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You cant jump

Thx for making it AZERTY i am also from belgium so th

The WebGL dont wor

sorry forgot to rate your game 

i gonna do it

i think you missed the textbox at the start

please rate my game

Nice puzzles but i am stuck at the level with the gap can you make the spawns with a delay

hi try my game i am gonna rate yours

this i my game

Rate my game

Nice game i just lost my to poeplewhen i go into bushes and i think its more exiting if there are more blueprints or if you rewind cost is diminud

hey try my game

the idea is great but maybe the controls arent perfect try optimize it but for your first jam this is impressive

Rate my game

please check out my game

nice game but way to difficult if your expanding your game try balance it a bit

Rate my game i am currently trying your game

my game

please rate my game

(1 edit)

nice game but at some point i am stuck i would be nice if clones can go up platformers and toutch buttons it would ad a extra perspective

rate my game

it would be nicer with a higher jump but really good

Mettalica 100 i am the besssssssssssssssst

please try my game

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i got 97 on Mettalica!!!!!! 

Just by pressing every all keyboard letters at the same time but i dont  use the rewind because you lose time by pressing the r; but nice game

sorry i havent see you can

The idea is nice but the lava comes to fast and the art is great

Got the same error

try my game

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nice game but to out of control and also ad the most juice as you can i feel like it could be better &

please rate my game

it's a like search game but the 2 level the rewind bug and try to make a game like that with

please rate my game

The game is great and the controller is amesome do you have tips to make a good platformer controller like this

Interesting game great puzzles but double jump not explained

try my game

rate my game

Nice gamebut  its a little short