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(1 edit) already voted yours 16 hours ago

Played and Rated!

Played and Rated!

Played and Rated!

Played and Rated!

Played and Rated!

Played and rated

are you using Windows? and did you download both files? The game is for windows and you need to download both files and put them in a folder for it to work I'm going to play your game now!

really fun game! the rocket jump mechanic was a lot of fun! I'm going to play and rate your game so I hope you do the same for me!

Really? I'm 13 as well!


Stunning visually and gameplay-wise, great job!


The game is great, definitely fits the theme of the game jam!

back from rating. Let the rating begin!

taking a break from reviewing for now! will message when I'm back!

Played and Reviewed!

I really liked this game. The art instantly reminded me of stardew valley and the gameplay really matched the game jam's theme as I tried feeding all the cows. 

Played and reviewed! Really fun game just to mess around in.

I really just had fun navigating the ship. It was surprisingly fun.

Played and reviewed. Please play my game and review it if you're going to post your own!

the game was fun, a little hard to grasp in the beginning.

a lot of chaos, but the game is basically impossible unless you never shoot and just dodge the asteroid.

yup, and i have python installed.

wack game. teleported from a house to a parkour tutorial. Nice.

This is a game jam so its probably not in your best interest to make your game paid.

In order to load this game, you have to go to scratch and load it from your computer which was confusing for me and possibly for many others. the dialog in the game goes too fast and enemies don't spawn.

I played in normal mode which was hard in the beginning but I was able to get adjusted to it.

I looked at this and thought it would be one of those games with glitches and bugs that make it unplayable but surprisingly no! Not only that, the game was incredible fun! Great Job!

thanks for the feedback!



Thanks for clearing that up! Played and rated!

(1 edit)

done, hope you play mine aswell!

A lot of fun but I feel like the game is a little difficult when you first try it out. None the less, a very fun game!

I didn't know a scratch game could be so good! Love it, great job