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My current favorite of the jam.

Fun Game but this type of game has been done alot so It took a little off your creativity score. Everything else is awesome though!

This game was a lot of fun! The Dice rolls can be frustrating at times but thats just how it is.

The game has that death bug as I assume you've seen but other than that it was fun!

I really liked your game! I just have 2 things. 1. I would keep the text where the controls are at the top instead of the exposition. I thought your description was just story at first so I didn't know how to roll the dice until a few deaths later when I clicked it on accident.  2. The Dice addition is awesome but it's very easy to win when you can just keep rolling to get a weapon. I really enjoyed some of the weapons and I thought the dice animation and the different types of dice was cool.

ty bro

There will be a button you will see if you go to the gamejam page on the top right that you submit too.  After clicking that it is the same as submitting anything else.

I am a 13 year old game dev using Godot. I have only worked with 2D, so if we make a 3D project mechanics (wall jump, swinging, etc.) for the player would have to be done by someone else. I'm pretty good at doing anything (Inventory, AI, etc.) as I've been working in Godot for a year now so I know my stuff. If anyone is still looking for a team or has a team willing to add a Godot Dev please comment.

Dang, now I have to make the animals in my game mountable.. Jokes aside, looks great like always!

very nice Is my game

That is all

(1 edit) already voted yours 16 hours ago

Played and Rated!

Played and Rated!

Played and Rated!

Played and Rated!

Played and Rated!

Played and rated

are you using Windows? and did you download both files? The game is for windows and you need to download both files and put them in a folder for it to work I'm going to play your game now!

really fun game! the rocket jump mechanic was a lot of fun! I'm going to play and rate your game so I hope you do the same for me!

Really? I'm 13 as well!


Stunning visually and gameplay-wise, great job!


The game is great, definitely fits the theme of the game jam!

back from rating. Let the rating begin!

taking a break from reviewing for now! will message when I'm back!

Played and Reviewed!

I really liked this game. The art instantly reminded me of stardew valley and the gameplay really matched the game jam's theme as I tried feeding all the cows. 

Played and reviewed! Really fun game just to mess around in.

I really just had fun navigating the ship. It was surprisingly fun.

Played and reviewed. Please play my game and review it if you're going to post your own!

the game was fun, a little hard to grasp in the beginning.

a lot of chaos, but the game is basically impossible unless you never shoot and just dodge the asteroid.

yup, and i have python installed.