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Thanks a lot.

We can confirm that the bug is fixed - and we managed to break our old high score ... ;)

So the score is no longer reset to 0.

Edit: Yes, there is fresh air for improvements concerning Top Score:  

It's a new challenge now - very nice!

Thanks a lot for fixing it. We will test it on the weekend if the new version is available then. Great work! *

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Yes, as mentioned we tested the current version 1.2.15 and saw this message playing `2 Player' & `Endless Mode' - but we noticed from your former comment that you fixed something similar - so maybe a special case (caused by e.g. reviving) still faulting - and yes, we get this "hit chain +100" message when the score got reset and we both died. This happens also in between (so maybe several times zeroed before the final count is achieved ... so we don't know how effective we really are ... but playing just for fun is not touched by that bug - it's only the statistics ... :) but we are mostly too busy to get a feeling about the conditions triggering the score to get zero.

Thanks for the comments about the weapons ... and yes the weapon balance has improved ... so the remark is not a criticism but only a wish to keep the flow in Coop non-stop mode. It is really something contemplative for me ... just reacting by instinct ... really refreshing ... ;)


thanks for your replies and the new version(s) - we tested 1.2.15 and have some feedback!

Rocket Launcher now works fine and can even intercept other rockets.

Would it be possible to make the bonus from stars stack, so that a player who collects two silver stars starts with a double weapon after revival?  [Yes, I feel naked without my double bazooka! ;) ]

I think we have noticed when the score sometimes resets to zero. If a player's bullet/rocket/etc. hits an opponent while the player is down, the score gets reset to this newly gained score (e.g. 100 points with message "hit chain +100" still displayed). Anything previously earned is lost.

Thanks a lot for your work! We both enjoyed the last co-op session ... :))


merry belated Christmas!  ;)

We played a little more Rush Troopers ...

It seems the new version was addressing weapon balance ... unfortunately my friend used SMG which is now no longer superior - so the nerf is justified. So he switched and is now using the flamethrower.

Concerning weapons we wonder why the rocket launcher only fires upwards ... maybe there is a way to set the target for the missile to automatically follow? As the enemies use them much better, this was our guess ...

I like the bazooka - is there a way to have the double one permanently from the start - maybe by using a cheat code?  :)

We have a special set (avatar and weapons) when playing together ...  but when starting "Rush Troopers" it determines automatically which gamepad is player 1 and which is player 2 instead of assigning player one to the gamepad where A is pressed first. Currently we just pull the USB plug for player 2 and after selecting game mode replug it - so it works as desired.

A last question: we noticed in two player endless mode the score is occasionally reset to zero for one player and we could not find a reason. What are the conditions for this?

As we played for fun we did not notice this before ... and it is a lot of fun!!!

Best wishes,


Thanks for the reply and your work.

But it seems only the Windows version was updated ... and I am using GNU/Linux (as visible by my avatar ;) ... so can not check right now ...

Thanks a lot - we can confirm that the bug is fixed now. Many thanks for your work - and unfortunately we have no bug left to report to you. ;)

Just out of curiosity - do you have any interest to put this fantastic game to other platforms like GOG? From my point of view it is astonishing that there are a lot of games present on all gaming platforms which have not come out of beta state while Rush Trooper is a really captivating experience and from our point of view the best local coop game in that respect (we have tried more than 50) - and it's the game we spent the most time with by far.

Sorry - I was not precise.

I have played the game with a friend now and we have problems to exit the game - I miss an exit option as part of the menu - or just pressing Esc in the menu to exit the game (maybe with yes/no dialogue).

With Logitech F310 the left analogue stick can be used to steer  but none of the buttons has a function. Would be nice if A (and X) were similar to space and Start same function as Esc (to invoke the main menu).

We encountered a bug by pressing Esc during the tutorial being stuck in a black screen with mouse cursor and music playing (i.e. no menu appearing).

It is really impressive what can be done in such small time.

Really interesting game - just looked at the tutorial of the Linux version. Would it be possible to add just an "exit" choice to the menu - or did I just missed that point?

OK, I understand that you can not test it ... just a pity. My AMD system is quite new and fast - but under Linux it is really no problem ... have a lot of games ... and also 32 bit one.

