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Good day rin Carlo! Thank you so much for that awesome review!

Oo pinagpapatuloy ka pa ang development ng larong ito. Kaso, pinopolish ko talaga ng todo kaya matatagalan pa bago ang next release.

Again, thank you so much!

Hey! I'm Junel Cordova. I already released a game here on about 2 months ago, but never really introduced myself here yet. So here I am! I hope I get to make more games in the coming years and make new friends along the way!

Happy new year in advance everyone!

Stay tuned! Haha!

It's fun, polished, and fit the LD theme so well! Really great job on the game! 

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Maraming maraming salamat bukopies sa inyong magagandang suggestions at honest na feedback!

I'm still working on this game to make it have more content. I really love your suggestions and I'll probably include most of them in the next update (or version? Roxas Night Market 2?!?!). It's also in my goals to add more famous Filipino artists, characters, stall varieties and Philippine symbols that would definitely make Filipino culture more infused to the game, but I'm also limiting myself from adding too much Filipino references because it might become unrelatable for other players. 

Spoilage mechanic is also interesting and can make the game a bit more challenging - so I have to test if it would work.

However, I'm really trying to polish the game right now - I even made major changes to the gameplay and restructured most of the game code and redid all of the art - so it might take a long time before Part 2/updates will arrive!

Again, thank you so much for playing the game! I'm glad you had fun!

Hey Spoonage! I think you're playing on version 1.0.0. It's bugged so you cannot win! Version 1.0.2 has it fixed. Thanks for playing though :D

Those are simple suggestions but they do really make things less repetitive (by not clicking speed up everytime) and user-friendly (giving warning when not restocking). I'll keep those in mind when making the updates ;). Thank you for playing!

Thanks misstify!

I plan on updating the game though with all these suggestions in mind.

And yes, the late-game can be a bit underwhelming and get a bit boring (and the ending is rage-inducing if you lose)!  I'll also probably add some statistics page in-game so the player can track if he/she is winning and add some more unlockable items/customers to help make the mid-late game interesting or even add some replayability value.

I'm glad you enjoyed it!

I really appreciate that feedback Legolas! I'll try to update this game in the future to make restocking easier, and make the late game more interesting.

I'm glad that you had fun with it though and that you found it balanced (I really wanted it to be that way!). So thank you for that!

Thanks NLaigis! I am really glad you had a fun time with game. Yes, I agree that there really isn't a lot going on in the late game. I'll make updates in the future to add more stuff to make the game more interesting!

 By the way, I'm really sorry that you lost though. There was definitely a bug which I will be fixing. I would just like to confirm though that you definitely should have won that game in your stream!

Thank you that great feedback Mutant Gamer! I'll definitely make some more updates for this game in the future!

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Thanks leafo!

So much! 😄

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This is the very first game I have ever completed and the first time registering here in It's a pretty awesome experience developing a game.

Anyway, the game I've made is over at It's a pixel-art tycoon game set in the streets of Davao City, Philippines where you are set on a task to make Davao's very own Roxas avenue into a bustling night market.

Give it a try and tell me what you think!