelites

Please consider taking a look at my game

Thank you a lot for comparing the art to Blackthornprod

The idea of the game is simple but well executed but please change colors a bit this palette should suit it also the wait time between waves is a bit slow and the background is also a bit empty. But overall great job.

i did not noticed sr

I really liked apart from the fact its a bit difficult moving around maybe turn up mouse speed but the art was AWESOME also please check my game out

How did you play if the game wasn't loading? Are faking ratings?

I liked it except for the slow controls

Check out my game please

Sorry for the controls gonna change that after the jam. We saw the problem of garbage pretty early so we added a particles system but apparently it was confusing. And if you haven't noticed your weight goes up by the amount of garbage you have.  Thank you a lot 

To move you need tu use the arrow keys and the jumping works with the top arrow key.

In which way was it confusing: weren't  the controls clear or something else. Thx you for your help

You  need to congratulate the player for toutching a tile not ltting them a chance to die. but nice job

You cant jump

Thx for making it AZERTY i am also from belgium so th

The WebGL dont wor

sorry forgot to rate your game 

i gonna do it

i think you missed the textbox at the start

please rate my game

Nice puzzles but i am stuck at the level with the gap can you make the spawns with a delay

hi try my game i am gonna rate yours

this i my game

Rate my game

Nice game i just lost my to poeplewhen i go into bushes and i think its more exiting if there are more blueprints or if you rewind cost is diminud

hey try my game

the idea is great but maybe the controls arent perfect try optimize it but for your first jam this is impressive

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please check out my game

nice game but way to difficult if your expanding your game try balance it a bit

Rate my game i am currently trying your game

my game

please rate my game

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nice game but at some point i am stuck i would be nice if clones can go up platformers and toutch buttons it would ad a extra perspective

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it would be nicer with a higher jump but really good

Mettalica 100 i am the besssssssssssssssst