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This game jam is a love letter to all FPS games, whether they are Retro FPS boomer shooters or more modern FPS games, and especially the most ultra-violent ones. The important thing about this jam and why you should join it is that the Top 10 most highly voted jam entries will be featured on YouTube for all to see. As part of giving tribute to the FPS games of yesteryear and today.

Basically, any FPS game can count here, as long as it's NOT made with Unity. Whatever suits the theme of the jam, which will be revealed in less than 24 hours at the time of posting this, will be perfectly fine.

Happy boomer shootering!

UPDATE: The theme of the jam will be revealed soon!

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The Fourth Reich reigns supreme... the Führer Johann W. Weiss rules with an evil iron fist over Johannland, what was formerly Germany, and the rest of Western Europe. You were on a mission to assassinate him personally under the command of the guerrilla ancom group known as SASS, but you were captured! After being tortured and interrogated to no avail by the guards of Castle Johannstein, you have to escape the castle and continue your mission of assassinating the Führer and destroying the Fourth Reich.

SASS VS FASH: GIRLBALLS OF STEEL is a Retro FPS set in the fascist world of Johannland, where you have to fight the hordes of nazi soldiers and goons. You are Joan Marie Arroyo Alcon, codename "RED HYENA", a member of the bushwacking guerrilla warfare group known as SASS, and one of the most prominent agents of the group. In this game heavily influenced by classics such as Wolfenstein 3D, Rise of the Triad or DOOM, you will face four high-octane action-filled episodes fighting your way to try to murder the Führer of Johannland, Dark Weiss, and restore peace in World War III.

I consider that a prototype, I decided the Unity version should have been redone in Unreal Engine because with Unity it all felt so goddamn janky, maybe due to my incompetence at coding in Unity outside of usual spaghetti code or something, but with UE it felt less janky given the tools I was provided with that, including Blueprint scripting.

This is the hardest endless runner in existence. Try to aim for the highest survival score.


Sass VS Fash: Girlballs of Steel is a retro FPS inspired by Wolfenstein 3D and Rise of the Triad that combines the gameplay of a visual novel. And you also get to kill actual nazis. Nazis will hate this game.

This is a 1-level demo designed to give you a taste of what's to come with the actual game, in hopes you can grab it, spread the word and financially support the development of this game.

It's not your usual game of Pong.

A lot of us play to win. Others play for fun. But here, in this game, you'll not have fun. And you'll not win. You'll feel the dread as you are powerless against your superior opponent. Don't even try to beat it.

Sass VS Fash: Girlballs of Steel is a retro FPS inspired by Wolfenstein 3D and Rise of the Triad that combines the gameplay of an adult trans visual novel. And you also get to kill actual nazis. Nazis will hate this game.

Moving in the game is completely determined by RNG, as well as attacking.

I'm glad you like to torture yourself with the RNG of this game.

That's the point: because you got no legs, you have a chance of half the time either failing at moving or attacking or either crawling around. That's the whole magic of it.

I'm figuring it out, even though they're gonna probably reply to me something in the lines of "FUCK OF RACIST NAZI", even though I'm not that sort of person.

Perhaps they removed it because the main character mentioned Nick Fuentes in the intro and that might have been a triggering point for them. Spoiler alert: I DO hate Nick Fuentes.

Hey I was wondering, apparently my game Johann Weiss has been removed from the bundle... why is that?

No absolute idea...

I'd like to submit my game :)

Metroidvania meets Duke Nukem

In Johann Weiss, you’re the eponymous christian ass-kicker who was minding his own business in his home in Berlin when, all of a sudden, your sister Joanna Weiss has been captured by The LaVey Order, a satanic cult who’s gonna sacrifice her to summon Hell on Earth. You must stop Behemoth LaVey, their cult leader and master, by fighting his hordes of demons and minions throughout the course of 4 episodes.

Johann Weiss is the perfect combination between the style and difficulty of play of a Metroidvania with the style of the first two Duke Nukem games. You’ll be walljumping your way into Hell as a demon killing machine.

HAMSTER GAME is a top-down roguelike hardcore shooter with crumbs from The Binding of Isaac, Hotline Miami and 90’s gaming, featuring the US Marine who is gonna save the world from the demons who have fully integrated into society but are secretly planning a demonic invasion. Only you the marine will stop them from their tracks and kill El Diablo, the chief of their operations, alongside some other nasty demonic foes.

Play 6 to 9 levels of demon madness in this permadeath experience, die a lot, but more especially, turn insane over killing demons with an assortment of weapons and stat-booster powerups. Also featuring: 2 player deathmatch multiplayer, specialized in short-burst duels of less than 1 minute that you can even play at the office. Old-school style.

Jesus christ with this title talk, it's like people who have no mental illnesses whatsoever get offended on behalf of actual people with mental illnesses like every redditor does, like first of all, you're not helping people with actual mental illnesses by just pointing out a title is "offensive". For second, who the fuck cares? The game is just a game, it's not meant to misrepresent people with schizophrenia, it's not meant to promote actual violence, hell we even had this talk 3 decades ago with DOOM. Thinking a game would impact someone so much he would go in a killing spree is pretty much Lieberman-tier neanderthal thinking.

I just wanted a funny title that was democratically chosen in a strawpoll. It's pretty "unfortunate" that it relies on a mental illness, yes, but it's as much about schizophrenia as Hitler was a goddamn painter. If you seriously connect the plot, title and general gameplay of the game with the mental illness itself, you got a frickin' problem.

Just chill. It's only a game.

Fixed that

Beta Builds 11 and 12 are up.

I have updated the downloads with a new beta build, Beta Build 10. Probably the most functional I've done. Remember to please send feedback as well. And sorry for the bump.

For the recent release of the SCHIZO SIMULATOR Kickstarter campaign, I made the beta available for sale here:

You can support the game on Kickstarter here:

SCHIZO SIMULATOR is a roguelike top-down shooter that pays homage to the 90s DOOM nostalgia. You are a US marine sent to eliminate the demonic threat who has still somehow integrated into society.

The game is not guaranteed to be 100% bug free since it's in beta, but it's still wholeheartedly playable. Enjoy.