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It is more an action title than a simulation - which is a good thing (from my point of view, at least ;).

Just some 1st impressions (testing it under GNU/Linux on with 'Logitech Gamepad F310' controller with a friend):

- controlling direction/steering seems not (very) important

- controller support works, but should be improved:

  o left analogue stick (LS) is too sensitive in menus - so one has to use      D-PAD as LS is not usable in menus ... this should be changed as

    it is not common to use D-PAD ...

  o 1st we were not able to use 2 controllers ... when it worked, it was not

    the same quality as playing alone (seems much less responsive)

  o only one controller could initiate pause/menu by Back button ...          and unfortunately that controller changed mid game (or when starting      the locMuPl mode) - would be better when both controller can initiate      pause (i.e. start button invokes main menu) and also to determine      P1 and this major controller by 1st button pressed and keep it till      the game is closed.

Would be nice if the demo would be updated in case the game is improved (and will directly test it in that case), so one can judge about the quality before buying this game.  From my point of view it is interesting ... but not ripe for a full featured game from a technical perspective.

By the way ... is there some intent to put it on other platforms like GOG later  (I like, but unfortunately there are only payment methods common to USA, not EU - so e.g. PaySafe is not possible on, unfortunately).

Best wishes - and keep up your good work!