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merry belated Christmas!  ;)

We played a little more Rush Troopers ...

It seems the new version was addressing weapon balance ... unfortunately my friend used SMG which is now no longer superior - so the nerf is justified. So he switched and is now using the flamethrower.

Concerning weapons we wonder why the rocket launcher only fires upwards ... maybe there is a way to set the target for the missile to automatically follow? As the enemies use them much better, this was our guess ...

I like the bazooka - is there a way to have the double one permanently from the start - maybe by using a cheat code?  :)

We have a special set (avatar and weapons) when playing together ...  but when starting "Rush Troopers" it determines automatically which gamepad is player 1 and which is player 2 instead of assigning player one to the gamepad where A is pressed first. Currently we just pull the USB plug for player 2 and after selecting game mode replug it - so it works as desired.

A last question: we noticed in two player endless mode the score is occasionally reset to zero for one player and we could not find a reason. What are the conditions for this?

As we played for fun we did not notice this before ... and it is a lot of fun!!!

Best wishes,


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The SMG thing was actually a timer related bug. :) Good thing you noticed the rocket launcher firing only up; It should be firing into the direction you shoot, but home in if close to the target. It seems to be a migration bug because of upgrading the editor to a newer one (from Unity 2019 to Unity 2020). I've discovered the error and I just fixed it now.

At that moment does the score reset? After dying, reviving? Edit: I just accidently found out that it also seems to happen with player 1, if you managed to still hit an enemy after you just died. I fixed it now by not getting that score when you are dead/out of lives.

Also fixed the crocs getting out of the water... Again! :P

I will look if I can make player 1 the one who pressed fire first in the menu, if it isn't too much of a hassle.

Thank you again for telling me of these bugs, I will add you to the credits if you don't mind. ;) I will tell you here when the fixed new version is up.

Best wishes also,


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The new release 1.2.12 had just been uploaded with all the fixes told in advance. (Plus some minor other fixes.) I've also updated the Android port in the Google Play Store.

Changing the controller mapping to player 1 - who pressed the button in the menu - was doable, but because of problems, (somehow the button configurations messes up if you have controllers with different button mappings and alternate between being player 1 and player 2) I decided to not include it.


thanks for your replies and the new version(s) - we tested 1.2.15 and have some feedback!

Rocket Launcher now works fine and can even intercept other rockets.

Would it be possible to make the bonus from stars stack, so that a player who collects two silver stars starts with a double weapon after revival?  [Yes, I feel naked without my double bazooka! ;) ]

I think we have noticed when the score sometimes resets to zero. If a player's bullet/rocket/etc. hits an opponent while the player is down, the score gets reset to this newly gained score (e.g. 100 points with message "hit chain +100" still displayed). Anything previously earned is lost.

Thanks a lot for your work! We both enjoyed the last co-op session ... :))

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"I think we have noticed when the score sometimes resets to zero. If a player's bullet/rocket/etc. hits an opponent while the player is down, the score gets reset to this newly gained score (e.g. 100 points with message "hit chain +100" still displayed). Anything previously earned is lost."

Did you also experienced this in the current version? Thanks to your comment I also found that out in the previous version, but it should be fixed now in 1.2.15. Now you should not gain chain bonus scores  anymore if you are down with no lives left. (That gave you the new score after the score had been internally reset, because well, the game was over.)

Most stars do stack in fact, except that picking up a double weapon replaces the shield and vice versa. It is intended however that you lose everything if you lose one life. This way you would be on your toes, careful to not get hit.

Anyway, I made sure that each weapon is just as viable without the bonusses and weapons have unique characteristics. Weapons with shorter range usually do more damage or are able to destroy buildings and the like. The only exception is the combat knife, which is for melee fans but does moderate damage to the bosses and is also the cheapest to buy. ;)

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Yes, as mentioned we tested the current version 1.2.15 and saw this message playing `2 Player' & `Endless Mode' - but we noticed from your former comment that you fixed something similar - so maybe a special case (caused by e.g. reviving) still faulting - and yes, we get this "hit chain +100" message when the score got reset and we both died. This happens also in between (so maybe several times zeroed before the final count is achieved ... so we don't know how effective we really are ... but playing just for fun is not touched by that bug - it's only the statistics ... :) but we are mostly too busy to get a feeling about the conditions triggering the score to get zero.

Thanks for the comments about the weapons ... and yes the weapon balance has improved ... so the remark is not a criticism but only a wish to keep the flow in Coop non-stop mode. It is really something contemplative for me ... just reacting by instinct ... really refreshing ... ;)

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I may have found the problem now; Fixed by resetting the score at a later point. Doing some testing now... *edit: seems to be working fine now*

Thanks a lot for fixing it. We will test it on the weekend if the new version is available then. Great work! *

I just uploaded the new version (1.2.17). Thanks again for reporting. :)

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Thanks a lot.

We can confirm that the bug is fixed - and we managed to break our old high score ... ;)

So the score is no longer reset to 0.

Edit: Yes, there is fresh air for improvements concerning Top Score:  

It's a new challenge now - very nice!

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