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Thanks for the clarification.
As I don't look at the web demo, I was not aware of that.
Looking forward for the real games ... especially as this concept
could be the basis of a terrific game (arcade action / local cooperation).
Best wishes!

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Could it be that the zip-files are still the old ones ... i.e. I just got the old ones ...
Would be very interested to get hands on the updated version. Really nice game!

It is already announced on GOG (as usual GOG starts
with listing only Windows ...):

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as promised we have tested the latest version 0.8 again and can say that it is improved from 0.7 (so it is ok - but not free of bugs).
We were glad to see the announcement for your game on GOG -
and hope that the Linux version will arrive at the same time.
If testing is needed, just put a Linux version on GOG Offline installer
so I can buy it there and test it (unfortunately one does not know
if Linux version is there if it is not mentioned on the product
page ...).
The graphic problems from sewer outlets are still there, which I had reported for 0.7.

These graphics bugs occur with GNU/Linux version on
AMD system (Navi 10 aka Radeon RX 5700 XT) with
Linux 5.11 and Mesa 21.1.3 and also with Linux 5.13 and
Mesa 22.1.1.
Hope this helps - if it has not been fixed yet.
Best wishes,

That's great news - so I hope it will also come to
GOG soon after getting vailable on Steam so we can buy the final version.

Concerning the problems with version 0.8 we could not reproduce them any more.
As it was announced that no future version would come to, we did not report the trouble with 0.8 back.
I looked into it and shortly after release a friend reported
to me that there are extreme graphics problems on
his system (Mint, Intel/Nvidia), while 0.7 ran without
any problem there.
So we have checked it again on his machine and everything workes now ... additionally I have quickly
checked on my AMD machine and it looks good, too.
But as after release of 0.8 it was reported that the blending bug is still there (which I reported fo my AMD
system for 0.7), I will test that on my  machine soon
(but have to play through it - 0.8 ony use the unlocked
shoes of 0.7, not the unlocked regions).
If we find any problem with 0.8, I will report it back.

Will there be a GNU/Linux version or is it now Windows only? If Linux version is still planned, will it also come to GOG?
Unfortunately, the last version on is broken - I have
the last working version on Linux, but the current version
on is not usable at all.
See my comments and bug reports on main
Anger Foot thread.

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I really like Anger Foot, but it was a shock that the last version was broken on and not fixed.
Normally is used to get a game in a state
without problematic bugs ...
Additonally, the Steam offering is Windows only.
So will you fix the game on - or at least plan
to offer a GNU/Linux version on GOG?
While there are great games published by Devolver Digital, several ones (especially for GNU/Linux)
are utterly broken (like Disc Room or The Red Strings Club) and requests will stay unanswered.
So shedding light on your plans would be nice.
If a Linux version will be present on GOG, I will sure buy
your game ... and will continue to help to get bugs fixed.

As my friend reported that with his Mint 19 (= Ubuntu 18.04 LTS)
with  Nvidia Graphics he does not see the graphic bugs (neither
in FullHD nor  in 4k), I just tested it again and will provide further info:
My HW is AMD system (AMD Zen 2 {Ryzen 5 3600} & RDNA1 /
Navi 10 {Radeon  RX 5700 XT}) using 4k;
1st used OS was Kubuntu 20.10 STS Groovy (EoL) with
Linux 5.11.16 and Mesa 21.1.3 both via PPA - my gaming platform
I can gatantuee that  no graphic bugs have occurred in Unity games
(having more than 270 Unity  games all tested on that system).
I checked with KDE neon partition (HWE kernel 5.11.0-41 &
Mesa 21.3.1 kisa  PPA) and the blinding bugs are just the same ...
so does not seem to be a  driver problem ...
I hope this can help to bring some light for getting a fix.


nice to see a lot has been improved in Anger Foot 0.7.

The different shoe updates are suited and nice and
the football session with grenades is a brilliant idea.
And thanks a lot for fixing the crosshair bug under GNU/Linux.

We found two new bugs playing under GNU/Linux which would
be great to get fixed and available here to test it before
the final release:
1) In Sewer Town Level 3 the outlets are blinding when looked at
from a distance:

2) After using Holy Sandal we saw a white cloud with a black symbol; and even after changing shoes we saw it covering the foot
when kicking:

I hope the screenshots helps to fix the bugs.