I understand - it's the game engine version forcing 32 bit ... but as said this is not the problem in 1st instance. But maybe with a new game engine it may be easier to get it run on modern systems ...

Segmentation Fault can happen if trying to use libraries no longer compatible to linked libraries provided by the distribution. But as I tested also Bionic (the oldest one supported - Xenial is only in rare cases supported on the desktop - and to old to run on my new system) I can not understand it ...

Would have liked to see your game ... but thanks for your reply!


we have just started playing Rush Troopers after lockdown for several hours.

And the most annoying bug is now fixed - after reviving the partner the revived person has now always the usual weapon and can fire. Well done!

One bug is still present - when someone was wounded and was revived really late (i.e. blinking), that person is visible on his feet for a second and is then disappears. But when the remaining person dies, the enemies seem to crowd at a different location than the last death as if the 1st dead person is still there and the game does not ask to "retreat" / "try again".

We could not see a larger field of view - but I will come back to that when using an 8k screen - so maybe late 2021.  ;)

Best wishes - and keep up the excellent work!

Hi, your game really shines - we enjoyed it.

I did not find the entrance to the sewers at first - but when explaining to a friend I got the tip - one has to read ... maybe I was to fast.  ;)

But we found a few points to improve upon:

- The options should be saved for next game (e.g. FullHD resolution, fullscreen mode, controls {defaults for gamepad are OK}).

- The same is true for duel mode - would be nice to keep the selected player/color/(control) combination for further duels - so one can change or confirm the former choices. And directly after a duel maybe a button to repeat the duel with the previous settings.

- Maybe it is just lack of practice but the big crocodile boss enemy is really hard - and in duel mode one can not escape a fast repeating attack. But as we just tried the game it's not sure if this is a lack of balance concerning gameplay or just a lack of practice.

It is really on track to become a very nice game - keep up your good work!

It's a very geeky game with suitable graphics ... lots of fun.

Playing under Linux we don't see any bugs - but we missed a possibility to exit the game (well, except switching to another terminal, looking for the game process and killing the PID). Would be nice to have an "exit" option in main menu (e.g. in the lower left - while play stays in the center).

I would also like fully controllable keyboard/mouse (and using gamepad also in the menu - currently it is mouse-only).

But it can really become a great game!

I just tested your game under Linux and it's really funny with with cute graphics.  It is just in its infancy but shows potential for a nice funny platformer - but just a few remarks:

- Is linux64/nw for current Linux the right binary?
  Would have expected "bb" for the binary (Baby Bjorn :).
  But just want to know if I may miss something when starting this way.
- I could not find a way to exit the game (well, switching to another terminal, looking for the game process and killing the PID).
Would be "Quit" (or a symbol) to the top left (top right is sound on/off) on start screen possible?
Maybe pressing Escape may bring one to a menu to load|safe/configure/exit
 (when the game may get those capabilities in the future)?
- My Gamepad (Logitech F310) does not work.
- For a retro game the resolution is OK.
  But playing under 4k a higher resolution would be nice
  (especially when we will see about end of 2021 8k screens ...
   long overdue after my opinion).
But of cause this last point is minor ... I try to get it in priority for most gamers ...
at least I tried ... ;)

Best wishes - and keep up the good work!

I wanted to try your game in Linux but failed.

Zordak runs into a segmentation fault on Kubuntu 20.10 STS (Groovy), 20.04 LTS (Focal) and 18.04 LTS (Bionic) - i.e. the window closes immediately - even when all lib dependencies are solved (and I do have some 32 bit games running in my systems). I am using AMD Zen2 and RDNA1 (Navi 10).

On a side note: Why is 32 bit still necessary ... would be much better to have a 64 bit binary as 32 bit is said to be discontinued on future Ubuntu LTS releases ... at least stated by Ubuntu (1st considered for Ubuntu 20.04 LTS but then postponed).

I don't want to advertise one method - but I think a DRM free game should be purchased via a non-tracked method. Thus I would never use PayPal ... so currently there is no acceptable payment method from my point of view.

In Europa paysafecard is popular and is a prepaid method available in several stores - without account or anything.

If I overlook something please give examples - but currently this is the only acceptable payment via web (and I know other people thinking the same) - and thus I would be happy if it can be supported so I (and others with this preference) in return can support those extraordinary developers here at and the good service provides.