For the final version we would be happy:
a) if controller (we use Logitech Gamepad F310) is fully supported
    which should be easy using Unity;
b) if the game will also be available at GOG (especially to be able
    to use European payment methods).

Best wishes - and keep up the excellent work!

Nice to see 1.1.1 also for the demo.
Unfortunately your game is  not on GOG - so only available DRM free
with payment methods of USA.
But thanks for the refresh of the Demo version.


thanks a lot for your work!

We tested 1.2.30 for several hours in 2 player endless mode and
no bug could be detected - while achieving a new highscore. Great!

And nice to see Unity 2020.3.23f1 (since 1.2.29).   :)

Best wishes,


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thanks for your work.

Today we tested your latest version 1.2.27 (19.11.2021):

We encountered a new bug (in endless mode with 2 local players):
2 times same problem with helicopter - after first seeing rockets,
suddenly there are just pixels, no rockets (still firing - sound as if
everything is OK), B (get out or vehicle) does  not work - till I get
shot (being player 1) ... my friend had not that problem, but was
in heli only once. This problem never occured before ... .

The problem to get stuck at the bottom of the screen may be hard
to trigger; so it did not occur today (i.e. yesterday ;) ... but we will
keep an eye on that, too.

Best wishes,



thanks a lot for your work!

Concerning point 2:
We have just tested your new version 1.2.20 (celebrated with
a new highscore ;) and can confirm that now the controllers are put
in the order they are used - very convenient - just great!

Unfortunately, point 1 which is a seldom bug but was available
before the latest engine update if I remember correctly is still
there - I was in the Jeep and was shot by a tank when I was
in the bottom region so lost my vehicle but could only move
to the left or right - not upwards.
As my friend ran to the bottom (co-op endless mode), I got free.
So not a big problem - but this little bug is still there.

For us playing your game was just a perfect experience ...
really nice how the game still evolves.

Best wishes,



Thanks for your game engine update
Unity 2020.2.1f1 => Unity 2020.3.21f1

in version 1.2.18 of 24.10.2021.

We keep on playing Rush Troopers on a regular basis.
It is still a great experience and even while specifically looking
for bugs we have just discovered three relatively minor points:

1) One may get stuck at the bottom or top of the screen when disembarking from vehicles or when the vehicle explodes,
i.e. one can no longer move towards the middle of the screen.
In most cases this is only a matter of time ...
as soon as the other player approaches the game continues normally.

2) When playing with two controllers (e.g. Logitech F310), they are
assigned to players in a fixed order if both are plugged in from
the beginning. It would be nice if this could be changed so that
P1 is assigned to the controller whose button is pressed first
(we understand that this is not an easy change - but maybe this
 could be addressed one day).

3) The terrain types (City, Jungle, Forest etc.) are quite different
concerning the attack patterns, enemies, and vehicles used.
So it would be fitting to have separate highscores for these areas.
The highscores we CAN reach in different terrains are certainly
not the same.

Best wishes - and thanks for your excellent work!


I have not played it yet (will try to get it running with a friend, though) ...

Form the description and the menu (I started the Linux version) it looks promising.

Is the game hardcoded to your server and there the appropriate room is created or how does this online PvP via Unity work?

It may be a lot to ask - but would it be possible to add a local PvP mode with two controllers (or two keyboards - but I have seen the 2 keyboards treated as two devices only once in a game) later?

But really nice idea and design -  great!

Best wishes,


Well, PC does not mean Windows - there is GNU/Linux, too (and maybe some more PC OSs ...

Would be nice to see a Linux version some time ...   ;)

It is more an action title than a simulation - which is a good thing (from my point of view, at least ;).

Just some 1st impressions (testing it under GNU/Linux on with 'Logitech Gamepad F310' controller with a friend):

- controlling direction/steering seems not (very) important

- controller support works, but should be improved:

  o left analogue stick (LS) is too sensitive in menus - so one has to use      D-PAD as LS is not usable in menus ... this should be changed as

    it is not common to use D-PAD ...

  o 1st we were not able to use 2 controllers ... when it worked, it was not

    the same quality as playing alone (seems much less responsive)

  o only one controller could initiate pause/menu by Back button ...          and unfortunately that controller changed mid game (or when starting      the locMuPl mode) - would be better when both controller can initiate      pause (i.e. start button invokes main menu) and also to determine      P1 and this major controller by 1st button pressed and keep it till      the game is closed.

Would be nice if the demo would be updated in case the game is improved (and will directly test it in that case), so one can judge about the quality before buying this game.  From my point of view it is interesting ... but not ripe for a full featured game from a technical perspective.

By the way ... is there some intent to put it on other platforms like GOG later  (I like, but unfortunately there are only payment methods common to USA, not EU - so e.g. PaySafe is not possible on, unfortunately).

Best wishes - and keep up your good work!


thanks for your work - the graphics really improved a lot which increases the immersion. The last update also increased performance.

Unfortunately, the crosshair is still missing on GNU/Linux and the mouse cursor (the foot) is only seen as flickering vertical stripes (I witnessed it on AMD Ryzen 5 3600 & RX 5700 XT/Navi10 with version 0.6 while on 0.5 it was OK - while on Intel & Nvidia system this problem is not visible even with 0.6, while here the big right speaker falls over on the title screen which does not occur on the AMD system).

Could both, the disappearing of the foot mouse cursor and the crosshair, be connected, as they may be overwritten and thus be most times invisible?

Additionally I find it strange that the big toe is the center - as one could not make a break test with it (e.g. in Taekwon-Do - which was in my mind when first played this game so I associated with the new foot mouse cursor and needed some time to get it how to select with it ;). The center would be more appropriate in my opinion.

Best wishes - and keep up your great work,



I just spotted your game "64 Fists" which is fun. Unfortunately one can not add a comment over there. Are there any plans to use the nice graphics (added pixels) in game? Another question concerning a really small window (at least on 4k screen) of fixed size: Could there be a FullScreen mode? I think it would be worth to get it some more levels and a little care ... a really nice start.

Best wishes!


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It is present from the 1st second till the end. But it is maybe better to show than to describe:

# Deleted download link as planned.

This is a 26 MB video (e.g. played by VLC) with starting and playing the game ... it shows the problem clearly. Hope this helps to identify the problem. And please tell me when you downloaded it so I can delete it on my site - don't have much space as this is not for multimedia content. ;)

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As you said a very short experience - but a lovely one. Could be a nice start for a cute adventure game. Playing under Linux I saw three things which might be improved on: (1) While options are there they are not saved. So when setting English, return to the main menu it's English, starting game and going back it is French again. Would be nice if the options could be saved - also for a new game after exiting the game still keeping the former settings. (2) Another point is that both unicorns can go apart with one no longer being visible ... would be better that both have to stay in visible range as if an unknown force keeps both from getting apart - as otherwise one disappears (but local Coop really fits to this game). (3) A last possible change would be support for gamepads ... would be great! But all in all a very nice start for a cute relaxing big adventure! Would be cool to see updates of this game ... and seeing it improving ...   ;)

I think that the concept is nice and could be fun - but playing the Linux version there is a screen shake like multiple earth quakes which makes it unplayable ... maybe the next version may solve this problem.

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Really nice game - cute - and fun to play. I just tested 0.4.0 on Linux and one has to directly start to see the game. When selecting Fullscreen one is stuck in a grey screen with fullscreen icon to the left and the rest empty - and one has to abort - same when using other option and even when not deleting one is not back in the menu but put into that gray screen like invoked by Fullscreen with the fullscreen icon being the only thing visible ... but I am curious how this game will evolve with time.

I was just presented after an interruption of the game with:

"An error has acquired during the game was running. Please feedbac

k this error to the Author. Press "Start" to restart the game."

That 'Start' button is without function, no hint of an error - music still playing ... seem like error under Windows - no info at all ... strange!

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I wanted to play your game under Linux ... and invoking the binary it 1st wanted to include it into DE menues (no good thing for a binary to do this) and then just produced a Segmentation fault (not related to the entries it seems). So 'SpaceTappers\(v1.0.6\)-linux.AppImage' does not run ...

OK, I checked and two other GDevelop games of 2019 did crash the same way - while the 2020+ GDevelop games are running ... quite strange - but not the fault of the game but the code of the engine, as it seems ...

Hi, it is really cute ... just one point: Z-X is no good selection for control key as they are next to each other on US layout - but not on all keyboard layouts. Maybe A-S or X-C would be better - or just cursor keys < - > ? Thank's for your work!