A second thing is that it may require a payment in EUR (the European currency) ... and currently I know only one gaming platform providing this payment method and EUR prices at all - all other seem to be US centric - understandable, but problematic.

Many thanks in advance for your help.

Thanks for the change - we will look at it and give it a thorough testing - will take 2 weeks as I expect a new computer and have to do a lot when it arrives ...

Concerning the reviving problems we came across two problems (well, we play more than 5 hours when we meet - so maybe we are really sensitive even for rare problems ;).

The 1st problem I mentioned above is: After being revived, a player is sometimes unable to shoot or use either weapon PERMANENTLY. Other than restarting, this can only be fixed by having the other player die and be revived by the "weaponless" player. This happens only rarely in Endless Mode but when it does it's a real challenge to continue the run.

A second problem - which is extremely rare: When a player tries to revive the team mate JUST in the very moment he disappears (I am slow at times :), the game does not register his death correctly. The "not quite revived" player disappears (as if he had died) but when the other player dies too, the game still assumes he's there and displays messages like "Hurry Up!".

Again, this does not happen often and is not a big problem since you can exit manually.

But it does show our engagement with this fantastic game - and now playing with gamepads the play time increased a lot!  :))

Many thanks for your terrific support !!!

Thanks a lot - wonderful support!!!

The status seems to be OK now - and the other thing was a misunderstanding on my side - did not expect "mission mode" to be used that way ...

Next time we will give the game a thorough testing - may take about 2 weeks ...

After Testing Sector Squad we had a lot of fun playing Rush Troopers in Endless Mode for several hours ... and just have two questions:

Is it on purpose that sometimes one is revived and can not shoot until one revives the team mate?
In case this is a bug it would be nice if it can be fixed.

Concerning the question about a wider field of view - if this is too much work would it be possible to use a green (for tank) and orange (for helicopter) lamp left and right of the street at the top and at the bottom to indicate a tank/helicopter approaching to arrive here in the next ~10 s by blinking lights?

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Many thanks for fixing the bug in versus mode.   It will no longer get stuck at the conclusion of a game. Instead the "game over"-message is now displayed correctly and it is possible to continue with the main menu.

However we have encountered a minor bug when selecting ships:  While displayed correctly for player 1 shield and speed is always displayed as maximum (5) for players 2, 3 and 4.

Not a bug but a feature request:
Team battle with 2 players does not allow them to join the same team - which is something I would sometimes like to do when playing the game with a friend. For this mode friendly fire should be without effect, so one can concentrate on the mission and the environment.

I think we were just both killed by asteroids the first time (just starting to learn the controls) - but instead of respawning the asteroid movements and music went on - but without any message or action - similar to a screensaver - so I killed the process from text terminal. Maybe I missed something ...

I think we than tried team mode but were not able to be both in one party - we will look into it when we meet again to play and look for "arcade mode".

Personally I am a fan of casual games - small fascinating games which one nearly can play in seconds - especially when local coop mode is supported for 2 and more players. And I really miss those classical pacman, snake, asteroids, ... games using current HW. There were no shortage of such games under DOS ... but today games are mostly made to be played for days or weeks - which is too much for my taste. I others shout that a game is too short (but otherwise good - it typically suits me. ;)

This game is promising - very nice graphics, Asteroid-like game for single and multi player.

Under Linux in versus battle mode it got stuck 2 times by not recognizing the death of both and playing music and showing the movement of the asteroids without respawning the ships (had to kill the game process on text terminal).

The screen seems rather crowded, i.e. at the beginning one would prefer an easy level to get acquainted with the controls - without fast reactions one is killed in seconds.

Is a coop mode planned - so 2 players can work towards the same goal (saving people, destroying asteroids, killing enemies ...)?

But with some polishing this could be a fascinating game.

Many thanks for your work - incl. Rush Troopers which is shining.

Rush Troopers really makes a lot of fun. Playing under Linux with 4k resolution, gamepad and local coop it's stunning how long this game can be fascinating.

Are further improvements planned for the future - and if so would it be possible to enlarge the field of view to see enemies before they can reach with weapons? This may be a very nice option when high resolution is available - and it will increase in near future ... 8k is in prep.

Thank's a lot for your excellent work!