Great funny game!

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That's a terrific game. Would be nice if fullscreen (and then an exit option on the main screen) and controller support could be added ... playing with mouse and Ctrl-key is OK, but windowed mode with mouse is not nice - when not bringing the window to full size, of cause. ;)

If controller would be supported, a local multiplayer mode would be spectacular.

This is a really funny concept ... well worth to be extended. It's just great!

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after my comment on 08.11.2020 I did not play the game - but played it today.

Maybe you could make a small update - just that one may test the game and help to get it in shape - and I don't mean the graphics - this part is clearly the strong side of the game and it is perfect for a retro game.

Maybe you could create a "quit" option to the main page easily - and maybe also giving a version number here.

Concerning Linux I would include a start script "" - and as since 15 years the PC is 64 bit and Linux distributions in most cases no longer provide 32 bit install images, one could just start it using the 64 bit binary - so an easy script "" like:


# for Baby Bjorn

# see:

cd linux64


cd -


will do the job - and setting executable flags to this script and binary:

chmod guo+x linux64/nw

under GNU/Linux make it work out of the box.

Would also love to see that XBox-compatible controllers like the Logitech Gamepad F310 will work, as this would fit perfectly to your game.

If you need testing concerning Linux I would be happy to help.

Best wishes - and keep up your good work!


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Subject: Segmentation Problem under Linux solved (AMD GPU related) - new problem with Logitech F310 gamepad (detected but not usable).


I had commented about problems under Linux with demo 0.30 on

08.11.2020 ... and yesterday I got a second GMS game (also 32 bit) where I got a hint about the segmentation fault under Linux.

It is related to new AMD graphics (maybe concerning the free stack used by GNU/Linux distributions) and can be fixed with a parameter - I had tried all and the 1st worked and showed that the graphics stack is responsible (but no HW acceleration ... no real option - but the demo ran in more than 30 fps) - the last one was correct for my Navi 10 (Radeon RX 5700 XT) graphics card - now showing just 60 fps constantly) - but maybe this list may help others - so I do give all options here (this worked with demo 0.30 {= 63} and the latest 0.32 {= 67}):

LIBGL_ALWAYS_SOFTWARE=1 ./Zordak  # no HW acceleration - 1st test

R600_DEBUG="vs,ps" ./Zordak

R600_debug=check_vm ./Zordak

AMD_DEBUG=ps,vs ./Zordak

radeonsi_sync_compile=true ./Zordak  # works for Navi 10

So now I can test the game and my graphics card no longer provokes a segmentation fault by GMS.

I tested on Kubuntu Groovy (20.10 STS; using Kernel 5.10.16 and Mesa 20.3.2 ;).

Unfortunately despite both demo versions (former 0.30 and current 0.32) detecting my Logitech F310 gamepad, both can not use it. Is this problem known - and maybe a workaround available?

Best wishes,


P.S.: Sorry, just saw now that controllers are not supposed to work right now. The other program had also controller issues, so I hoped this can be cleared here (due to detecting it) - in case it has something to do with GMS. So will check other possibilities. But would be nice if this could be addressed ... gamepad control would fit to this game. ;)

(3 edits)

New info: "Linux version works!" in new comment above (on 13. Feb. 2021) - as these comments used demo 0.30 {= 63} - and now 0.32 {= 67} is available.


I just spotted your new game and I gave it a try on Linux.

I wanted to use controller, but the selected point in menu is not always highlighted in yellow - so I use mouse in such cases.

Unfortunately I don't understand the logic of the game. X (look back) has no function (?), movement is sometimes one field, sometimes one field is 3 steps and one can not change direction if one is not in the center of a field (my impression).

Additionally the torch guy looks not always in the direction of movement ...

I occasionally threw one torch - but could not reproduce it - seems when arriving at a formerly burning torch it is no longer burning ...

I got once to a portal and could select an update - selected heart - but I am not sure if something changes / what it changes.

Best wishes,


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It's a really promising game ...

I played it under GNU/Linux and enjoyed kicking ...  ;-)

In the hope that it will be further developed I would like to ask for some changes:

1) Control for kicking:  As E for kicking is also on F (which is great) I would like to have this function on the middle mouse button/wheel when clicking, too.

2) Controls for movement:  Similarly I would like the WASD functionality (movement) also mapped on Cursor-Up|Left|Down|Right.

3) And as all good things are three - changes to the seetings menu:

o Esc should always invoke the settings menu and here one may exit the game (not by pressing Esc) ...

o Maybe this menu can show current version number ...

o In case the additional keys mentioned above may cause trouble for some it may be switched on as additional switches in this settings menu.

Best wishes - and keep up the good work!


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Thanks a lot.

We can confirm that the bug is fixed - and we managed to break our old high score ... ;)

So the score is no longer reset to 0.

Edit: Yes, there is fresh air for improvements concerning Top Score:  

It's a new challenge now - very nice!

Thanks a lot for fixing it. We will test it on the weekend if the new version is available then. Great work! *

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Yes, as mentioned we tested the current version 1.2.15 and saw this message playing `2 Player' & `Endless Mode' - but we noticed from your former comment that you fixed something similar - so maybe a special case (caused by e.g. reviving) still faulting - and yes, we get this "hit chain +100" message when the score got reset and we both died. This happens also in between (so maybe several times zeroed before the final count is achieved ... so we don't know how effective we really are ... but playing just for fun is not touched by that bug - it's only the statistics ... :) but we are mostly too busy to get a feeling about the conditions triggering the score to get zero.

Thanks for the comments about the weapons ... and yes the weapon balance has improved ... so the remark is not a criticism but only a wish to keep the flow in Coop non-stop mode. It is really something contemplative for me ... just reacting by instinct ... really refreshing ... ;)


thanks for your replies and the new version(s) - we tested 1.2.15 and have some feedback!

Rocket Launcher now works fine and can even intercept other rockets.

Would it be possible to make the bonus from stars stack, so that a player who collects two silver stars starts with a double weapon after revival?  [Yes, I feel naked without my double bazooka! ;) ]

I think we have noticed when the score sometimes resets to zero. If a player's bullet/rocket/etc. hits an opponent while the player is down, the score gets reset to this newly gained score (e.g. 100 points with message "hit chain +100" still displayed). Anything previously earned is lost.

Thanks a lot for your work! We both enjoyed the last co-op session ... :))


merry belated Christmas!  ;)

We played a little more Rush Troopers ...

It seems the new version was addressing weapon balance ... unfortunately my friend used SMG which is now no longer superior - so the nerf is justified. So he switched and is now using the flamethrower.

Concerning weapons we wonder why the rocket launcher only fires upwards ... maybe there is a way to set the target for the missile to automatically follow? As the enemies use them much better, this was our guess ...

I like the bazooka - is there a way to have the double one permanently from the start - maybe by using a cheat code?  :)

We have a special set (avatar and weapons) when playing together ...  but when starting "Rush Troopers" it determines automatically which gamepad is player 1 and which is player 2 instead of assigning player one to the gamepad where A is pressed first. Currently we just pull the USB plug for player 2 and after selecting game mode replug it - so it works as desired.

A last question: we noticed in two player endless mode the score is occasionally reset to zero for one player and we could not find a reason. What are the conditions for this?

As we played for fun we did not notice this before ... and it is a lot of fun!!!

Best wishes,


Thanks for the reply and your work.

But it seems only the Windows version was updated ... and I am using GNU/Linux (as visible by my avatar ;) ... so can not check right now ...

Thanks a lot - we can confirm that the bug is fixed now. Many thanks for your work - and unfortunately we have no bug left to report to you. ;)

Just out of curiosity - do you have any interest to put this fantastic game to other platforms like GOG? From my point of view it is astonishing that there are a lot of games present on all gaming platforms which have not come out of beta state while Rush Trooper is a really captivating experience and from our point of view the best local coop game in that respect (we have tried more than 50) - and it's the game we spent the most time with by far.

Sorry - I was not precise.

I have played the game with a friend now and we have problems to exit the game - I miss an exit option as part of the menu - or just pressing Esc in the menu to exit the game (maybe with yes/no dialogue).

With Logitech F310 the left analogue stick can be used to steer  but none of the buttons has a function. Would be nice if A (and X) were similar to space and Start same function as Esc (to invoke the main menu).

We encountered a bug by pressing Esc during the tutorial being stuck in a black screen with mouse cursor and music playing (i.e. no menu appearing).

It is really impressive what can be done in such small time.